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  1. Eltoria

    Hey guys! So this was branded as the Debenhams Advent Calendar on their website, I believe there will be an official one in November! Anyways, this is sttill the worst advent calendar I bought from Debenhams xxx

  2. Natalie Foster

    I wouldn’t pay £10 for this!

  3. Julie Barbour

    For sure wouldn't waste my money on this calander so thanks for sharing

  4. Hanna Kaisers

    You hit 180.000 🎉🎉

  5. Sid'istic Atheist

    It looks like a Chinese knockoff that you'd pick up from a dodgy market stall .

  6. Sophie Foster

    I love your videos you make me laugh so much 😂😂😂😂

  7. מילאן גטניו

    So what years advent calendars are best 2018 or 2019?

  8. מילאן גטניו

    Love your shirt

  9. Millie Forey

    That is awful

  10. Unholy Quail

    Bit dramatic, don’t you think?

  11. Maisy 10

    I mean it wasn't worth £30, but I don't think it's the worst advent calendar ever. It could be a lot worse…

  12. Angel.K *

    Won't be buying one of these in a hurry. 🙄

  13. Maariya

    It’s only bad because they didn’t send it to you

  14. Carolina F

    Yet you were thrilled with the zoella one

  15. Nora Benjiman


  16. Nora Benjiman

    ;’((( I want an cosmetics advent calendar so frickin bad!!

  17. Tonie Dudley

    OMG no way I buy this calendar not even for my girls. Pound shop probably have better makeup. Sorry you wasted your money.

  18. Julie Spencer

    Not keen on this calendar Debenham needs to do better

  19. missymog Fossy

    This is their own brand/ one brand calendar. I'm pretty sure they've got another one which is multi brand and dearer. Don't confuse it with that. Next have done the same thing, last year they just had the own brand calendar, this year they've got both.x

  20. kayla farrell

    I think this is maybe for younger kids, and the proper one for adults will be released

  21. Tasha H

    That is the Academy of Colour advent calendar…not the official Debenhams one!!!

  22. Olivia Allen

    Brought this calendar in Debenhams then saw this video a few hours later… returned straight away lol 😂

  23. Claire gordon

    Ooooooh noooooooooo xx

  24. Marble Stars

    I think it is the worst calendar ever,the quality of the products is the same as those in Poundland shops.

  25. Amy Lois

    Please try and do a review of the cath kidston house shaped advent calendar, it looks soooo cute ❤️

  26. Vicky Bedford


  27. ButterflyFlyAwayy

    You paid £20 more for the Zoella calendar and you were excited about that one… this one is crap but still better than that rubbish.

  28. Stephanie Milton

    really been enjoying your advent calendar series hun, just commenting so im seen and you know u have a faithful viewer in me, you just so sweet and homely xx

  29. Kimsikle

    Omg. Less than 1k left. Congratulations Eltoria

  30. Kimsikle

    This was terrible

  31. Winsy Leung

    OMG!!!!! I love the video so much. I also bought the stuffs and got that feel. So cheap and useless🤣🤣🤣

  32. MissJodieElizabeth

    That calendar looks awful and for the price.. what!?! Will not be getting this calendar that is for sure… totally binge watching tour videos starting from the advent calendars for advent inspiration

  33. Janee Lytch

    Great video , not feeling this box

  34. Loshika Brackett

    It suck it's the worst advent calendar I seen.

  35. nicky kerner

    This advent calendar was rubbish

  36. March Nordstrom

    I got this calander last year from Kohls…was so mad paid the same amount

  37. Claire Lodwick

    Love ur vids I'm hooked 😁

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