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  1. Emile Ennis Jr.

    I'm still recovering form this! That was the weirdest thing I've ever done. I need to get Drew back for this one. What should we make her do?!

  2. Gatcha_girly

    EWWWW 😖🤮🤢

  3. Sina Sofa

    I just cant with emile's reactions🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Annie Bertolini

    Ohhh nooooolooo I feel for him how uncomfortable he would have been I was sooo uncomfortable and I was just watching it 😂

  5. Annie Bertolini

    I was very concerned for her when she talked about her mother

  6. Merili Avila

    She said a lot of her customers are pop and rock stars. This alone explains a lot lol

  7. Anna Jakes

    dr. dot got her teeth doneeeee good for her!

  8. maihyunie

    What the heck did I just watch???????

  9. yommy chicken

    i think people who enjoy this are either lonely or have some sort of kink

  10. Daisy Adinkrah

    emile seemed so uncomfortable through the entire video

  11. Marina J

    I don't even share my toothpaste because I hate the thought of getting someone else's spit on me lol. never in a million years I would do this

  12. Marina J

    I'm just gonna say it. she got that lisp from biting people.

  13. Casie Carlson

    something with feet lol

  14. Ada K

    I just realized how mentally fat I actually am like its bad 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Drew: This bite get weird
    Me: Sooo… we getting a bite to eat? 😗

  15. Ileana Lempereur

    It does look sexual

  16. Laura Carballo Sigler

    emile: honey i'm home
    bf: how was your day?
    emile: a woman bit my ass
    bf: are you straight now?

  17. Johanna Xo

    A cannibal in the process

  18. nicoleedivelyy

    this video has me so weirded out like.. excuse me what? EW

  19. Mysvie

    “Open wide, milk chocolate. 🤨👀”

  20. Quaneisha Jones

    I could not do this 😂😂 this doesn't seem hygienic at all. This is absolutely the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I wonder how much this costs because honestly it seems like this is a made up technique

  21. Lujain Alkhatib

    Those benefits of bite massage are made up for sure

  22. Margaux Mireault

    I squealed and laughed so hard at this video. INSANITY. You poor brave soul Emile.

  23. Sonia Moon

    I wanna see drew do this!

  24. Brit Brats Corner

    Not gonna lie super uncomfortable by just hearing about the mom situation.

  25. Scott K.

    This is so weird!!!

  26. Liza_vealey

    I’m sorry what

  27. xxKAYLINxx :D

    Imagine biting someone and accidentally biting a pimple or something. No thank you!

  28. Knee Gears

    I have a slight feeling that she might be a vampire

  29. Eleanor Hinman

    she really scares me

  30. Grace Baker

    This is wEIRD

  31. Doodles Does

    I bet that 99 Percent are biting them self while watching this vid 😂

  32. yuvraj singh

    I think I would want my boyfriend to this on me. I guess it's a nice idea. But I get the stranger biting u thing. It's just weird. I don't think I want a stranger to bite me. Especially on my ass. Also, stop saying mean things about the lady though. If she reads this comment section, she may get some major anxiety. There are all these weird kinds of professions out there. Try to respect them.

  33. Ffion Jones

    Maybe ask before you touch someone's butt or BITE IT

  34. Yeni Maria

    Hold the actual f*** up

  35. Hey Gurl

    an appetizer before the rest of the massage……….I'm scared

  36. BananVapnet

    Almost feel like this is a weird fetisch and she was like ”hmmm, how can I do this all day AND make a living?”

  37. No one

    How is this legal

  38. Akira Jackson

    This is what the kids who used to bite ppl in school grow up to be.

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