Dead life and anxiety

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His crude oil.

He is interesting.

He is very funny.

He is cured.

Deadpool is a former officer who became an anti-hero after a cancer treatment error – leaving his healing power.

However, in addition to the Golden Globe nomination, there are many things to satisfy. from

Deadpool from

 Actor Ryan Reynolds. You have never guessed it, but you are anxious. In fact, before every talk show interview, he was full of fear and sick – sometimes he was sure he might bark.

Even from

Deadpool from

 Not everyone's cranberry juice cup. We can learn a lot from the lessons – especially when faced with anxiety or suppressing uncertainty.

it has started:

The mystery of death from the five lessons of harassment anxiety

  1. Channel fear becomes a constructive thing

When Reynolds made a TV sitcom, he would be enthusiastic about the audience, mainly to reassure himself and introduce his panic into constructive things. Similarly, he uses the role of Deadpool in the same way [he prefers to do TV interviews as a reason for superheroes – not himself].

  1. Take time to heal yourself

As in the movie, when Deadpool is destroyed or knocked down, he needs time to heal and restore his power. In the same way, Reynolds takes time to recharge and rejuvenate through daily meditation.

  1. Skills emerge from setbacks

Reynolds grew up with the help of a strict and unpredictable father. He is tough on others. Tough yourself. And rarely open:

"I always wanted a father like Wilford Brimley.

Who will put me on his lap, just assign an incredible life

Suggestions and guidance. "

But that is not his father. Reynolds always tried to pull his conversation out. But only a short, subconscious reaction. Never exposed too much. Or share a lot. So he felt alienated from him.

The hardest part for me is that he is always a bit mysterious.

I just thought that I didn't really talk to him.

-Ryan Reynolds

But because of this pain, there is a sense of humor, compassion and skill that can work closely with others. He once learned: from

"At some point, you just need to live and let go."

  1. Know that anxiety will surface

Even if he sweats, is nervous, or is about to conduct an interview, one of his beliefs has been established over the years, that is from

"These feelings will pass"

  1. Embrace yourself even without a mask

He used to think of this:

  1. Revealing his ignorance of a subject
  2. May be misunderstood

So his cracks joked and dealt with the dialogue on the surface level – never diving deeply. Over the years, he has embroidered his intelligence, but he also embroidered him can also become an "idiot" – and can take care of both.

Key words:

"Two are good"

Because sometimes we forget that we are allowed to become both.

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