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  1. Julia Schultz

    This was awesome. Listening for my 2nd night in a row!

  2. Gabriel Vasquez

    ive been doing this and honestly it works great especially with this hack ive been using now i know i seem a bit suspicious but trust me its a quick hack that loses you weight and honestly its cheap considering all the affects its had for me and others please dont overlook this it helped me and others and i just want to help because i was in the same situation with weight gain. @t

  3. Clever Keto Chick

    Gave this one a go, 3 nights in a row. Still experiencing a similar pattern issue as the other longer video. To give context, I fall easily asleep at 9 pm in cool temps and use a sleep mask. I have used brain waves for sleep for many years, always trying new ones every once in a while.
    So my initial thoughts are, 1) it's just me and something else is up. And 2) if not, then what frequency is being used? Something other than Delta?

  4. Bitupan Wellness Project

    Thank you…!!

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