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  1. Thatbitch Marie

    wat if don’t wanna add the honey


    parsley ni telugulo emantaru

  3. Dina fawzy

    I can't stand the taste of this juice any suggestions?????

  4. S Soo

    Hello, I have read that you need to take it for a period of 5 days, and a break of 10 days, then start over for 5 days again, repeat the process til you see the difference.
    what do you suggest?

    thank you

  5. Sharmila Galla

    Madam Parsley juice hair growth ki use avutunda

  6. Umendra Prasad

    coriander wadina baruvu taggutunda

  7. Paddu Venu

    nenu eroje ee video chusanu. sannaga vunna vallu fatty avvataniki kuda tips cheppandi.

  8. Paddu Venu

    I like your ideas

  9. Paddu Venu

    Hi attamma tv

  10. chatura koduri

    thank u… but she os not intersted to eat sweet items…

  11. chatura koduri

    parseley alternative cheppandi attamma tv…

  12. chatura koduri

    ma ammayi emi thinatledhu. thanu 2nd year baby. naku emyna tips cheppandi please. only milk thaaguthundhi. nenu chala badha paduthunnanu.

  13. Finlan Lid

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  14. Swathi G

    parseley z nothing but coriander right?
    can we use coriander leaves too???

  15. Shraddha babes 101

    Hello my daughter is 14 years old and she is 80 kgs … ii recipe valla thanu kuda weight loss avvocha

  16. Ajeya Chowdary

    gud info tq

  17. Muddada Pushpa Kranthi

    nice recipe aa juicer details koncham mention chesthara

  18. Prasad Kurupudi

    Thanks Mam

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