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  1. Maryam Sharif

    Such a gentleman so sad he's gone

  2. Angelina Ballerina

    I followed his story on YouTube right from the beginning to the end, it was absolutely heart breaking watching him deteriorate but try and remain positive 🙁 his last video is so so sad to watch before he passed away, and the videos his partner did after his passing were awful too 🙁 R.I.P Dan xx

  3. Krystal Kim

    🌸 Many Cancers have been cured using natural means guess most people just want that quick toxic chemo fix recommended by their corrupt doctors and surgeons

  4. Dopey H

    End cancer now! I’m a twin and approx 1 in 2 people get cancer and I don’t know what i would do without my twin if she died

  5. HelenxLouise

    Ah we miss you Dan <3

  6. Stephen Rafter

    Rest in power Dan. You did good fighting this awful disease. God has you now as his Angel.

  7. james mccaughey

    Man I am so upset after watching this. Brave man. Cancer sucks.


    awful disease, so sad

  9. chelsealouise beauty

    Omg I cried so much 😪😪😪 bless him

  10. Sammie Knowles

    Before I begin I have no disrespectful intentions I am of absolute empathy and sympathy for anyone who has suffered or is suffering. But I have to have my opinion that I very much believe that a cure for cancer and many other diseases have been found and could be cured tomorrow if the government and free Mason and illuminate would allow. But that would be non profitable. Your money lines the pockets of the rich and richer if they told you they had a cure would you donate……

  11. Lynnemargaret Phillips

    Just watched it on 4😭😭😭awfall disease..😭

  12. Adore Endure

    This is what a real man looks like. Dan the MAN rest in power!
    Peace ✌ #SU2C

  13. Galaxy _mooncat77

    Awwww poor dude may he rest in peace I used to watch his videos

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