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  1. blindGirl Tarot

    Heyyy David I've been a subscriber to high vibe for a couple months now but I can't use it because I am blind and the voiceover is not fast enough.. just making you aware and would appreciate any help with this matter thank you!!

  2. JoAnn Jones

    This planetary alignment reminds me of the song "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.

  3. Anita Gage

    You gotta dance the way you feel. And I think you should read exactly true to your own heart. Tell it exactly how it is babe 😉

    We love you for it. Scream your heart out, it’ll reach exactly who it needs to ❤️

  4. Rosemeire Pinto

    Dear David Palmer, our Leo King! Thank you so much for sharing with us "The ONE(more)but The EPIC,Historic!" Deep astrology! Thank you for all you do, thank you for being The Leo. To me, a quote to remember with all the malefic planets massive activation: "Love your fear and it can NOT drive you. Push it away and it owns YOU" – BTW your outfit today is very Saturnine, classy "Black Celebration". Sending you and your HighVibe Team, love, light, peace and gratitude from Amsterdam. Actually, when are you coming to the old continent?

  5. Mara West

    old uncle Jup, farting in Juno's face. yeah, you went there. Also died with the whole battery changing fear pill bit. oh man dude, epic show.

  6. Mac Gyver

    I know you could use a Star Wheel Leo King! Ask me what a Star Wheel is?

  7. Sara Steinbrink

    I needed/loved/appreciated/enjoyed the screaming. Many thanks 🙏😊✨💓

  8. Jane Seamore

    PALMER PLEASE READ. hows it going? I need to go back to formal meditation. wanted to stop by considering you are one of the very best astrologers ever. just share a second what I think. first, remind me again when Scorpio was done? when and where is the pasture? these conjuctions are so massive they would destroy the world on us so we don't get wise and have a whole new deal here following the third one. okay? the point is to get you and all us into scarcity mind set and fear and to heat it up so much it doesn't survive anyway—- two prong plan. why? why not just burn it? we haven't given enough credit to energy. we are feeding these beings with our fear and scarcity mind sets. no matter what, set it aside and up and up 10-12 completion. remain in peace and love and profoundest joy you can muster. yes its the exact right time. don't worry about it. lets go. fucking a. never ever seen this on any world. I don't remember any of this. this is new. we gotta make it to that third conjunction and we are golden. we will ride out the environment fine. these fucking things — ask your friend you genius starseed sister. she is all I know about starseeds— as much time as she knows I was there I know about starseeds. these are draconians. I can see them. lets go right now, peace and love. and here—- remember the handful of cosmic fire, you kingliness—— make it huge. we gotta fight fire with fire now. its violet. its electric violet colored and slightly translucent and very intense. you know. bye bye

  9. ElizIndRhythm

    I've always lived by two words : Truth Hurts. People refuse to recognize that if they are getting triggered over something, there's a really high possibility that this is an uncomfortable truth. That's why you're getting all this shit dumped on you David, because you are telling the God's Honest truth.

  10. carobcakes

    So relevant right now with whats going on with me too!

  11. carobcakes

    I really needed to hear this! Following whats right and owning your shit. Don't ever change! You're awesome! Thank you it's really helped me

  12. Juliette Hasenbär


  13. Zsófia Simó

    I'm watching your video at the best moment to open my eyes to the essence of this eclipse and my choices. Thank you! God bless you!! <3

  14. Daxton Knight

    Christians are just trying to save their religion that they know is dying out. You're a kickass astrologer David!!! 💥🖤

  15. Cindy Davenport

    omg get out now!! LOL!!!

  16. tirucochi samuel

    More astrology less profanity Sir.

  17. Sonja Joy

    “I came down here to be a loud truth screamer! I did not come down here to be that other person out there that’s already doing that like everybody else!” Fuck yes David preach! You’re a breath of fresh air in the new age fluffdom. Thank you for being YOU!

  18. Alaska light & love Pechay seludo

    Holy shit to the T 🤦🏽‍♀️

  19. Alaska light & love Pechay seludo

    Increasing the emotional physical spiritual rather than just living being more aware and no same old story

  20. PuncRokGirl

    Wow I want to see everyone choose their truth…too many scared people. Live people….live!

  21. Bianca X

    I had to listen in stages this week but maaaaannnn. The part where you get into someone not wanting to leave the congregation of the relationship. INSPIRED analogy. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

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