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  1. Bonnie Angelic Rose


  2. D33pZer0


  3. Lucas Argandoña

    Favorite part 3:10

  4. Taylor Yasmine


  5. Edward Diaz

    2019 still play this everyday

  6. vanilla has no calories

    ur music reaches me like medicinal mary jane

  7. Clint McCaleb

    I remember meeting Abe at my first Deftones show. My friend Danny Shepard introduced me to him. I asked Abe if he had ever seen Deftones before. That's when Danny told me that Abe was their drummer. Rest in peace Danny. Respect to Abe for being gracious.

  8. Alex Pantoja

    the 720 dislikes can suck dirt out the sky with your head up high

  9. Vianey Gomar

    1:20 Teri fuckin Gender Bender

  10. Lucas Argandoña

    Good old Minecraft days

  11. GC Monkey

    RIP Chi <3
    Long Live Deftones!!

  12. Maria Fernanda

    Los amo 💞

  13. Chris Reynolds

    Agree with me or not but Chino is in the top 5 most badass frontmen of all time!

  14. DeadEnd

    Deftones the only nu-metal bands thats still relevant and awesome

  15. Native Diamond

    damn I got chills when I heard the intro. I remember needing to hear this shit every day. Sometimes I still do.

  16. Lucas Argandoña

    Dang it seems like 2011 was even a good year for metal bands

  17. Mayra Rivera

    you're shooting stars..

  18. Gian

    It's 2019 and Deftones is still one of my favorite bands to listen to.

  19. Marcie Salkowski

    God bless America i so adore this song

  20. Sofía Zombía

    I would describe them as an interstellar painful orgasm

  21. Norman Javier Ramos

    blowjob song!!!!!

  22. tiffany peper

    Chino is god

  23. Jorge F

    I love you and your Music please keep making music Mexico D.F LOVES YOU ALL !!!

  24. Joshua Doyle

    The end always gives me chills !

  25. О.Эл.Дэ Фаг

    Самая правдивая песня о любви

  26. Irma Infante

    This album came out right around the time Dracos were ordered to practice the LBRP. Perfect with our evocation sessions and praise.

  27. Drewcifer 666

    Was he wesring a red dillinger escape plan shirt?? If so, that would be awesome

  28. John San Pedro

    Dude Therapeutic music right here

  29. adrenaline

    I can't express the love I have for Deftones in words..

  30. Akira TV

    I'm. In this video somewhere. Front row Boston show


    Defines my younger years…fuck the world ..

  32. James Bell

    You're shooting farts, from the barrel of your arse

  33. Jake Sutherland

    Love this song😍 Deftones were one of the bands along with KoRn that got me into hard Rock/metal style music. Good hard melodic music. Deftones need to tour with their brothers in KoRn again. They both have new album's due in 2019 I believe anyways as well as Slipknot. Now if only NiN would release a full length album.

  34. Dazkojin 357

    Despite the beautiful lyrics of this amazing song, it still kind of makes me feel sad ? But also dreamy. The amount of nights I spent just lying in my bed listening to Deftones and thinking about stuff. This band is magical.

  35. Wine Is For The Soul

    I wish I had become a fan earlier.

  36. Stephanie C

    Who ever disliked this is deaf. ❤

  37. El Inspector de Billeteras

    Veo mucho inglés en los comentarios pondré algo en español.

  38. Blaine Bailey

    Cool Mfz

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