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  1. The Beauty Vault

    Decal? Dee-cal? I swear it's a Canadian thing. 😂

  2. Darcy C

    What dual form did you use in this video? 🙂

  3. Dayra Perez

    Could you try the astound beauty polygel kit???

  4. Priscilla Garcia

    I’m so excited! I just ordered mine today. 🤞🤞

  5. Gary Perlman

    It’s pronounced D cal

  6. livelaughlovefight

    I wish I could give 2 thumbs up on here. Great job.

  7. flower16

    If you can The Beauty Vault can you make a Q&A on polygel. Like what do we do if the polygel keeps lifting before curing it? Or does an LED and UV light cure polygel

  8. Raccoon Eyes

    i Loove the matte black. these are beautiful.

  9. Kazesai

    You’re so pretty 🥰

  10. Taylor Cowling

    Your channel is so relaxing to me!

  11. Black Africana

    That nail polish sheer as hell wow 😂😂😂

  12. Melinda Four

    I tried looking for gel polish on Amazon that were "fall season" colors but the color they showed were not true to the actual color on my nail. what gel polish brand do you recommend?

  13. Melinda Four

    15:00 i actuallylike when you give us more tips and advice and talk about other products that we can use while watching you do your own nails

  14. Melinda Four

    3:30 i found out that my nails are like flatter rather than in the "u" shape that the tips have, so it was hard to find th right size

  15. Tiffany S

    Love the way you say decal. 🤪 my southern US accent/words catch hell too lol.

    Check out the skull in this video… https://youtu.be/hUmc6uEEEmQ
    It’s awesome. It’s a 3-d bird skull by naio nails.

  16. laurenw626

    Try using a darker shade polygel instead of clear. It would probably be easier to put the black on top of a dark nude.

  17. Lisa Duffy

    Thank you for the tutorial @thebeautyvault, I really enjoy your videos and I learn so much! BTW can anyone tell where to get the music from this video, it's class! #strangerthingsvibes

  18. Black Swan Beauty

    Pretty damn good! For someone who's not a professional nail tech, you did amazing!!! 👏💅👏💅👏💅

  19. Kermit show

    I'm Not like other girls tee hee

  20. Diana Tomlinson

    I haaaaate the way she says decals 😩 but I looooove these nails so it’s okay 😂❤️❤️

  21. Aryanna Cabrera

    You should get the Halo Taco black nail polish.

  22. Lisa Elam

    I do have to say that your voice is very soothing and I do like watching your videos and listening to you you are very informative and you did an excellent job for not being a pro same as me, your nails came out beautiful and you did a fantastic job.I'm surprised I haven't come across your stuff sooner but I'm really enjoying it now thanks for the help.

  23. Kendall Grace

    I have literally never heard decal pronounced “dee-cal” in my life. I didn’t realize there was different pronunciations of it lol.

  24. Emily

    Makeup tutorial for this look?!

  25. Cassandra Kearns

    Quick question…When i put on the dual form with the poly gel on it just before i put it under my light it pops off. It wont stay on by itself… I had to hold it while i cure it. Then most of them came off because i had a ton of bubbles close to the cuticle. Any advice would be great!

  26. yatuyestem

    Try madam glam for your gel polish!

  27. Kaitlin

    Watching this makes me realize… I need to get better at painting my nails before I'm ready for poly gel 🤦🏻‍♀️ so many… Failed attempts…

  28. Megan Nicholopoulos

    Girl I feel your pain with the diva cup. It ain’t easy with nails on. 😂

  29. Tania 1219

    Amazing as always

  30. Michelle Dube

    You make polygels look so easy. I bought a set after watching your video and it’s been a struuuugle 😪

  31. YOW Gyrl

    Nailogical has a one coat black polish you might want to check out.

  32. Tamara Ramirez

    Can you do the Pink – drink nails that are going around 👀👀👀 LOVEEE your nail videos. I’m addicted!

  33. Sophia Barrington

    Does poly-gel ruin your natural nails??

  34. sweeteuthiedoll

    OMG your music for this whole video. 😍

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