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  1. Greg Salazar

    Sure, it's beautiful… but would you pay $2500 for it?

  2. nnn necro

    Case/ Bracket -> lightweight fans -> weighty radiator
    Someone sure forgot about long lever/ short lever.

    Probably the most upsetting thing about that build, except for the price.

  3. Fong Vang

    That's probably how much he paid for it when he bought it.

    there's always a sucker for it unfortunately. some people wants almost retail price for the parts they have used for 1-2 years…

    Some people pay $700 for a motherboard cough x570 xtreme…or $50 for a cablemod pack.

  4. Ethan Le

    Before watching this, I thought I could configure something on PCPartPicker for around the same price, but without windows.
    – Ryzen 9 3900X
    – Wraith Prism Cooler (Included)
    – Msi X570 Gaming Edge Wifi
    – G. Skill Trident Z 32gb at 3600 MHz
    – 500gb Samsung 970 Evo
    – 2tb Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
    – Asus ROG Strix 2080 Ti
    – Nzxt H510 Elite
    – Corsair RM750

    Some parts were probably unnecessary like the case and could’ve been cheaper with a different option but still shows that much more can be done in terms of performance with $2500 USD.

  5. Blake

    I sold a 1070 Ti for $250 last month when I got my 2080 Ti. So $727 for a 1070 is ridiculous.

  6. STL C

    You want to know why the Window 10 cd keys are so cheap? It's because they were bought with stolen credit cards lol.

  7. Stanley Chen

    So basically going from that Pc to mine. I basically just got a stamp of approval from this man right here

  8. Sebastian Borgo

    definitely wouldn’t pay $2500 for this pc but you should also understand that people will pay extra for the “pretty rainbow” things.

  9. LittleChino

    200$ for 1070 ftw? That still a lot lol they worth only 120$ and the gtx 1080 none ti only worth 200-300$

  10. 420jahlion

    *BRAND NEW* 4yo computer

  11. GottleOfGear

    I was almost convinced to buy 2 pro licence for my windows pc but checked trustpilot since I have seen a lot of problems with key sites.

    The first 30+ reviews list this as a scam site with every problem going. Some people are leaving very negative reviews but giving a 4 star rating(?).
    Check twice, pay once.


    Apart from that, the video is great – always enjoy the stuff from this channel.

  12. Smittyeh

    I think I'm just not used to your green-screen format, but it looks sharp like a new camera/lense? Pretty good lighting, looks like you have a focus of the lights aimed across your face, not sure if this is intended.

  13. bluex610

    And here I am.building PC's as a hobby for my friends/family…. lol

  14. Juan Coronado

    Hello I'm the seller and you are the reason I haven't sold my BRAND NEW PC. Which I have been using for the past 4 months and as a matter fact I'm about to raise the price just cause I want to haha. By the way I would like to get a commission for this video because you using my pc pics and information to make a profit with your Chanel. I'll leave my Bitcoin address here: 1Lb4Ps2wTN1GsQaC5oknbxUvdPtfXRECrN

    Want to verify that I am indeed the seller? here you go https://ibb.co/r7VnzbH

    PS: I bought the Windows Key From Kinguin.net for 20$. 🙂 but hey, You get a Like and an extra subscription for the effort.

  15. andy

    Have you tried reviewing user setups???

    Like seeing what they can improve on their system?

    Could also provide for some cringe fuel lol

  16. Alex Green

    Very good video, Maintain the great work. Thanks a ton.

  17. Mr Red

    i found that same pc for 800$ on craigslist XD

    Edit: and i just got a 32 Gb i5 4570 quad core water cooled pc for 380$ it's like a titian 950 graphics card too. So if your going to buy a used pc look around and price things up and just bc something looks good does not mean it is for example the pc i just mentioned is not the best looking thing

  18. Avrey LaVelle

    I’ve got extremely similar specs in my build. $1300 a year ago.

  19. Zach Johnston

    Ur really messed up for saying stuff abt u know what in five M

  20. Jose Vela

    I bet those are the curved Samumsung monitors that Walmart sells. I think they're 150 a pop.

  21. PuNkShoO

    1080p on medium and high presets? Dude. Solid points here and this machine is definitely overpriced by at least $500 but this is easily a 1440p high system. I sell 1060 systems on the regular that easily get high/ultra 1080p on most modern popular titles. 1070, while an older card, is definitely no slouch. However, you can get them used for <$200 so the massive upcharge on this system is just completely unwarranted.

  22. Dano84 Gaming

    I liked the break down on this one. Btw, fun fact, you said Toyota and my kind went "he means either a Corolla or a Camry" lol but great break down. I've been wanting to ask and ya kinda mentioned it here near the end but labor, what's your vote on that charge? I've built my own, tell friends or people I talk to I'd build theirs if they buy the parts, simple as that. In my estimation, if I was to even charge to build, I would think 2-250 is about as fair and top as I would think you could charge labor. Even that seems high unless that involved price shopping the build, getting the ideas they wanted all in one, picking up parts (if at the store local), etc…but I was curious as I don't think I've heard ya throw what ya think it should be? I mean, the systems ya pull arent like super custom or anything so of course I'm saying average joe for these builds price. Either way, great vid and great ways to keep people informed about their purchases.

  23. alan wake apologist

    I love my R5 2600 but god damn I can't imagine even Wal-Mart charging 2500 for a pre-built with an R5 in it.

  24. Philslaya

    Saw a 1k pre built on a site was basically worth 350 lol

  25. Keith Everson

    Just deciding the monitors don't exist at all is just as disingenuous as what you claim the seller was doing. The video card was overpriced massively straight up. Everything else about this is completely reasonable, assuming you're buying a pre-built custom PC, which means you don't want to have to be bothered to build it yourself.

  26. Harley Hodge

    This kind of thing is so common on craigslist in my area. I enjoy building and flipping computers and use pc part picker as a tool to sell computers. Most of my parts are used so I just find the model of the part an input the price manually for exactly what I paid for it. (Unless I got a stupid good deal, I'll mark it up to at least what they are going for used.) And I charge 20 bucks for a windows key. 50 bucks for the build fee, this includes assembly, windows install and I will spend an hour or so with you kinda showing you the ropes on haw to use it, ie install games, game clients etc

  27. Austin Epperson

    FYI, the post is from my town and he is now trying to sell it for $3,000

    Edit: He dropped it to $2,000 lol

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