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  1. Rayhana Choudhury

    So emotional. Dove is finally that one company that that is trying not to ruin the minds of people who feel insecure with looks..

  2. Rocky

    Damn, first time I saw this I was staying with a friend in Vancouver during my first time there. 6 years already?

  3. Doe 82

    My guidance counselor sent me this video because I have been struggling so much with self-image and just hating myself physically, and it did really almost change how I view myself. Someone told me once, a while back, that you are the definition of someone's beautiful, and I think this video really reinforces that in a great way

  4. Lakshay Singhal

    So ladies, did you buy Dove after this?

  5. Solarr D

    Genuinely falling for this bull shows that people are gullible idiots or desperate

  6. Jos Easykitchen

    got goosebombs all over my body! awesome video with a positive vibe

  7. chris d

    whats the name of the song?

  8. Lean macht TV

    Awesome Marketing & good massage. I like it.

  9. Brian Ritzpatrick

    I cant believe i actually know the artist wtf

  10. Magnum Opus

    This warms me up like i am in an oven

  11. GraceDoesNotUseOldMemes

    Your natural beauty decides your job?

  12. Pokka Cola

    What dove-uck is this?

  13. juntistik

    You are being pandered to. Make no mistake.

  14. Symiakakis Vasilios

    I like it

  15. Steffi Black

    so absolutely beautiful – every one has something beautiful to contribute to this world and we should all remember that.

  16. Y Vasudev Gaur

    Beautiful is a powerful word.
    God's every creation is beautiful and precious.

  17. Aaron Young

    Someone should do a skit of this video where there’s that one person who’s picture looks the same as they described or worse and they walk up to the drawings and laugh while saying, “ain’t no changing this mess.” or something 😂.

  18. ASsa sss

    how he know she is black? XDXDXD

  19. Games RFun


  20. Hi Yo

    I kinda want to do this……… to be more confident

  21. WYJAFAK2

    I wonder were there ones were the second picture was worse than the first one haha

  22. James Stinson

    This video highlights an important point that we are often way too critical of ourselves! The majority of people are kind-hearted and see the best in others. It's important that we focus on the positives when we look into the mirror as well!

  23. D0S81

    it was good that, i think a lot of people think like that, i know i do sometimes. it woulda been nice to see some guys on here too, we use soap aswell ya know, lol

  24. 12:00 AM.


  25. WOKEN'T

    VERY doubtful … you're probably fat and quite plain. This is idiocy.

  26. Maria Henriquez


  27. Emily Louise

    who’s here because of shani ✨

  28. this Kid

    What I don’t like about this is most of the time both sketches don’t look as pretty as the girl

  29. SwordOfJustice2007

    Nice, I like it.

  30. Jay Mark Noja

    Music title please?

  31. Claudine Gonçalves

    sensational! amazing!

  32. Ghazzillion Films

    lol the over use of b roll

  33. alwaysonyourside125

    unilever is not just a cosmetic company. if you folkes go through its website and read the company principles, service to the community, nature, and people, you'll realise thier values. it purely meets to the value which unilever conveyed in this ad too.

  34. Osten Loo


  35. Mayla Flor

    what's struct you most?

  36. Dat Boi

    I saw this mentioned on The Guinness Book of World Records

  37. russell379x

    who’s the music by? sounds like a film score

  38. JamRobo6973

    Hi Eddy

  39. Love Billy

    I'm not crying! You're crying! 😭😂

  40. amjPeace

    So…. I'm freakin' gorgeous!

  41. Amanda Al Motivation

    This is so AMAZING. So inspiring!!!

  42. Aja Walker

    Who put this bowl of onions next to me?

  43. Suways Abdi

    vera unseld i dont

  44. Komal Hans

    If only psychologists and researchers didn’t debunk this theory😭😭😭

  45. Daniel Daring

    2:22 The woman literally says that physical beauty could not be more critical to one's happiness.

  46. Daniel W.


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