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  1. The Beauty Vault

    Grab a cup of coffee and relax with a new nail vid! ☕🖤
    Ps. Can't wait for all the spooky vids!!!!! 🍂👻🔮🎃💀🕸🍃

  2. Teodora Dull

    Yes I was wanting this!!!

  3. Lisa McGrath

    Amazin job gurl

  4. Delphine M. Wirth

    Holo from Canada 🇨🇦 I just found your channel. Love it so far. Keep up the good work. 😊

  5. Kellsey Yova

    Ahhhhhh I love your videos 😍😍

  6. Iris Huijkman

    I love watching your nail video’s, even when I’m not doing my nails at that time. You make it look so easy! I’m trying your dip powder nails at this moment, and I’m loving it so far! It stays on really long, and I’m afraid that the poly gel will lift sooner. I work as a bartender, so I am touching a lot of water with my hands…

  7. Amani j

    You have to get a special soak off polygel if you want to use acetone

  8. Mireia Llorach

    I saw this the other day on a insta video, its exactly for removing gel nails with warm water and acetone!

    Beito Nail Soak Off Bowl 1PC Profesional Resistente a la Acetona Soak Off Double Layer Nail Spa Bowl Esmalte de uñas Herramienta de manicura para salón o uso doméstico https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07STZVLH3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MlODDbJY2FTZ1

  9. Lindz P

    An easier removal is to use the foil wrap method place hand in a sandwich bag then into a folded towel with a hot water bottle in or heat pad works a treat x

  10. chloetsan

    Can you please do a detailed video on how to clean the cuticles using the kiss filing machines? Thank you!!

  11. You Tube

    Your fill looked so pretty! Hated to see you have to remove it all!

  12. Kate

    does the drill handle heat up when you go fast for a long time like on 20 for 20 mins?

  13. Diana Espinal

    You’re my Favorite ❤️

  14. Claudia Esparza

    Thanks 😁 for the encouragement!! Love the way your nail look…. they are beautiful ♥️♥️. Will definitely buy the kit and give it a try.

  15. Jessica Garcia

    Dexter! Haha!
    Loved that! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Vanessa Venton

    Girl you NEED a nail steamer! It is basically the tech version of what you did in this video. It works soooo well to remove polygel and it is so easy! Stick your hand in for ten minutes and done! Even when it is kind of thick. I got mine from amazon.

  17. Hanit Assouline

    what’s your favourite e-file that you used long-term and worked?

  18. Madison Callaghan

    That's it! My boss can suck my ass, I'm giving myself long, clear, mermaid nails

  19. JoselinaStyle

    I know your struggle using your left hand to make the right! it's not easy!! but you do it beautifully!! luv ya gurl

  20. Sommer Unicorn

    This is how many times she uses a lint free wipe


  21. Hope E. Wan Kenobi

    I love that you still use professional terminology. I have painful Pavlovian responses when people say nail much thanks to my nail instructor. TYFS ❤️

  22. Jada Williams

    So happy I subscribed


    Love!!!!!! ☕🥧

  24. Claudia Pêgo

    Loved your honesty at the beginning of the video… Got me to subscribe 😘

  25. mm7071

    Would love to see an honest review of e-files! I have bought highly rated ones on Amazon but they didn't work very well despite the ratings

  26. ClassifiedM96

    I wish I had seen this video before I completely fucked up my nails

  27. Preotee Afsana Hoq

    Loved this one..was struggling with the removal process..as I tried to scrape it off complete using nail drill only and it made my natural nail so thin and brittle! 😫 Do you think the ziplock bag process is as same as using a nail gel removal steamer?

  28. Jane

    How are these nails called I want to get them done at a salon?!

  29. Anna Caringella

    Yay you took my tip! Glad it worked out for you 😊

  30. PinkPerfection02

    I love your videos I love to do my own nails too

  31. Kimberly Mary

    i asked this on the last video, and i'm sorry if it's already been answered, but can you reuse the dual forms?

  32. Marketa Benedetti

    Yesss thank you!! This is exactly the video I needed to see!

  33. Cindy Oakes

    I did my first set of ploygel last night thanks to encouragment from you 🙂

  34. gyremily

    Will you do a video, dip powder vs polygel? Ive been thinking to get some dip powder but now suddenly because of this video I want to get polygel?? Please do a detailed video of the pros and cons!!!! >_< (like so she can see this!)

  35. femketjeNL

    Thanks so much for sharing this 😀 <3

  36. Anna O' Sullivan

    Do you need an e-file to remove polygel or will an ordinary file work

  37. Angelica

    wow they lasted so well for 3 weeks!! 😩 I've only used gel/builder gel so far and I've never gotten 3 weeks out of any manicure… looks like I know what my next nail adventure will be 😍

  38. slime

    i truly am in love with your nail videos, and if i wasn't working in fast food you would of totally had me working on my own nails long ago. can't wait to see your next video! 💞

  39. Dee Gee

    Nice removal!

  40. BrownBeauty025

    Please do a review on the born pretty gels

  41. angelsweetie84

    Huh-Llo. Gets me every time! Lol

  42. Raisa Martinez

    I live for these videos!!!

  43. Fit 4 Christ Msdetermination

    Bout time friend. Lol. You're looking beautiful as usual. Can you give me some makeup tips for my skin tone? Multiracial, and I have a few uneven areas on my face. Can I send you a pic through Insta?

  44. Rose bud

    Love ❤️ you’re makeup 💄… I always get so happy 😁 when I see that you have posted

  45. Beige Ricaforte

    Yasss another nail video ♥️♥️🤟🏽

  46. Teresa Weott

    I swear you are going to be a great Mom someday, you have such patience!!! As always thanks for making me smile! 🙂

  47. Barb McGregor

    Ha ha! I totally got Dexter vibes too.

  48. Sofia Imperial

    You have to check to see if the poly gel is soak off or file off. There are some polygels that you can soak off FOREVER and still won’t be removed. Love your nail videos!

  49. Frosandavocados

    Doing my nails while watching your videos 🥰🖤🕷️🔮

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