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  1. As/Is

    TRIVIA TIME! Can you guess who the voice of Honey B belongs to? Hint: She's been on the As/Is channel before! 💁🏼‍♀️

  2. Nia W


  3. mary marren

    Devon or shante

  4. Just Your Average Retard

    this is definitely Devin 😏

  5. Emily Verhave

    Devan all the way

  6. Tink Williams


  7. Stephyz Pod

    I actually liked this

  8. KK Studios

    When she said looking at you Sofia my friend Sofia txted me XD

  9. V

    I like this

  10. Cameron Villaruel


  11. Liz Fernandez

    Love it!! More!!

  12. GG Tates

    This is definitely Devin

  13. Emily2618

    Sofia? Really?

  14. Stephanie Ensley

    It’s Devin for sure!

  15. Star Cherry

    I love you Honey B! 😻

  16. Family Toson

    D E V I N

  17. Hearts 0897

    I wasnt sure it was devin till she said the pancke part

  18. The Scottish Swati

    Omg!!! She's so awesome…….. I love her

  19. fatmir vogli


  20. Harper Roth

    It’s devin!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Fatima Rahman

    lol love u devin

  22. Shehzeen Zahra

    So this is devan's part time job

  23. vie-vie

    I see Devin but I hear Chantel. 😅

  24. Audrey Cyran

    I think it’s Devon and I love her so I’m going to binge watch this series

  25. Heather Chapman

    First animated blogger? Are we ignoring the goddess herself, Barbie?

  26. Chrissy Le

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! So cute and funny lmao

  27. Jill A

    Love it😂❤️

  28. Queenie Beu

    Great script and animation and personality. Love devon

  29. Maryam Maryamalaziizu

    i think is chantel voice 😂

  30. Madeline Mayer

    The way she says bye at the end of the videos is weirdly calming 😳

  31. Marie Jacques Nherisson

    Devin 💓

    Sofia: if you want a bigger butt, why don't you just work out?

    Honey: you've got some wild ideas Sofia 😂🤣

  32. Deziree Nicole

    Haha😂😂 I love this

  33. Moonberries Rainandstars

    I love HoneyB! BuzzBuzz!

  34. ddmamta vaishnav

    Weird Helga is better than u

  35. Jasmin Villela

    hey Devin

  36. Danielle Ashton

    It’s totally Devon. I think I like it but I also just love Devon so I wouldn’t mind just having her do this instead of “Honey B”

  37. Violet Chadwell

    It's devin

  38. FabulousKilljoy917

    OHMYGEEE!!! Just noticed Honey Bee is DEVIN THE GAWD😍

  39. Katie Roeske

    Devin from ladylike

  40. Bruce Hamilton-Smith

    i hear multiple voices
    like chantel and devin and one other

  41. Caislee Erica


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