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  1. Benazir Sithik

    No Break fast
    Lunch cabbage poriyal moringa fish and greens soup
    Dinner Today Sunday outing so cheating☹️ Chicken Shawarma and little ice cream feeling guilty 😕

  2. Vinojini Jeyaraja

    Super 👍
    Enga irukkeanga sis?

  3. Sowthanya

    Day 16 completed (Aug 31)
    8am: 250ml seeragam water
    10.30am: two dosa
    1pm: Rice with dhal and poriyal
    8pm: Idly, dosa.
    Was in travel can't able to follow Excercise and diet properly

  4. Sowthanya

    Day 15 completed ( Aug 30)
    7.30am: 300ml Seeragam water
    9am: one apple
    11.30am: 5 almonds
    1.30pm: Half watermelon
    4.30pm: omlet with mushroom
    7.30 to 8.30pm: Whole body workout
    9.30pm: one chapathi
    Whole day drank 3litre of water

  5. Kavi Mathy

    Hi,, ur home is very neat… Nenga video podum pothum background noise ethum varala, I mean u have 2 babies right ?? Avanga disturb panna matangala ?

  6. Shoba Raghu

    Ur home is so clean and neat

  7. Madhukavitha Kavi

    Hi …
    Today is cheatday for me.
    Morning – superb coffee with sugar
    Breakfast – 2 appam wit coconut milk
    Lunch – I will take 100 gram rice & sambar.
    Chicken fry.
    Evening 4 to 6 fully workouts & walking.
    6.30 – only fresh juice.
    After 6.30 I never touch any foods.
    That's all.

  8. Nivekka Bala

    Day 10 – 1 hour of bootcamp session
    Morning – black coffee
    Lunch – cabbage poriyal and 2 omlettes
    Evening – milk coffee
    Dinner – butter chicken and panner mixed 200 gms

  9. Sujadevi Rajkumar

    Early morning ginger jeera cinnamon water
    Morning ragi and oats adai with lots of onions and curry leaves
    Lunch one chapati with channa masala and butter milk
    Dinner veg soup
    One hour HIIT Work out

  10. arun santhosh

    Hi… this is sumathi saravanan… morning hot water…12:00 pm ku butter tea.2:00 pm ku peerkangai poriyal & brinjal poriyal 1/2 cup rice. evening tea…nit ku panneer& capsicum fry with 3 boiled eggs…

  11. Yesh Raj

    10:30 cereal and tea
    1:30 veggie pulav with black Channa salad
    5:00 tea
    7:00 chaat and sugar cane juice
    1 hour of workout at gym

  12. Ammu DSA

    Wowwwwww very useful video sis…sis home tour poduga

  13. Ramachandiran R

    Super sis thankyou

  14. M

    DAY 17 (Aug 31):
    8.20am: 4 pieces Cucumber
    8.30am: Hot water+ turmeric+ pepper + ginger
    8.50am: walking for 45 minutes (3 km, 4000+ steps)
    10.30am: 200gms rice ( Sambar + Dhaniya+ kollu podi mix)+ 125gms cabbage carrot poriyal + 25gms curd
    2.30pm: 1 murukku + 3 vella seedai + 1 tumbler coffee
    By 6.30pm: 4 beetroot chappathi+ coconut chutney + 50gms curd
    8.30pm: Nuts (Cashew, pista, Badam, Raisins)
    Sleep at 10.30pm

  15. M

    Hi all. For people who are from Chennai, can we form a group and meet at Marina beach and plan for 1 hour group walking ( Saturday or Sunday evening)?
    If interested, do drop your WhatsApp number with your name to madhutvam@gmail.com (avoid posting phone numbers in you tube messages). Do drop a note below, that you have sent email so that I won't miss noting it.

  16. casim safrina cs

    Hi Sister!!
    Naa early morning weight pathen 86kg iruku…..
    Evening weight pathen 89kg irukan sis😢😮😣
    Ithula ethu ennoda real weight??
    Plz sollunga

  17. SudhaSri Murali

    Day6:6:jeera water
    9:2egg 2dosa
    2:2chapti 150gram rice
    5: coffee

  18. SudhaSri Murali

    Yesterday day my weight 71.9kg today 72.4kg am so worried dear

  19. KumarRatha Ratha

    Very nice your house

  20. Pingpong

    Wow… very nice…. your house looks already super clean… I didnt clean my benchtop for two or three weeks… I am going to get up from the couch and clean now…🙏🏻 good way to keep ourselves occupied on a sunday… ur salads and soup look very healthy…. I am so glad I found your channel… 👍🏻 every single video u post is very helpful…🙏🏻 bless you and your family…

  21. Anjali

    Two dosa
    Millet + sambar+ potato poriyal
    1/4 cup smoothie from outside

  22. Anjali

    Super 👍🏼👌🏻

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