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  1. awe

    Dr, what is the procedure to marry you ?

  2. anon1234qwerty56789

    wow you guys are real doctors!! When I looked at the thumbnail I figured the video was something funny or titillating starring actors or models.

  3. devichechi

    Also, patients can have sacroiliac dysfunction causing pain in the low back, buttock, and sometimes the legs. Often, we do a procedure to treat the pain (like a sacroiliac joint injection) and then see if the patient has pain relief afterwards. There are some non-invasive tests that can show arthritis in the sacroiliac joint but they can't tell us whether the pain is due to the arthritis. Also, pinched nerves & other conditions can cause sacroiliac dysfunction. Hope this helps!

  4. devichechi

    Dear Rembrandtttttt, congratulations on your recent degree! I'm sure that you must have seen and helped many people with chronic musculoskeletal pain. It's unfortunate that you've had to go through it yourself and that you have had a hard time getting a clear diagnosis. I'm not sure what type of insurance you have, but if you give me your location, maybe I can recommend some pain specialists in the area who might be helpful.

  5. jose cerda

    dam both of you are so sexy

  6. devichechi

    Thanks for the kind words! Please check out our other video on low back pain: Doctors Discuss Low Back Pain: Part 2.

  7. roachrosu

    for someone who doesn't understand medicine, i understood a lot!!!

  8. bnampi1

    great video, thanks for the talk!

  9. mathusworld

    Very educational! Looking forward to the next part….

  10. hellojess22

    Very interesting! Thanks!

    When can we expect Part 2?

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