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  1. S Mohammed

    Great video

  2. shazzabelle123

    My reflux is due to a rare disease called LAMBERT EATON MYASTHENIC SYNDROME. If affects voluntary muscles and autonomic functions. My oesophagus is not working properly. The GERD and indigestion are causing me to have extra systole and this has gone into SVT. I take two 20mg tabs to control the reflux but I still seem to experience non acidic burping and indigestion – THIS is what seems to lead to the heart beats. I have had a gastroscopy which showed I have reflux but no damage. But oesophageal dysfunction. Is there any point putting myself through the manometry study if i already know the issue and it can't be fixed? Also, my nose is usually very dry and blocked. Will this make it harder to pass the tube down for the manometry study?

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