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  1. The Official Andy Saenz

    1:15 All in the name of science and medicine!

    Lmao 😂

  2. The Official Andy Saenz

    Well, taking off your shirt really helps keep everyone’s attention. 😂🤣

  3. The Official Andy Saenz

    I wear arch supports all the time from Walk Fit platinum, and I have no back pain. Your feet are your body’s foundation. The first step in building a strong home is building a solid foundation. When your feet are properly supported, it makes a huge difference!


    The Glute Core exercise is a phenomenal way to extend and loosen those muscles. I also like the other two exercises.

  5. Teeyah2

    Rachel hit the JACKPOT!!!

  6. Mrssewhardtoplease

    Miss black presenter in red jump suit is about to lose a boob to the public.

  7. Mrssewhardtoplease

    Why the stupid loud music?

  8. Nadalee Natasha

    He is so hot it makes me…. I can’t even watch this, forgive me jesus
    Bye y’all!

  9. Kaila Moore

    Old man in the back was checking Dr. Abs out the whole time. Oh you gay gay

  10. Flora Chacha

    Bryan is sooo Fine!! Rachel enjoyin ALL THAT!

  11. s'busisiwe lin shaba

    Damn Rachel is one lucky lady, hes so fiiiiiine

  12. Juliannes Mommy

    awww. His information was so good that he didn't NEED to take his shirt off. I know it's his brand, but it's so funny because he is giving great info in a serious tone that forces you to take him seriously, yet his shirt off which distracts and makes you think it's going to be way different/sexualized. My brain got confused. Ignore the shirt off and focus on the words or ignore the words and focus on the cute guy. haha

  13. Nosiphiwo Ntweni

    This presenter lady looks like Rachel though. Her mannerisms as well.

  14. SsteinwayS

    OMG Rachel’s Bryan from The Bachelorette!! Lol earn that wedding moola ~ 🤣

  15. Ashley

    I think he's sexually exploited way too much. Thing is he really embraces it, which really starts diminishing his image – I don't see a doctor in him cause of this act

  16. In Full Bloom

    This is one of those moments when The Doctors show needs to increase their ratings to attract more advertisement money to pay the bills/executives. So they come up with shirtless chiropractor.

  17. AiErudito __-_-__

    But really, do not do this. It's like going for a jog after you sprain your ankle.

  18. Jared Kelly

    What is this stripper music in the background?? 😂😂😂

  19. Sophie Amarant

    I do these exercises in physical therapy all the time.

  20. Ashlyn White

    wow we r early

  21. perfectly imperfect

    Boring and I seriously don’t get the point of him taking his shirt off because I personally don’t think it’s the write thing to do.

  22. mrbear1302

    I really don't want to see his tits!!!!!

  23. Mrs. Bear

    It's funny how all the shirtless men are now trolling the comments.LOL someone's a little butt hurt😒

  24. Mr. Glass House

    Dr Abs….😂😂😂 that’s very creative mane!!! Hopefully I can graduate with my Doctorate and become a Dr Abs too 😂😂😂

  25. Dick Longflop

    Wtf my gym teacher calls that a pointer

  26. Rellenomics101

    Great advice nevertheless

  27. Rellenomics101

    Much respect! I could do that too!

  28. Ike Frost

    Was taking his shirt off necessary? He’s got a good body don’t get me wrong, but cmon it’s not that impressive just look at the audiences expressions.

  29. Erika Garcia

    So he is just doing yoga. Ok cool

  30. Turquoise Skies

    What in the "Magic Mike" is going on here??? I seriously stopped listening at 2:50 😱. Thanks for the uhhhh attempted advice😘😉🤗😍

  31. Adam Quiloua

    What was he saying! Back what? Bridge what?
    OMG! he's HOT HOT HOT
    marry me

  32. carlo vincent

    Is this still YouTube?

  33. john peter

    keep the shirt on tool bag….#metoo

  34. 2233golf2

    I am a guy and I have to give him this : he is in great shape ,well toned without being exaggerated in his muscular physic…this is what I call great looking…and he seems to have a brain,too…😉

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