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  1. Anjali

    Various variety rice ( went to valaikappu function) but took it so limited
    Guava almonds

  2. Suganya Gopinath

    So clostly

  3. Ajith Stephen

    Hi dear my name is Nisha I'm in Dubai. For the past 15 days I'm taking 900 calorie diet I'll eat only by calculating calories walking 30 minutes I'm 42 age and also I'm having some health issues to do more exercises. Till 9th day my weight was reducing 9th day dinner 8.00 pm I ate 1 small dosa and 2 small piece chicken curry. All other days and even now I'm doing intermittent fasting. After the cheat meal next day I increased nearly 2 kg. Now what could I do.. Can u pls help. Now weight was not reducing. Pls help dear.

  4. Madhukavitha Kavi

    Great start. Happy Ganesh chaturthi God bless.
    Superb motivational quotes👌👌

  5. Sangeetha Sekar

    Today is my cheat day

  6. M

    Hi. Sister's daughter, Shreya, has sung the song beautifully 👌👌👏👏. Ramyama irunthuthu. Very pleasant. Please do convey my appreciations to her.
    Motivation for the day is also excellent. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are function days. Yesterday was a reception and today and tomorrow are relatives marriage function. Food loaded with heavy calories 😐.
    Yesterday, walked 3kms in the morning itself to offset evening reception dinner. Not sure how it will go today and tomorrow 🙂.
    Nevertheless, I won't let a stumble be the end of my weight loss journey 🙂👍

  7. Vishnu Priya

    Happy vinayagar chathurthi
    Healthy start
    In festival following diet
    Wht a spirit
    Morning 1 cfy
    I tea
    Aft one cup white rice sambar vadai 2
    5 kolukattai
    No diet
    Night might be one chappathi fruit salad left out vadai
    Left kolukattai
    Bye sis tomorrow back form diet

  8. SudhaSri Murali

    Happy vinayagar chathurthi dear

  9. Buji Ma

    Sissy weight koranja skin suruguma PLC soluga soluga

    Yarukula intha doubt iruko en cmdku reply Pani soluga plz😊😊😊😊

  10. Deepa S

    A good start in the morning with a devotional song in a very pleasant voice.. Convey our regards to her.. Great recipes.. And super motivation

  11. Saranya Hari

    Super 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  12. jeevitha sabarinathan

    Happy vinayaga chaturthu sis. I also plan to quit but now after seeing ur video i wont quit sure i ll break my weight loss plateau

  13. Anjali

    Awesome buddy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  14. narmadha Manikandan

    1st comment viniyagr chathurthi wishes sister 😊

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