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  1. Laura Paiva

    Girrrrl you literally NAILED it. 😍❤️ I wish I could do my own nails lol

  2. Ariana Holmes

    Today for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal 🥴

  3. mademoisellekaya

    The sound effects had me laughing so hard! Especially when you took off the plastic mold ! The crackling sound! 😂 And slip solution? Omgosh 😂😂 I am not watching your channel for a couple of weeks and look what I've missed out of! Well, that is one thing I want to do to get back in my rhythm, Binge Watching Time! 😄😎

  4. viviana Gonzalez

    Those color changing gel are super cool, my breakfast was just some leftover pasta I made last night. Reheated pasta is never that good😔

  5. Annette Petrin

    BTW, in your store, you might sell your DIAMOND glass stand better if you dbl to info on its usages… can be used as a brush holder or other ideas. Just ad in a pic of brush laying across it or a cpl.

  6. Touiesine B

    I had Cocoa Puffs. Delicious! 😋

  7. Rochele18

    I'm sitting here and just realized that I didn't even eat anything for breakfast or lunch. Smh but I just made some AMAZING chicken noodle soup!

  8. Ashley Tran

    My breakfast this morning was just an iced vanilla latte from Starbucks hehe, I love your poly gel nail reviews SO much they make my whole life

  9. Kay Banks

    Love your videos

  10. Amanda Brewer

    Gorgeous set💅🏽😍

  11. Paloma De La Cruz

    I had a tripleta from the bodega yuummmm

  12. Nicole M

    I was suppose to have a home made Rice Krispie treat for breakfast but forgot it on the kitchen counter so my lab had it for breakfast instead!

  13. Nessasary242

    Omelette and steak and onions

  14. Tatiana Reis

    Honestly I had a toaster strudel the strawberry one. I am not ashamed

  15. Raji Johnson

    I had some of my brothers waffles. They bought more so I don’t feel guilty 😂

  16. Slayer Nae

    My oatmeal was great this morning 😋

  17. Constance Sanders

    A cup of grapes 🍇

  18. JamLam Mommy

    Hot cakes…sausage and eggs from McDonald’s that my one year old mysteriously didn’t want after crying for it for an hour 🤦🏾‍♀️😂🙄

  19. Mikayla Cooper

    I was singing the intro and my boyfriend was like ‘that’s from Disney channel, isn’t it?’ 😂😂😂

  20. Rihanna Peard

    Eggs bacon and toast

  21. Anayenci Trevino

    Have a question how long did it take for you to get your modelones liquid poly gel kit

  22. Shaunice Davis

    I had chick fil a for breakfast

  23. Carrie -

    man now that i think of it my breakfast was coffee

  24. Melissa

    I had coffee and bread! Was awful tho cus I was in a rush for work 😖

  25. Carrie -

    I'm not interested in the product but I still watched cause I was curious to see what nails you came up with for this video💕

  26. Klaurie Jules

    You really need to come to New Jersey to do my nails

  27. Condoleezza Clarke

    Simply bread with some peanutbutter.

  28. Stephanie Graves


  29. ambercelt

    I had a protein bar and coffee, lol

  30. Valeria Nieto


  31. Erica Nelson

    Ok ma’am so I ate Popeyes for breakfast…don’t ask why😂

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