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  1. Foodie Beauty

    Forgot to pluck my chin hair in this video sorry! 😁

  2. Oddball Neen

    Wishing you the best of luck in achieving your goals this year. I had unsubscribed for a time but in this video you seemed more vulnerable, more real than I've seen in a long time. I've struggled with my weight as well as depression and anxiety, and relate to a lot of the things you're saying. I believe in you and what you're pursuing, and look forward to following and offering support on your journey, whether you see it or not. Hugs from Alberta 💞

  3. Leisha Marshall

    I’ve been binge watching ur channel and I love ur sense of humour! Ur an amazing person and I wish u all the best in ur journey 😁❤️

  4. Alex

    It’s not called “thin privilege” it’s called “fat dis-privileged” How about the people who aren’t “thin” but still fit in airplane seats, or can still do “normal” things? Thin privilege is designed to make people feel bad about themselves for something they shouldn’t feel bad about. Towards everything today….the way to balance out problems like this shouldn’t be about putting one side down more than the other. This is just as important as not to put fat people down. But if there is a group who feel picked on…we need to balance it. And you will never get balance by putting the opposite side down.

  5. Coffee With CC

    It's hard making life changes!! I wish you the best!!

  6. Michelle F

    Just take it day by day. You can do this!


    We are here for your journey ❤

  8. Ami Ma

    I BELIEVE in you!!

  9. Bella Raine

    It's hard to believe that you weigh less than 400 lbs.

  10. Gertine Haklander

    You gave us the lyrics of an Aerosmith song. I looked it up: it's Amazing. I listened to it after your video and you hit the spot: this song is just want you need to hear (and me too). Looks like 'you finally see the light'. It's amazing! Rootin' for ya!

  11. Barbara Copeland

    Hi Chantal, love your channel! I wanted to share with you the app I use. It is “Lose It”. If you put in that you want to lose 2 pounds a week it tells you how many calories you can have per day to reach that goal. As you lose the calorie count decreases. It works well for me so I wanted to share. Good luck girl!!!

  12. Richard Dantes

    I NEVER find the need to comment or like any youtubers video, but not only did I like this video but I am whole heartedly routing for you and cheering you on! I too was just like you so i can relate!

  13. lauren

    This is probably the most honest self reflection I've seen from you. So awesome, keep it up! All good change comes from a real hard, honest look at ourselves. You got this, stay strong, and if you have a bad meal or day just dont let it go farther than that day. You can do this! Rooting you on from Manitoba!

  14. HermanMunster

    Please stick with this. You can do it, you just need to stay committed. But recognizing the problem is the first step and an important one. Good luck, you got this. 🌸

  15. Mareah Smith

    How old is she?

  16. Felix Rumpf

    2 Weeks….. im giving her 2 weeks

  17. Jenn

    you can do it, just keep trying. even if you have a bad day, just keep on going and make the next day better.

  18. lilrockstargurl

    🎉🎉🎉 Get it girl!

  19. Dianne Oliver

    Go for it. Never give up giving up.

  20. Joan C

    MyFitnessPal is a great tool. Calories In Calories Out. It's all about portion control. I'm in for 365 days. Already a week done! Feels good to be in control. 5'2" SW 220lbs
    Good luck to you!

  21. Taco Platter

    Stick to the plan and please don't be like Amber Lynn and quit after two days.

  22. Meli Ssa

    The sincerity and your honest ownership over your own mistakes, are amazing in itself! Proud of how far you’ve come, just as a person❤️ loved this and definitely looking forward to your journey! I believe in you!

  23. Fel

    I'm here to watch you succeed. And if you ever need advice on the blood sugar stuff I'm more than happy to answer questions as I'm sure a lot of people would too. Cutting carbs completely with the blood sugars is always a bad idea. Because you need carbs, it's just about how you handle it. Glad you're working on something with your doctor and hopefully it's a successful for you. Looking forward to seeing all the steps you take it.

  24. Queen Be

    You have my support. I'll help you get through because you help me get through my own issues with food. My problem is the opposite. I love food but I don't eat enough because of my stressful job and long hours at work. I watch your videos and I eat with you. I need to gain weight because being too thin at my age (almost 52) is dangerous since my bones are fragile and don't have enough fat or muscle to protect them. Falling down could be fatal tome, so either extreme is bad. Let's start this new year eating better, both you and me. I love your channel. Thank you for sharing your struggles and real life. Blessings from CT, USA.

  25. Tornado Warning

    I lost 95 lbs in 2019. I just ate mindfully. No fad diets. No foods labeled as bad. ITS A LIFESTYLE change. If I want a donut Once a month I eat 1 not 3. If I want a burger I don’t get fries. I don’t drink juices never did. My thing was venti white mochas!! I get 1 every few weeks now. You Can do it. If you have fall off for a day or week, get back on track. Don’t give up.

  26. Mama Vee

    Chantal, I don't want to scare you but please go see a Doctor immediately and get checked. The dizziness and feeling nauseous are both signs of either Vertigo and/or a stroke. I ignored those symptoms and ended up having a stroke. They said they found that I had several mini strokes leading up to the big one. It may not be that… but please just get checked.

  27. Hazeleyez7 MC

    Dizzy and nausea related to blood sugars that are elevated

  28. ×complete×disaster×

    although i'm skeptical, i hope you can stay true to your word. use this video to hold yourself accountable, go to therapy so you can learn to cope better, do whatever you need to do. just make sure you're finally doing this. your life and happiness is on the line. as long as your improving with your health, both mental and physical, you have my support. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

    i do hope i don't regret saying this

  29. Wendy Mae

    Good luck on your journey. It's going to be tough and you will make mistakes along the way, the important thing is to never give up and to continue getting back on the wagon to a happier and healthier you.

  30. Rhaine E. Daize

    Sweetie, just have the gastric bypass. It's not a cure all. It's a tool. I lost and gained hundreds of pounds until the age of 35. Gastric bypass saved my life. Good luck to you beautiful.. I want to see you beyond happy and living life. May God Bless and keep you on a blessed path.

  31. Noura Boukhari KSA

    Save your time and your money and go for surgery

  32. Dee B.

    I dont see any chin hair what are you talking about

  33. Liana Zaboura

    I am here to support you no matter what. I want you to succeed. You deserve it!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

  34. Alex Stein

    No judgment from me but unfortunately you’re not gonna even last for a full 48 hours of dieting

  35. Royetta's Life

    I really hope the best for you, but to be honest I'm waiting for the video that you are telling everyone to eff off because of being called out on your patterns.

  36. RR

    Well I am cheering you on I started my plan the Monday after Christmas, we will either be better in 365 days or sicker it’s our choice. I know I am glad every failed diet I went on was not on the internet 😂. I need to lose quite a bit I am delay don’t deny it’s pretty much IF but with no or very limited processed foods. Good luck I will be cheering you on! If you trip just get back up! Dizziness maybe your high blood sugar it does affect everything

  37. Captain Crunch

    It is nice to see how much genuine care and concern you have for your furbabies 🙂 Good Luck.

  38. Grim Reeperisback

    If you end up having a bad day with bingeing, just keep it to yourself. Do Not Vlog your mistakes. People truly do not care about the state of your health. Only you can make these neccessary changes. Fuck what people think about it. And remember, there is more to life than food

  39. Tiffany Zoe

    Exercise to improve your mental health. Eat 2000 calories. No junk food. No fast food. Be consistent.

  40. Latisha Nope

    You can do it. I believe in you.

  41. Marie

    Not trying to be rude or judgemental, but have you been tested by a doctor for diabetes? Those were symptoms my mom had which led her to find out she did have diabetes (she's lost a lot of weight and gone vegan and it's very much controlled now). But maybe get that checked because if your body needs insulin and you don't have it, it can be catastrophic.

  42. DubbaGirl x

    It's not just about the kind of food you eat, you also need to start moving more. Even eating several small meals throughout the day isn't going to help. Calorie counting, moving more, eating the right foods, water, water, water. I have no problem in giving support to those that really want to help themselves. I don't know what you were like a year ago or before that. IF you are dead set about this then we can help, but you tend to block/delete people/comments that you tend not to like. I'm a straight shooter and don't walk on eggshells I say how I see it, may come across as rude but it's not. Here if you want the support

  43. Mary Leonard

    One day at a time Chantal. You are more than your weight! I watch you because of your personality! Praying for you

  44. Betty Berry

    I'm rooting for you, sweetie!! I started my journey yesterday on the 6th too. You can do it. We will learn through this journey we're on. It is worthwhile and you are worth it!!

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