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  1. WaterBaby Tarot

    Cancer 1:31
    Scorpio 20:57
    Pisces 36:26

  2. Stacey Cameron

    Is it wrong that I love that I drain you? I drain me. It's nice to know someone else can feel this… even if it's… draining ♥

  3. Linda Bisaillon

    You got it right in my case. Pisces has it rough. Always has someone's back but not often does someone have their's. No wonder you feel drained when you read us. You're carrying the weight of all of us lol 😉

  4. Emily L

    Cancer 💫 I feel like i’m not good enough. and that i’m not enough and won’t be accepted. it’s either my mom or the capricorn who knows the way he’s treating/talked to me.

  5. cheeky-brown-girl

    Lolololol I'm an aquarius with a strong pisces influence in my chart and so I always seem to resonate with your pisces reads. So I think it's so funny you came out with "aquarius" 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Star Love

    I'm the Pisces and the emperor you were speaking of is a Scorpio!
    Now what?? Yes! I need to know lol

  7. QueenMeATL

    😒 Pisces here and you completelt tapped in to my energy. Felt like a mini personal reading smh. Thank you and Happy Holiday's Waterbaby 💜

  8. zam boo

    Yes I have tried to heal…yes husband died over 2 years ago..went into 2 toxic relationships…I have prayed manifested…wrote letters and buried 2 moon …met last week another bad one over quick…sick and tired of being sick and tired …I am older…have been on my knees please my god in heaven please…let me have the1…you are so right left leg ruptured Achilles …better now …and please let me get up…

  9. Mary D

    My Pisces (Moon) is resonating mostly. I'm definitely by myself and not dealing with folks. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Which is cool with me. I have the slightest idea who this Emperor?🤔 I guess I due time.

  10. e cocio

    Pisces sun. You read labordite and I looked it up. My reaction in seeing "oh shit" going to go try to find some. The bell donged and attention was had

  11. Mary D

    What person this maybe? I don't talk to my father like that. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Can't be the ex Leo. My supervisor? I don't know who could it be?🤔

  12. setare

    Love you , water baby ⚘⚘⚘⚘

  13. Clark Road

    Sounds like in background of ur video..CAT scratching at door wanting to come in,..lol.. Oh

  14. Mary D

    I've been waiting on Cancer my (Sun) sign reading. Then, I'll check out my Pisces (Moon). ☺️

  15. Amy Kittelson

    cancer sun & moon… i get the feeling this is related w my roommate… never had great boundaries w that little pisces

  16. Mary Endsley

    The General Jackson boat at Opry Mills!! I just got invited yesterday!

  17. Sickmann Duane

    I'm going to fine … OK …. That I can do

  18. Heather Roose

    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃. Thank you for the accurate readings. I have been following you since the beginning . I found out about the channel from Ant at Cancer Moon Tarot. You have grown so much with your channel and reading style (since your awakenings) I know you’re the real deal as your face still says it all when your delivering the messages. Faces can’t lie , words do but never a face . God Bless. Idk your name other then Water Baby!!!!

  19. Wyld Wood

    Loved this format…my Scorpio husband and I (Cancer) are dealing with my older Virgo sister who has filled the moat with alligators
    and raised the draw bridge😳
    Your advice to DO NOTHING 🥳🥳🥳is soooo doable. Love your warm, chatty, intelligent self and was even more impressed when you shooed rather than schmucked the spider

  20. Van's Videos

    you are always so spot on. I just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and I'm so tired.

  21. AnaTikika

    Sun and Venus and my own energy drains me!

    Thank you

    Love you and love your readings

    Having a hard time finding the Ajoite anyone have suggestions?

  22. The truth Mc

    Leg tingling and heat on my back dreams also

  23. Rain Sun

    Scorpio here . you read my life. I'm so tired and I have been through a lot of stuff. I do want a break I'm so tired and annoyed with life

  24. The truth Mc

    The cancer and Scorpio are linked. Clever cat 🐈🤣🤣 spider hunter

  25. Bleh

    Cancer sun, Scorpio rising.. In my deep down shell because my back is out (Scorpio paralyzation)….like you said rising is most important. Water Baby, you are sooooo good at what you do.

  26. Cheroux Delight

    More than putting up boundaries will be needed with this individual…this virus needs to be removed from ones LIFE FOR GOOD, NOTHING GOOD WILL COME FROM THIS.

  27. Angel Malloy

    Pisces here. Our energy is really draining bc we’re going through it big time. But we’re trying to come out of the negative feelings of the last couple months. Sorry for it but we are getting better

  28. Margaret Taylor

    Thanks for your reading and advice❤️

  29. Moon Baby

    When is the full cancer reading? 😁


    Im Scorpio I lost my daughter and then everything in my life crumbled after as I thought I had pulled my life back together and thought this were going great my child's mom had offered to reconnect me with my son when we made plans she did not bring him left me hanging at the airport no show it's been toughi hope things turn around. I'm keeping live in my heart. Ty

  31. alie de vries

    tingling in left leg could be kundalini energy

  32. Love is Required

    I already have physical ailments so it’s funny I was pushing off all this pain on that and not really realizing that my twins possessive controlling manipulative ways was putting my body THROUGH it. He has a lot of power and is used to everyone bending and breaking for him..

  33. Jamie Powell

    Peppermint essential oil sprayed around the home will get rid of spiders and mice.

  34. internession

    Spot On! Cancer moon here, karmic loop recently cut via Family constellaties a powerful therapy.

  35. Neizy Fernandes

    pisces here this was accurate I couldn't stop laughing…. pisces always looking at things deeper than they are can't help it 😫

  36. Raymalene Billetdeaux

    555 Let go of the old, better is coming in
    Spider Beware of any potential traps or ruses that are tempting you to get involved in. Dont let anyone talk you into something you are not comfortable with or that you do not agree with.

  37. Dorothy Cassity

    "lol" … "Spider" … "555"!

  38. elizabeth vazquez

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving day and weekend with your family and friends may you be blessed with happiness companionship and friendship and loyalty’s and hope I love always warmly Elizabeth

  39. The Dandooni

    Funds are coming towards me soon and this means they'll have no power over me anymore. No more scare tactics. No more living in fear. No more competitions I didn't know I was in, power struggles, no more wheel of abuse! I warned him that he's going to regret insulting my intelligence, discrediting my choice of career path, doubting my sanity, but he doesn't believe me. None of my family believes Me! His family actually expects me to eat thanksgiving dinner with them while this neon yellow elephant is tap dancing in the center of the dinner table. I said, I'm not coming to dinner, because they all deny who they used to be in a past life and I've had it! I don't just make shit like this up. I'm one of the most sane people you will ever meet. They have to hear it from someone else besides me, because they think I'm the only one on the entire planet talking about this. They are in for the rudest awakening ever. Sweet, sweet justice. Thank you, universe. 😁

  40. Caprice Sun Tarot

    Cancer here. Driving the boat (drinking) lol while in the tub water 😂

  41. TinyBritches1

    I always say sorry when I kill a spider haha But then I say "you're welcome" since they're onto the next life 😉

  42. Lovely suites

    I have a question how did scorpion's get associated with water?? I always wondered that 🤔 pisces is fish…cancer is crab…but scorpio?? 🤷‍♀️

  43. The Dandooni

    Spider awareness! 😨


    I did have a set back yesterday!!!! With an Aqua!!! 😩 I thought I really had a hold on my emotions then…💣 Now I’m back to looking like the unstable one.

  45. Laria1966

    Thank you WaterBaby ! Looking forward to that passionate new start 🦂🦂

  46. Tim Green

    WATER!!!!!!!!waterbady see the connection!!!!!!

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