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  1. Nathalie Thomas

    Paula, you are right I love the workouts but hate to the constant talking. But do you girl!! Can't please the world.

  2. Jean KA

    Loved this unique workout!

  3. Ann Tews

    Loved this workout I definitely need to work on my balance as I had to hold on to a chair a lot . And doing some sort of modification on the lunges as my knees bother me at times. Love the idea of doing what’s best for me and what I can do!!

  4. Flor S

    Ladies, late but mission day 12? completed. and OMG! I just learnt that the word "EASY" will never equate to weight loss! LOL…thanks Lady P!

  5. Alicia Carter

    Wow, this was different, interesting And hard for me!! Thanks, Pahla!

  6. Terry Y

    I loved this workout – but let me just say, as a crazy cat person (we have 4 cats here), I LOVED the cat on the back of the couch during the whole video!! Is that Agatha?

  7. Naturally Dunn

    Workout complete 🙋🏾‍♀️. Great stretch today. My body needed it because I did the elliptical earlier today 🤸🏾‍♀️

  8. Amy F

    Was that officially your longest finisher ever LOL? Loved the challenge! Remembering one of my fav ladder workouts (yours of course) with kettle bells involved triangles, and they were the last exercise in the circuit. Still difficult without weights!!

  9. Ellen Lederman

    You are so creative! Just curious—you seem to know some yoga poses, but you don't really practice yoga? I do yoga daily—and don't view it as workout—I do it for other reasons, but it can be a full bodyweight activity and cardio (although I refuse to jump around a lot in 104+ degree rooms, so I avoid hot yoga!)

  10. Christy Prusia

    Love Love love this ❤️ a little different, a little quirky but adorable!!!’ Totally enjoyed this! Love how you mix things up!!! Keep it up! Oh and please please bring the roller coast swoops back please 😉

  11. Melissa Culpepper

    Oh, my goodness! This was a serious challenge! I haven’t done any yoga in a few years. This workout awakened muscles that only yoga can reach! Thank you, so much, for this amazing blend of cardio and yoga! Brilliant!

  12. Michelle Lee

    Great video! I love cardio & yoga. I’m not so great with balance, but it was still fun.

  13. C Flowers

    I think I will feel this one later😅Day 12✅

  14. Karen C

    This was a hard one for me. My form was not good. Still got my heart rate up though.

  15. Susan Ripton

    Hard… But I liked this one

  16. Joanne Moffat

    This was intense . I will do again when over this first workout

  17. Kim S

    Pahla, if you're taking requests, I really enjoy barre. 🙂

  18. Janet K.

    Wow!  I loved this one so much.  Such a great change of pace.  And WTG, Pahla, for stretching outside of your comfort zone to bring us something different.  I really liked it.

  19. Yogi Jones

    OUCH!! That felt good 🙂

  20. Carla T

    MUCH more difficult than I anticipated, but feeling accomplished now that it is over! Ha!

  21. Janet Fry

    Good morning I must say that was a hard one for me. 🙏

  22. Donna Kahwati

    WOW—this was sure different but l loved it–Thanks

  23. Becky Lynn

    I would love more like this!!!

  24. Kissys R

    I enjoyed this one so much. I hope to see more in the future or a combo yoga, cardio, strength or yoga strength 💕

  25. Ruth Makrakis

    Hi Pahla! I just loved today's cardio yoga session! I find myself looking forward to each day's workout, but particularly enjoyed today's! Thanks for all you do, and your quirky, fun approach to fitness!

  26. J HARDY

    you just keep coming up with this stuff!

  27. Lisa Lenoir

    I practice yoga occasionally and this was a good combination. Had to stop a few times to rest in the pose.

  28. Debbie Webbie

    You’re genius Pahla. This was so unique and fun. I was sweating and burning in the best way.

  29. Marilyn P

    Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone on this one, Pahla. I have done yoga for many years, and having some variety in how it can be done is great for my brain and body. Hope you'll go there again sometime.

  30. ercokat1965

    Hi Agatha (again)! 😹

  31. Karen Quick

    Day 12 ✅! Loved this! See you tomorrow😊

  32. shinystar 1

    i’ve been doing yoga daily for more than half my life and even i wasn’t ready for those half moon holds 😂
    but i did enjoy this interval yoga routine

  33. Lori Grabowski

    OMG Pahla…I love you! Thank you for all the effort you put into your workouts and the variety of moves, combination of cardio and other things, strength, balance, and fun. PS this was a fooler. It does not look like a lot, but I am definitely moderately worked!

  34. A. Start

    This workout was NO JOKE! It was a little challenging, but I LOVED it!! I bet we’ll all feel the effects of this one tomorrow!. Thank you Pahla for the challenge! 😅

  35. Caroline w

    Hello! I just had to write! OMG, I'm not big on yoga, but….the way you did it was excellent! It was so challenging esp the balance, I wobbled a lot! I also felt the work in my middle and upper back the most. At the end I let out one massive yawn…satisfaction?? perhaps. Anyway, this was GOOD and very different – (hint!). You're the best and Thank You so much 🙂 <3

  36. Jill Oliver

    I really got my sweat going this morning!! I never knew 30 seconds could be so long!! Whew Doggie!! 🙂

  37. مريم الزاوي

    This was BRILLIANT!!! I loved every moment of this!

  38. pamela reed

    thanks Pahla! that was a unique one for me and I'm feeling accomplished this morning. No not that I did a perfect day 12, but a perfect attempt to do my very best. new philosophy: challenge my 69 year old body to do it's best! love you girl!!

  39. T P

    Happy New Year PB
    I'm late to this Challenge party and I was just wondering if all 31 workouts will be up for longer than the 31 days of January?
    Thanks, Txx

  40. Pam Spencer

    Holy crap!! 😬😉 this was intense (and I practice yoga), my balance was not behaving so… a few swear words to get it under control 🤭 and I was good! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 I truly did enjoy it. Tougher than I thought it would be! But I was tougher. 😉🤪

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