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  1. Dr. Steve Turley

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  2. Diana Shugar

    LMAO  You mean the same Dems who just voted on the impeachment inquiry?

  3. Adamantium Scorpion

    Hillary was (Obviously.) political Cancer.

  4. sharon berget

    a 170lb. Gangrenous putrefied Tumor

  5. Carleen Spada

    Fascinating how make things so interesting, informative and able to understand. Thank You !!

  6. lion fish

    Hitlery needs to have some Witch Water thrown on her and just melt away !!!. GLOBALIST ELITES MUST BE EXPOSED !!!.

  7. Renato Alessio

    Let's see. After three years of the elites saying she was robbed in 2016 by the Russians, and she should have been President – it doesn't make logical sense to say she shouldn't run again, and set things right.

    I think you are mistaken in your view that she won't run, or win the nomination. Even if she loses the election, think of a year's worth of donations to her foundation, in case she does. She wins either way.

  8. Lynn D

    Given the Narcissism HRC shows, if she has the money, she will ignore everyone else's advice and get into the race…Trouble is, I don't believe she has a spare billion to spend and the DNC won't foot her bill this time..
    Amazing how the Dems have turned on her, they almost blame her for Trumps election as if she personally handed the presidency to him…

  9. Greg Parks

    LOL, She a loser, all anyone needs to know, Loser, Loser, Loser. 🙂

  10. Werdenfelser jan

    She is one of the many traitors that need to face tribunals…



  12. Sandra Thomas

    she will run in order to protect her from prosecution!!!

  13. Jaromir Dub

    Be careful my friend that human garbage can have you killed.

  14. Mike in MD

    "Hillary you freaking idiot." Doesn't that sum it up?

  15. Mike Dorman

    Wasn't the trial balloon the Clinton Tour that had to be cancelled due to lack ticket sales?

  16. Son_of_ SUN

    Killary may run in the elections to hopefully avoid the Prosecutions she may be facing.

    As a candidate Killery could use it to say Trump is trying to influence the elections, and hide behind that to delay her day of reckoning.

  17. Anti-demo-rat

    The damned witch will burn in hell.

  18. George ONeal

    Shes a modern day Jezebel

  19. Granville

    DemocRATS are cancer, not just HRC!

  20. Andrew Patrick

    More like p-sleeve cancer.

  21. Frank D'Bello

    Hillary Clinton has profited off of the suffering of so many I could never feel sorry for her!!

  22. DR Dan

    She is a true deep state establishment swamp monster.  If she runs the super delegates will vote her in.  They might allow Warren to be the VP or perhaps Harris to pander to the black vote.  Could be she will run to soak up millions of contributions to the Foundation from those hedging their bets on buying influence.  Bill could up his speaking fees….

  23. jimrodda

    She's a legend in her own mind!!

  24. Allan Gibson

    TOXIC WOMEN in positions of influence destroying western civilization world wide, WOMEN DO NOT MAKE LEADERS the are bitter and twisted

  25. ED D

    She beyond cancer !!!
    Should be in jail along with her husband & obama & bush & rest of corrupt cult members

  26. Noshame

    I won't subscribe to this used car salesman

  27. Todd Dunford

    It's not over, we want justice!!!!! There's a little thing called TREASON that's hangs in the balance for old smellypants!!!!!!!

  28. Jessie Lynn

    In Canada Bill and Killery we’re trying to sell tickets for as low as $2.50. . .and that’s Canadian currency, that’s like $1.20 in America lmfao

    I nearly died when I seen the ticket prices lol was awesome to see lol

  29. Chris Gill

    Do you think Michelle Obama will run, brought out last minute?

  30. Edwin Hitt

    Using Cancer as a metaphor to or for Hillary is the most banal insult …to cancer ever.

  31. SuperYt65

    No no no she will run lol she can't help herself but … notice she is doing talks with her daughter… so maybe she is grooming her daughter for a political career too.

  32. jackpine savage

    Whole Dem party cancer, they can't see that!?!? Lunatics

  33. John Carwithen

    Wow, a cancer that is good to have around!

  34. Marcus McIntyre

    Of course Hillary would the nomination – as "the biggest ambarassment ever to run, 3 too many times".

  35. Vrominator X

    Bill and Hillary's tour tickets crashed harder than Bitcoin.

  36. Altprop

    Is she trying to get attention? Or is she trying to head off any investigation in to her past by getting in to the highest seat?

  37. Stunnaphi

    I will never feel sorry for this arrogant bitch!

  38. Vickie Raney

    Come on Hillary run again!! So we can see you lose AGAIN..🤣🤣🤣…But this time will you accept the defeat and move on? Or will you still be delirious and go around saying you won again…🤣🤣🤣..

  39. Forage Forage

    I think you're all mis-reading the tea leaves with the hag shillary coming out in the last few weeks mouthing off.. sending little bs signals that she "might run".  The left/dnc HAS NO VIABLE CANDIDATE..and they know this right now, even thought they are going to push the sodomite as their guy..rofl.  And, fyi  no matter how much money scum bag soros throws behind fauxkahauntus warren..she's not going to be the dem nom! This thing we're seeing with the hag..has a much more darker and insidious meaning. I'm suggesting that you all think the last 36 months of off the hook full on lies the left has brewed up to keep you all distracted, angry, and divided was not only purposeful, but will be so far in your rear view mirror compared to what they are now about to do, moving forward. Christians, I believe the handwriting on the wall is CRYSTAL CLEAR. .. of what is about to happen. I believe you are watching week 69 about to be wrapped up.

  40. 4ern ic8it

    not surprised the wave of corruption in her wake is staggering
    How Clinton Sold Out the U.S. to Russia

    the beginning of the Clinton Cartel

  41. Forage Forage

    She's a stage 4 metastasized cancer, a virus for which there is no cure, a locust, a disease which has a 100% death rate.

  42. Forage Forage

    Anywhere there is a pile of dog dung…sHillary Klinton is somewhere around. There is a stench of the worst smelling pile of poop where ever she goes.

  43. Julie Braunschweig

    Theres a cure for the cancer we know as Killery. It's called a bullet.

  44. Tab Ormiston

    Did you know Seattle Wa. Schools are saying math is racist.

  45. Jeff Gibson

    See how scared they are, Hillary? Don't believe them. Only YOU can beat Trump again. Run, Hillary, Run!

  46. Allen Benz

    DNC (bad) dream team for 2020 – H.Clinton and M. Obama!!

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