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  1. Candace Cameron

    Can I give bovine colostrum if my dog is allergic to milk?

  2. Joan Mencl

    My fur baby has heart problems!!!
    Could you please do a video on heart problems!!!

  3. Joyce Morley

    As a retired nurse who is passionate about holistic medicine, your videos are so awesome and what I have been longing to learn about. I have a 5 year old Westie who only started now to have yeast problems. Dealing with the diet but wonder if the green tea and Braggs apple cider vinegar will stain his white fur? THANKS SO MUCH!

  4. Benjamin Kahaly

    What would you say about apoquel it seems to be the only thing that cures my dogs allergies would you say it's safe?

  5. Michelle Wei

    probiotics… make raw goat milk kefir or use raw goat milk!

  6. Jessica Gagliano

    My dog is driving me crazy I've brought her to the vet 1000 times BC of her allergies and we did the test that she's allergic to soy flaxseed peanut and rice. What can I do to make her stop itching and biting her self

  7. deniselford2

    My dog has nasal problem congestion what can I do to help him

  8. Neha Kanaujiya

    The dog is neck problem solutions please sir..

  9. Juli Brown

    Thanks doc ,I have been doing most of what said except the flax oil and vitamin c

  10. Carrie Alvarez King

    Does coconut oil work anyone know? Please, and thank you. 😉😆

  11. carl gruver

    hi I have a lab that has swelling in the bass of her tail could this be an allergy

  12. Fasti

    i need help so much guys…. he is scratching his neck, biting his paws his back all skin its bleeding and all we can do is put a cone on him for him to stop. we always clean him and take advice from the vet but i just cant stop him… we got him when he was 3 months old and he is 8 now and he just wont stop. his neck was so badly scratched that the entire area was covered in a huge scab… i really dont know what to do and i need help…

  13. robbie hill

    Dude you talk toooooooo much!!!!! Just get to the point!!!!!!!!


    I purchased a puppy via good breader flew pup from MN to CA and pup was itching in container. I just seems to be getting worse. Thanks for some of the tips I have yet to hear and local Pet store sells a dog Bennedril but it make her dipsie or more dipsie than normal since she is only 12 weeks.
    Is it possible that this is something they need to work through if no rash shows or scabing from all the chewing. No Fleas found or dry skin and see the Vet today.

  15. Chantelle Johnston

    Is topical ACV/water spray meant to work straight away? Because neither that nor pure aloe juice seemed to help his scratching, unless it takes a few days to help? My shihtzu has flea dermatitis I believe

  16. jel ly

    My dog witch is part beagle and pit and he scratches till he bleeds on his tail and no he doesn't have fleas

  17. tina mckeage


  18. Rosemary Chee

    Do you have a recipe for oatmeal shampoo?

  19. Indiana Jane

    Please help! My son gave my dog a flea bath and did not rinse hum quite well enough and he got a rash. Vet gave him a cortisone shot, anti-itch pills and antibiotics. After 2 weeks, itch and rash flaired again. I tried bentonite clay and honey mask to pull toxins out of skin, but it did not help much, possibly because of the honey not allowing clay to absorb in. I used vinegar which help temporarily. But I need to solve this problem for good. Can you recommend anything specifically for rash from flea shampoo? Thanks kindly! So glad you are informing us to better care for our pets!!

  20. Judy Carr

    I have some problem

  21. Felix David

    Hi, we have a Labrador almost 12 years old. He is sturdy but we cant do anything for his scratching and biting himself all over his body and two weeks ago, he bit himself which went unnoticed by us and the wound ended up with maggots. He has Thyroid as per tests done on him and he stinks very bad and unbearable, the very next day after giving him nice shampoo bath. Shall appreciate your valued piece of advice

  22. Diassiau

    We changed my dogs food so many times. We tried all types of medication. Nothing works, he has eye gunk and anal leakage, hes losing furs and his skin is red. He has a dry nose and it seems like he may be having fever. His paws hurt, I dont know what to do anymore.

  23. Ziggi Mon

    Probiotics are useless, the only thing they do is causing diarrhea. Don't feed your dog commercial dog food, buy organic chicken, meat, salmon and cook with sweet potatoes. Dogs love it and it's healthy.

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