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  1. David S

    Arrggggggh Dreeaaad pirate trucker !!

  2. capazontwo

    I hope it ain't saging fore skin

  3. Chef Matt Hammerschmidt

    Vegans are killing WAY MORE critters than they think.

  4. Chef Matt Hammerschmidt

    Hey DPT, how are you tonight?

  5. I'm Brandon

    I knew you were doing something with fasting!

  6. stanly steemer

    Way to go dread pirate get healthy so you can get a job. Don’t get drunk and do videos either you sound more sane sober. Glad your getting better.

  7. Tom Thumb

    Don't forget to add in some exercise. Even something simple like walking a mile or 2 a day. Helps with stress and energy levels.

  8. Goat Rider

    I will have a buschhhhhhhhhhh for u

  9. Boo R

    Wow. That face is getting slimmer by the day.

  10. 2001 Monolithic

    You sound better. Good gravy you sounded like a north little rock tweeker recently.

  11. Mickey FC

    The amazing disappearing man…Drrreeeaaaddd

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