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  1. Mariane Culek

    I just use a micro fiber cloth from the dollar store for my makeup removing

  2. linda dee

    Hey Risa :-)) Great products :-)) Oh yes when you go on holiday, you bring yourself something back ha ha. A lot of people bring back cigarettes from Spain. I don't smoke so yes its usually a bag or perfume and i like bracelets, earrings etc. Oh and a fridge magnet have to have that, then i keep count of all the places I've been to ha ha. oxoxox

  3. Ace Hardy


  4. Tammy Roy

    Love your hair in this video- so pretty:) My husband and I heading on vacation end of February – that Kerastase looks like something I might need😉.
    Thank you Risa💕
    Tammy Roy🇨🇦

  5. Jacki Overholt

    If you hadn’t said anything about your top I would never have noticed it 😘

  6. Fin B

    I use the big bag! With extra room I just full it with socks or other random stuff. Nearly fills one side of carry on perfectly

  7. Isabel AB

    I love the Tom Ford stick foundation…but I like stick foundations

  8. Debora

    Risa, I could not help, but laugh at the size of your make up bag. Lol 😂

  9. KathysBeautyCareChats

    Love the makeup bag and would never laugh! We get you girl 😂 getting the Nest! That’s a shame with the milani shadows! Always love your reviews Risa!

  10. J3SS1CA 0610

    Yea I didn’t even notice your top until u mentioned it! Still looks good!

  11. Ginagal9

    Thank you Risa!🌞

  12. Kim Hough

    Love your top Risa! Enjoyed the video!

  13. Linda James

    Nice Faves 😊❤️👍
    Texas Lady🤗

  14. Angelia Berkowitz

    Have you tried the Jo Malone diffusers??? Makes the entire house smell like love. TO DIE FOR!! ❤️

  15. sharon hardy

    I wash my makeup eraser with all my towels and use bleach. It cleans it and doesn’t leave makeup stains.

  16. Estefania Martinez

    I love all the Givenchy Dahlia versions !

  17. Pamela Devereux

    Always love a new,perfume to try. Your top looks so pretty.

  18. Maria D

    I wanted to try the Milani palette, now I’ll pass. I’d rather try one of the BH palettes you always recommend!

  19. Maria D

    I love that top so much!! Super cute!

  20. Laena Kelly

    I have the makeup eraser and love it

  21. Susan H

    I love to get a new fragrance while I'm on vacation. That way, every time I use it, it reminds me of my vacation. It's a wonderful form of scent memory recovery. 😁

  22. jo_ v80

    Oh my that’s a huge makeup bag, I’m sure everything I own could fit in there😂 love it 😍

  23. Leeloo Carson

    Happy new year Risa & family 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  24. Gracie Vee

    I've alway wanted to try that cloth Makeup Eraser. I saw it once at Marshalls and didn't get it, now I regret it. If I see it again, I'll pick it up 🥰

  25. Kelly Wolfe

    Great video 💚♥️💛💙💗💜

  26. Tina Garry

    Love the lips. Just ordered it via our link.😘

  27. Marie Joy

    Great video Risa, gorgeous as always 😊👍🏼

  28. Jennifer Kendall

    I bought the exact same makeup case from Amazon. I love it!!

  29. Da Ritz

    Gorgeous top, Risa! And, that laptop (uh, I mean make-up carry-on-size bag) is very cool. The price is even better!

  30. Cyndi Crain

    I got packs of 4 of those washcloths at Nordstrom Rack. for $8.99– mine may be a dupe ( not sure) but they work great.

  31. Rinat Shapiro

    I would love to see ur kitchen and bathroom remodeling. I am currently remodeling a kitchen and would love to see ur ideas and style. I also live in vegas so plz mention where u got ur materials from. Thank u. Always love ur videos

  32. Carolyn Madrinkian

    You look beautiful as always! I hadn’t noticed the wardrobe malfunction until you pointed it out then I couldn’t stop staring hehe But it didn’t take long before your capturing personality took over and I forgot about it again 😍

  33. Dana Hoover

    You have to try swan creek candles and drizzel melts. Plz. U wont regret it

  34. Safaura

    Where is the Aesthetic Palette made? The info should be on the back of palette 🙂

  35. Louise Sharpy

    I didn’t even notice the top. It’s gorgeous! So are you. Love your favs !! I hate when you find something you love and it’s limited edition. Ugh. Thanks for this

  36. Al alba vincero vincero

    Perfume descriptions make me laugh, too.

  37. Adelina Taraborelli

    Thank you!

  38. Adelina Taraborelli

    Great information. Ordering the Mac lip kit and the make up bag. The doggy is soooooo cute Risa!

  39. Lena Lavine

    Just ordered that lip kit! ❤️

  40. angela searls

    I like the starlite lip color and I love your top

  41. Sandy Beaudry

    I have been using makeup remover towels made by Campanelli for almost a year. I got them on QVC and they were six for around $30 with a great makeup bag. They are excellent and having a set of them means I can wash them after one use. I highly recommend.

  42. Sandyy Gonzales

    After you mentioned the mishap on the top I couldn’t stop staring at it afterwards lol 😆

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