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  1. Adrian Alexander

    Okay this video was great, but I loved your dog shoving his head into the frame <3

  2. chema .

    0:57 yea same

  3. Kristen Lionheart

    New viewer/subscriber. Starting weight 244. Goal weight is 135. Wish me luck. I AM DONE! I am losing this weight once and for all!

  4. Karolyn Anderson

    I had the same trigger as your friend that caused me to gain significant weight as a child. It's been a hell of a journey, I lost 135 lbs in a year about 6 years ago, and definitely gained about 30-40 lbs back. It's a CONSTANT struggle.

  5. Jazzie Red

    I am doing about 1,500 a day. But five days a week, I go on long bike rides where I burn anywhere from 600 to 1000 calories. So I can get extra 300 calories I'm not hurting anything, it's still a deficit..

  6. Te3time

    youre rlly cool but why do ppl still use the term "starvation mode" jfc

  7. Gabriele Gergen

    Inspiration right here

  8. Kim Ross Jensen

    i lost 99lbs over a few months and heres teh biggest issue im dealing with because of it… its close to her point that she makes stating that weight lose wont solve all your problems:
    i quit soccer at age 10 and continued to eat as i used to witch started a cirkle of me eating more because i was sad cause i gained weight and so on which imm sure 95% all fat people can relate to aka comfort eating. I would have a bad day but when it was time to bed i would be happy cause i just ate 2 of the worlds besst pizza and chocked down 5L soda and its tasted good and made me feel good.

    now that i have lost my weight 1 tought enters my head every day.. "i dont wanner go back" and thats a tought i think a lot of people can relate to as well..
    so what happens when u have a bad day? your usual fix will not work cause u look at that pizza in the window and come up with a billion reasons why u should't eat it and then u just end up with depression… so people.. plz dont think weight lose is a fix to all your problems.

    if your life is actual good and u live for the food and love the food and make a hobby of food then exept the fact that u might better be off living a chubby life. Cause its a fact after a life changing wight lose u will never look at food with the same eyes ever again.. thats my advice anyways 🙂

  9. Starlight Whispers

    The body always tries to go back to a defended weight range which would explain why people who lose significant weight do gain it back. The body sees the loss as a time of starvation so resources come into play to store fats to keep the body safe. This happens even if the loss happened due to healthy lifestyle changes.

    If possible, a person should try to keep within the range which is best for them (body percentage fat-wise). It is important to realise weight is a consequence of metabolism and other goings-on in the body. Most people approach weight as the first thing which should be addressed when in fact, addressing the basic issue will fix the weight automatically.

  10. Robyn Rankin

    So happens I lost a hubby of 25 years after I lost weight. Now I am heavy again and ready to lose it all again. worried about my BF, he is my pusher. So now I have to be strong and tell him no. But how will he feel when I have lost and he has not. I. WILL. LOSE. THIS. WEIGHT.

  11. gingerandnemo

    I just found your channel today. Thank you for documenting your weight loss experience, I need motivation and you are helping!! I love your dog too 🙂

  12. Sophia Trim

    Hey for a video idea it might be fun if you and some friends went on a little weekend camping trip. I love your vlogs and it would be good for people to see how you can still eat healthy while camping. I think a lot of us just eat too much sugar and saturated fat which is fun but if you have weight loss goals to meet there's definitely a balance there.

  13. irene angelucci

    I love you ❤️

  14. Patricia Araujo

    I was 210 on diciember 6 months later 189 I’m working to lose 40 more just change what I eat more healthy and water exercise I just going to star

  15. Holly Haney

    I love love loooove your videos!

  16. Kathy W

    I'd like to see some tips on how to start exercising. I have a bad back and am unable to walk even short distances. Idk what to do sitting in a chair, as opposed to getting on the floor. Everything I see says get up and move and I can't do that yet.

  17. Hannah Shark

    I need help to stop eating my feelings, and my bfs feelings, and my moms feelings and workmates and strangers feelings…

  18. _Life_of_Bep_

    just restarting again with weightloss, i already go to a therapist for mental weightloss, focussing on my innerself. But i had trouble with truly restarting a healthy lifestyle, but watching your videos motivate me so much! Thank you for sharing al of your experiences! i keep watching to make it happening for myself as well . (sorry for the bad english, im from the netherlands)

  19. Ace Acevedo

    What broke your heart the most about weight loss to the point that you lose motivation and how did you get it back

  20. Jennifer Kluever

    Thank you for posting this, it really helped!! I love seeing a health YouTuber who is real and doesn’t sugar coat the weight lost journey. I am 15lbs down and have about 50 more to go. Thanks for the motivation to keep going on😊

  21. ShadowCast

    I love the two videos I have stumbled upon of yours so far and definitely going to subscribe. I have weight issues, suffered anorexia in high school. I was always a chubby little girl and hit my death bed in high school weighing only ninety pounds. Not sure how, but recovered in a week and began to eat. Unfortunately, I am now struggling with weight again. I have difficulty affording food and most food I am able to get when I do is always horrible. I possibly have type two diabetes now, and will be getting results for that tomorrow. I plan on making diet changes as much as I can to fix my levels, but also hopefully get me into better shape. Even if I am not ever going to be skinny, I still want to be healthy. I am also a very short person, so people put mass pressure onto me to be super petite to match my height. Worst person who makes me insecure about my weight is my mother. Constant comments like, "Are you SURE you want to eat that?" with a snobby look on her face. Worst comment she made was after I recovered from the anorexia and started gaining weight, she said to me, "Look! You got little love handles."..I was a size three when she said that with some slight chubbiness. I digress, my point being these videos are giving me hope that I can fix my levels and my weight issues, thank you for sharing your story and keeping everything real. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiration to not give up on myself, even though I am a stranger you have given me more support than anyone else in my family.

  22. 66voldemort

    Thanks for the video. I loved al the points you made. Especially about talking with your spouse

  23. Andrea McFarland

    I lost 75 pounds in 2017 and gained it all back. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I look back at how strong I was it’s really heartbreaking.

  24. Becky Oravetz

    Whoa! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Elena Miheala

    I liked the part where you talked about taking pictures and keeping old clothes. I saved one of my favorite shorts I used to fit in because one day I'll be able to wear them again, and it will be satisfying!

  26. Paigey

    those dogs balls xD im sorry so childish but i laughed so hard! but yes amazing video <3

  27. Silvana Lopez

    I was cleaning my closet two days ago and I've been feeling like I didnt loose weight but I tried my Jeans the ones that look tight and fitted perfectly 4 months ago. But k tried those Jeans and will look baggy and I got so emotional. I completely understand you now when you cried on that video trying your old Jeans. But trying those jeans felt soooooo freaking good because I'm doing it and I'm being committed it just takes time and patience. 18 lbs less!!!

  28. iKaroliina

    I've been lucky that during my weight loss journey I have friends who also try to eat healthier and we encourage each other. In my office we have made eating healthy a fun competition between us. We also like to compete in like walking/riding a bike to work or always taking stairs and ignoring elevators. I am so fortunate to have a friend group like this. My boyfriend, who used to go to gym multiple days per week, has had a busy life last 2 years and has gained a lot of weight. He eats really unhealthy but I've managed to convince him that healthy food is also delicious. He now likes to cook healthy with me and has also taken up riding his mountain bike again. Thanks to all of these factors I've managed to loose 10 kg (22 lbs) in half a year. I still have 8 kg (17 lbs) to go

  29. AVON Life AGAPE

    6:23 smh

  30. Cindy Crispin

    That's crazy how someone can be jealous of your weight loss journey….✂ those people off

  31. ComeUndun

    Your pup is so sweet. Such beautiful colouring!

  32. Ariana Cericola

    I love your vids, great information. But… I watch sometimes just to see your four legged baby! He's amazing!! I have 3 fur babies, the best support group ever!! 😊

  33. Deja Boo

    Someone once told me "I liked you better when you were fat" and that stuck with me til this day. Why can't people appreciate other people's success when they work hard for it?

  34. irrelevant human ̄_༼Oل͜O༽_/ ̄

    Love this girl ❤️

  35. Brianna Renee

    That was definitely my issue, I couldn't trust after my assults happened… So I ate to make myself less attractive. I went from 129 to 183.

  36. AgK_

    Whether eating below 1200 kcal per day is bad, probably depends on your body. I've a small frame and I strictly counted calories so I would never go beyond 1200 kcal per day while working out 30-50 minutes 4x a week (hiit, and strength) for a year. It was probably a bit extreme to some, but I don't have any negative effects after that. Blood tests were fine. From my experience, you need to make sure you get vitamins and necessary nutrients and that IS doable on low cal diet. I lost all the weight I needed and my eating habits changed, my sweet tooth lessened and I get full fast. It's now 2 years since reaching my goal and I eat about 1400 kcal per day, I really should get back to working out just for health! and I don't have the cravings that I had before. Portion sizes are so important

  37. Kyu :3

    Thank god that I found your channel!!! ♥️♥️ Love ittttt

  38. Angie Taho

    As a person who has lost 80 pounds I can say these are totally true 🙌

  39. Holly Donovan

    How many calories do you eat in a day? I started eating 1400 on a sedentary life style. I love your personality ❤️❤️

  40. Glitter Lava Fairy

    Some people who have a lot of weight to loose will loose over 100 pounds in 2 months if they follow 1200 calorie diet. Ask Dr. Now "My 600 pound Life"

  41. Mandi M.

    I was one of those friends. I met my best friend in collage and she was smaller than me by about 4 sizes. I honestly wondered why she wanted to be friends with me to start with because we were so different. But anyway, after she had a kid she started gaining weight until she was my size. I used to gift her some of my clothes that she liked and they would fit her (sometimes being a little on the baggy side). Then, she got sick with Crohn's and had to change her diet. She lost weight so quickly, leaving me behind in the dust struggling to lose weight. I knew I was jealous…I tried not to let it show, but I'm sure she knew by some of the things I would say and how I acted around her. We parted ways a few years ago for other reasons (I learned why she wanted to be 'friends'…she was just using me) and since then I have started my weight loss journey and have been successful so far. But I will always feel bad for feeling jealous of how quickly and easily the weight dropped off her, and of how skinny she ended up being. But I will say this….I know she lost it too fast and she's now too skinny (even her Dr told her that she was concerned). Before we parted ways she went from a size 22 (at her biggest) to a size 2 or 0 (not sure which, but super small), and I was getting concerned about her eating habits but I didn't say anything because I thought 'Why would anyone listen to me talk about eating habits when I'm a size 24?'. I still wonder about her and how she's doing but I don't talk to her anymore just because of how toxic she was for me when we were friends.

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