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  1. Whaynna Araugo

    God bless you my love

  2. Whaynna Araugo

    Hi my love I pray that everything is okay I haven't seen you posting

  3. Lisa Poissant

    Are you okay?

  4. A. Nonymous

    Very low carb/no sugar–it can be done. Cats are beautiful–you can do this, lovely lady 🙂

  5. Joy Dancer

    I think you're doing something real nice for yourself and all your loved ones! <3

  6. Rose Lee

    9:59 Somehow you suggesting merch, stating how “big of a thing” it is to tackle obesity as you exploit your depression and weight loss struggles all while having a shitty attitude towards us about it in general…PLUS your kind of laughing about it…makes “Obesity Survivor” sound disgusting. Not sure why. 🤔
    6:56 “I saw a comment, ‘she’s gonna go back to eating fast food mukbangs bc she won’t be making the income’ and I’m okay with that.” Out of context, it’s like you’re saying you’re okay with going back to fast food. Which it seems you are.
    13:02…”used to…”…interesting choice of words…

    I hope this is going to be the time you stick to a change. ANY CHANGE. Any part of trying to get healthy. Forget “weight loss” and focus on getting healthy. Weight loss will come. Have the will to say no for better quality of life.

  7. Sarah Something

    Chantel you inspired me to create my own channel!!!!!! YOURE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOUR DETERMINATION AND COURAGEOUS ATTITUDE OF SHARING SUCH INTIMATE DETAILS ABOUT YOUR LIFE. have an amazing day Gf!!

  8. 1WickedAngel1

    Good Job babe keep up the good work ! 💖💕 Awe Sammie & BeeBeeJunes ❤️😻🐾

  9. 1WickedAngel1

    Hey babe hey 🤗💖 You little cutie patootie ! 💖💕

  10. Marisa L


  11. Plp13

    It doesn't matter how many times you start over, at least you are trying! Been there…. well, still there. I'm with you on this journey too! I admire your motivation to TRY. "YourGorl Snapped" down there 👇 needs a hobby. What the eff, dummy? #teamchantal

  12. lucy lu

    Lol the cat looked like a statue in the corner so cute

  13. lucy lu

    Llmmaaoo "FATSO" PEANUT BUTTER😂😂😂

  14. lucy lu

    Use lettuce wraps instead of the flour or corn shell

  15. yourGorl Snapped

    You BS so much! How about get a hobby or activities that will keep you busy all day and eating wont be nr 1 anymore. You can do it. But then again, if you do, you might lose many K views cos failure is more funny lol

  16. christyb40272


  17. Henry Bascombe

    Red apples? You’re brave.

  18. Elizabeth marie

    Chantal! You do not listen to me. I said we dont care what the content is, just stick to it but now your quitting weightloss content 🙁 the real supporters want to see you healthy

  19. bee walsh

    Be well Chantal.


    You got this Chantal! We love using ground turkey for taco meat. So much healthier! ❤

  21. Rheanna Samuels

    I need motivation❤️

    I like = 10 squats

  22. Holly Joy

    You’re so honest and real! You’re an awesome chef and I can’t wait for you videos everyday!😊😊😊

  23. Oddball Neen

    I deleted my comment about turkey because I was mid video and just after I hit send I heard you say that's what you were using! Silly me. Should've known you'd know that. Do you have access to any game meat where you are? Elk, bison and venison are all great, lean red meats for meals like this as well. I make a mean bison burger in the summertime, it's a hit in my household. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us and I look forward to seeing what you have in store! More hugs from Alberta! 💞

  24. Rosie Leon

    Love you foodie ❤❤


    Ma'am. BIG CHUB is all about the nut butter.

  26. Afra Y. S.

    I love your cats 😹😹😹

  27. Afra Y. S.

    Supporting u all the way sweetie, remember one step at a time 😘. Have u read a book from Dr. Greger "How not to die"? It's a really good read about disease and our lifestyle, food that we eat and scientific research.

  28. snuffulupagusprime

    So gross how the cat is on top of the table. Its freaking unsanitary, litter box paws all over the tabletop!

  29. Charnise Hall

    Hey when your doing another live video

  30. Tracey Turner-Hill

    Too many snacks going on…keep busier then you won’t have time for snacks. I think these are still pretty big portions.

  31. Sassy Pants Serenade

    Wishing you the best!

  32. Diedre Loecher

    I am a large gal too and one of the things that has helped me is a vibrator machine that you stand on. It only allows you to stand on it for 10 minutes before it shuts off and it has a slow motion up to a fast motion. I feel like it is helping me get circulation back in my legs. The brand I purchased is inexpensive. I feel it has helped save my life. I also have a dash griddle like yours, great little machine. If you want more information on the machine just ask or pm me. Very easy to receive and put together too. Gook Luck with your year.

  33. stefanie barbero

    This sounds like such a healthy plan ! No fad diets just healthy changes !

  34. Kris

    You can do this! It might not be a linear path, but just don't give up. It can take decades before something finally clicks and change happens; you're not alone in that. Hang in there, you have lots of us rooting for you!

  35. growmyown1 carter

    i was having a healthy eating day, but found a 100g bar of chocolate/hazelnuts. I ate it. Dam

  36. Nora K

    Hi beautiful !!!!

    I can’t tell you how proud I am of you. I used to be a big supporter back in the day but last year I had to unsubscribe …. it just seemed like your attitude was… getting the best of you. I went thru what you are going through now and it almost took my life. I fixed my spirit and am currently losing weight😊 And to see you in such denial that it made you a different person was too disheartening to watch. I thought you really thought that doing that to yourself on camera was ok and it wasn’t! As a large person you deserve respect but you do not deserve to hurt yourself and then monetize on it carelessly. But now!!!!!

    Now you seem like you’ve made a complete change , the change in your spirit and mind and energy is already the huge start that you needed! I will say I don’t agree with everything that you’re doing on the new diet and the only reason is that …. until you see real serious physical results you’re going to still have that depression and you’re going to still have that addiction inside of you . You’re making it harder on yourself by consuming so many calories at the beginning ….that’s the thing ….as hard is it to admit ….no matter what we fix inside ….when we are so morbidly obese on the outside we stay morbidly obese on the inside and our minds dont allow us to start new because we don’t look new. I conquered this by being very strict at the start and yes my binge eating disorder was a nightmare and it was terrifying but on other attempts of letting myself have midnight snacks (even if it was very minimal of taco meat) it only would keep the bingeing alive and the non progress of the scale made me think … why bother? I wish that you would do something a little stricter similar to what you see on 600 pound life (that doctor is actually pretty smart) so that you could see results asap! If you see results in the first month that will blow your mind so much you’ll have such an easier time along this whole journey , you don’t always have to stay that strict , but if you start like that you’ll have an easier time …

    But I concur, you do need to do things at your pace and your way and you are still doing wonderful in this 365 a journey. I’m so proud of you and your honesty and your commitment to you! I subscribed back today and I’m excited for all of your content❤️❤️❤️

  37. Pamela Campbell

    Tip: Weigh EVERYTHING if you’re watching portion size. It’s much more accurate than using measuring cups and spoons and fewer dishes to wash. I had to learn this the hard way. You can check it measuring out a serving size of cooked rice (1/2 cup) then weigh that 1/2 rice in grams. Maybe you’re better than I, but I know how to stuff some rice in a measuring cup. When I weighed it out, it was much more than a serving size. Peanut butter is another. Once you get hang of the tare function on your food scale, things get so much easier. I can lie to myself on how much I’m eating, but I can’t lie to my body.

  38. India M

    I put off trimming TicTac’s nails fir no good reason. His claw caught in me, we fell over and I landed on him. He visciously attacked me ( I don’t blame him) and there was blood everywhere. So – keep kitties’ nails clipped!!

  39. Anne Saad

    Oh my goodness!!! I’m so glad your doing this!!! I honestly thing you should get more views for this, keep it up, I believe in you ❤️

  40. Elizabeth Forde

    I am actually rooting for you. Sometimes someone just needs the support to get through difficult times. If you feel like you’re failing come and get support, be honest. We will be there for you. Also just get through today, tomorrow is another day but like with any addiction you are told to worry about getting through today. (Addict in recovery here)

  41. Chet's Simply Living

    This is a beautiful plan xo

  42. tweedle

    something i really like on keto is greek salad (cucumber, red onion, bell pepper, black olives and feta) with grilled chicken dipped in tzatziki. also i repeat basically the same 3 meals always because it’s easier to just eat the things i know i like rather than experimenting with recipes

  43. JoAnn Papillon Mom

    Good for you! I deal with the same challenge. It’s just important to start…it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress; consistent small changes, as you’ve said — be gentle to yourself. Rooting for you!

  44. Shirleen Denby

    You better you go chantal !❤💪❤I'm with you every step of the way sis❤..Good Luck!..❤

  45. Cee Jay

    @Foodie Beauty i think u should make a little group on here with other ppl who want to get healthy like you. Some of us that dont have friends or fam to keep us motivated so being apart of a group with u and others who are trying- we can all be each others motivation! Hopefully u consider cuz we want u to stay on track and if we are all sharing our journey we can all help & encourage each other to stay on track 💖💖

  46. Leisha Marshall

    I lost 196lbs in a year through bariatric surgery but I wish wish I was able to do it naturally. I hit a brick wall and gave up on life at 26 years old. I’m wishing you all the luck in the world and can’t wait to see you become your new you 😁❤️❤️

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