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  1. Karen Mac

    When I was overweight (not as much as the people in the video) my doctor told me to just eat half of everything, eat what you want but just half.. and this worked for me.. I mean it makes sense really because it’s half the fat, half the carbs, half the sugar ect..

  2. Karen Mac

    Being this much overweight is caused by a demonic spirit called “spirit of gluttony” these overweight people need deliverance done by a deliverance minister, research it yourself, google “spirit of gluttony” …

  3. LizzieDripping

    Why not get the patients to pay a means-tested deposit for theses operations ? It could ensure their commitment. It could be refunded if they complied with the pre op diet.

  4. Kat Dodd

    I adore the doctor's attitude. Straight and to the point yet courteous.

  5. Daniela Ngom

    I will never understand why so many people abuse their family, friends or whoever to bring them tons of food…They don't work so how do they pay their food and later the surgery ??? Do they abuse family and friends for paying their bills or do they abuse the health system so all taxe payers pay their obesety ???????

  6. Ijenna Osuji

    Wow that’s way too much food for ONE weekend, come on.

  7. Danna Nichols

    How can they even taste the food when they shovel it in the way they do?

  8. Caroline Clancy

    Why not make a ban that obese patients cannot buy anything from the trolley

  9. Love Superbeasto

    For goodness sake just tell the snack people not to service him!

  10. Anisa Nakid

    Life is funny you know, in Africa many people die of starvation and it's opposite in the uk.

  11. Flapps McGee

    16:39 teehee

  12. Maggie Fanelli

    Terry’s nonchalance about the taxpayers footing the bill for his lifestyle is exactly why I don’t want socialized medicine in the US.

  13. Gred Salena

    This people eating more than like a disgusting 🐷 🐷 🐷 the best part you have to exercise 🐷

  14. Monya Motley

    Terry is 6'7 he is tall as an NBA basketball player. You can do it Terry! I'm pulling and praying for you Gooooooo Terry!

  15. Donna Oberlin

    It took Deborah 2 years to get her weight loss surgery…she could of lost that weight in 2 years if she had the gumption. I’m judging because I work so effing hard to lose my own weight without surgery, or asking taxpayers to bail me out for my own actions.

  16. Janet Me

    Erica seems SO HAPPY when she is eating. I wish I could eat like that and just enjoy it without freaking out about how much it makes me gain. Shoot…I wish I could just be that happy about anything. LOL.

  17. BoogieMonster Mom

    Some of these people all think that these surgeries are a quick easy fix, they totally ignore the part where they're told they're completely reversible if you don't put forth the effort to maintain your diet and proportions. Weight loss always requires work, it's never handed to you.

  18. enghy eugene

    Boy you putting on weight because your eating buying and sneaking food. Your sitting there hurting yourself. 😔 smh

  19. Jeanette Stefanisko

    This program has encouraged me to start losing this is no joke extremely depressing to be over weight I wish that there was a pill I could take to help me but there is not it is me who can do it ty NY USA 👍

  20. Kai Esguerra

    These people need Dr. Nowzardan!

  21. Little Lamb

    Blush overload. I feel for Sophie, I hope she's doing better 👍

  22. child's soul

    Debra,congratulations!But you must let your hair grows,because long hair makes you look younger.

  23. child's soul

    Terry's girl is just overweight. Their family must change their life-style,not only for Terry,but for all members of the family.

  24. Niko

    It doesn't matter if we exercise or not. Its the depression that makes us crave food which makes us fat. We think indulging on cravings will solve our depression but it destroys us in the end.

  25. Eduardo Carbajal

    so interesting video

  26. Pam Lyles

    Having snacks on wheels is the same thing as serving martinis at an AA meeting.

  27. Wong Fa

    I eat little bit noodle, lemon tea,pork,shrimp,eggs and banana shake 🐶gain 1lb 😋clever

  28. Harry Ford

    They should bring back food rationing (for everyone).

  29. Chimeric

    Terry talkin about how the daily cost isn't his problem because it costs the NHS… Homie, who do you think pays for the NHS? Those taxes ain't for show, my dude. It's not just your problem, it's everyone's problem.

  30. ruth bashford

    don't they talk a lot of bollocks. Obesity and the illnesses it causes is expected to cost the NHS 50 billion a year by 2050. Where do they get these figures?

  31. Mel G

    Gah they didn’t put her to sleep to stick that camera down her throat? My doctor would never

  32. Jade

    my idea of a weekend pig out is buying a cream and jam doughnut and a 4 pack of beer. Job done. Hang on ! why isnt the snack trolly in the hospital banned from serving him ? That would be the bare minimum. I would say, if you are cheating, you will only get porridge to eat.

  33. T P


  34. Kallie

    And then there’s me with my body dysmorphia but you can’t clamp your brain 🙄

  35. Z Nation Crazy ❤😍

    Terry’s loud breathing is honestly putting me off the most

  36. Jessi B.

    This is too much for me!! Greeting from the Swiss

  37. Julie Christophe

    I like Erica

  38. Steve Pimblett

    So are they being treated for the mental reasons why they overeat as well? Giving them a gastric band and making them "thinner" is not going to deal with the mental reasons why they got obese in the first place. My sister had gastric surgery and has officially swapped her eating addiction for an alcohol addiction. If you only treat the "fat" part, you are only treating the symptoms. not the root cause.

  39. Amy Thomas

    Poor Terry’s wife looks pretty big too. The whole family could benefit from supporting each other on what foods to eat.

  40. Sasha12

    They’re way too nice to these cheaters!!!!!!!!

  41. Katen Staines

    The doctor says he thinks alot don't realize how much they are eating. Maybe true for some but for me at 138kg I knew I was eating huge amounts. So I started cutting portions and moving every day. Less than 2 years and I'm now 77kg and no invasive surgery either

  42. J Rideout

    Her: "I've got a Colin to lose."
    Colin's face: 🙁
    Her: "Your weight, darling, not you."

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