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  1. Archana Jegatheesan

    Done with Day 17. Exercise in morning, skipping in night

  2. Merrylin Nesam

    Completed my 17th day challenge today successfully

  3. Sowbee Mohan

    Good evening mam, Day 17
    Mam, this evening I went to my relative house & had coffee trust me I feel payasam. Long time sugar not taking I think that why I feel.Other wise I followed everything. Day completed with hot water
    Good night mam

  4. usha saravanan

    Hi sissy 16th day I am not feeling well so I am not done any workout Sry sissy just 15 min exercise only

  5. Deepa Ganesh

    Hi mam
    Today I completed my 17 th day challenge. Today I did 100 minutes cycling, 350 counts of skipping, 60 counts of thoppukaranam.
    Then when u will post the kanji recipes for weight loss mam.

  6. Siva Kumar

    super speech akka

  7. Selvi Venkatesan

    Day 17th complete your motivated super thanks

  8. Sheefa Parveen

    Mam plz how can i control my morning sleep at 11.00am

  9. Deena Tariq

    Hai day 16 completed with jeera water, 30min exercise, 30walking. Yes u say it correctly.

  10. anusha devi

    Followed intermittent fasting

  11. Vijayalakshmi Govindan

    Hi sister..😁😁😁
    I done my 16th day successfully….
    With Jeera water, b.f & dinner-fruits, lunch-rice,egg,cucumber with full day detox water
    1hr walking and 50 mins workout 🖒🖒🖒

  12. Kr Marzook

    Hi sister super video and very motivating from tomorrow Iam going to start the diet morning appam sapdalama?

  13. Dr Subhalakshmi

    Finished 16th day: breakfast: tomato soup 100ml, zeera water. Lunch: greens, beans with small amount of rice. Evening green tea. Dinner: grean peas steamed. Exercise: treadmill 1/2 hr, zumba 1/2 hr.steps covered: 14500

  14. divya ramsh

    nila akka life la success aga motivational video podunga and working womens epdi carrier move panradhu nu podunga

  15. Selva Lakshmi

    Mam today skipping ,walking,yoga super ah over mam

  16. Kajaaneeshasana Aneesha

    Hai akka, day 16 complete akka today naan morning jeera water then murungai keerai soup then avaraikai poriyal lunch, evening butter milk and night one bowl annachi pazham finely 65 minutes walking 45 minutes exercise with planking akka

  17. Shanmuga PRIYA K

    Hi sis day 16 completed sis 40 mins walking 30 mins exercise and 300 counts skipping and diet too sis

  18. Vamsith S

    Today completed sister walking 50 mins exercise 10 mins plank 3 mins skipping 100 and intermediate fasting sister

  19. Banu Raja

    It's true ma best motivate, 40min excerise hot water mor ragi dosai, lun veg briyani, eve coffee fruits, dinn 2dosai 16fay completed ma.

  20. Komathi Kayalpatinam

    Day 16 completed. As use well same diet.

  21. Shanthi Thiru

    One hour walking ,jeera water and exercise done today


    Day 16 completed. Zumba walk 20 minutes. Excercise 10 minutes, walking 30 minutes. Buttermilk, FRUITS

  23. Shanmugapriya Saravanan

    Today semma cold and fever mam so very tired so no exercise and morning one black coffee and 1 apple and night dinner two idly mam

  24. Muruga Sudha

    Mam inaki nanum endudaya teenage photo parthu end motivation strongana idea super.

  25. Bagya sri

    Hey same pinch ya.. Nanum 78 lerndhu 63 reach airukken.. Ipodhan kuraiyave mattingudhu 😭😭😭

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