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  1. Onealia Miller

    Just had mine on the 11th of September. And started at 247lbs after liquid 2week diet. I was 260. As of today I weigh 230, so I lost 30lbs total and going.

  2. Will Alexander

    After I had found this weight loss plan “Yamzoko Weebly” via Google, I felt thrilled to try it out right away. This has provided me thrills. My own friend shed 10 lbs following this kind of fat loss program, I really advise you search Google to uncover how. .

  3. Edazzle_MUA

    I got my surgery in 2013 and gained my weight back

  4. raja raut

    Sir, pls tell me this surgery can Help liver CLD and fibrosis stage 1 deases cases???? After surgery liver can improve?Pls reply

  5. rj zander

    They are hiding their loose skin

  6. mimi ARRE

    i had vsg 8 wks ago im always hungry lol… i still have to control my self from not over eating , yes i take 2, 3 bites and im done but 2 hrs later i want to eat again. so far ive lost 27 pounds and i make better choices in food i watch my carbs and my calories.

  7. Tolovve

    Gluttony is a sin that results in obesity.

  8. Tolovve

    Crazy surgery. You get half the enzymes and acids to digest food so more undigested food goes through the small intestine. God made your stomach a certain size so stick with it. Practice that will power to eat less sounds more practical.

  9. Bella Lucia

    I had the sleeve done 7wks ago biggest mistake I ever made I eat like a bird and not a single pound lost yet

  10. NaturallySimone

    Just completed all my requirements today! I see my surgeon again July 30th & I should also be receiving my surgery date on that day as well.

    You can follow my journey as I’m posting the good, the bad, and the ugly!

  11. Munira Al-Khassan

    20 days post op, from having VSG surgery

  12. Kylee Johnson

    I have a very bad knee, I'm barely able to walk with a walker, the surgeon I saw told me that I have the worst knee he has seen in 25 yrs of being orthopedic surgeon! This caused me to become unable to move and eventually because close to bed ridden for a whole year. I'm 48 mother of four and I desperately need this very complicated knee replacement. I've gained quite a large amount of weight in the past two years, and now at my heavyset weighing 311 lbs and only 5'6 tall. I live on a tiny island off the coast of Maine, and it is extremely hard to get to dr appointments, I have to ride a ferry, take a bus etc. I did finally get awarded my ssi disability case, and now am blessed with insurance, however I'm so scared that my insurance is going to turn this surgery down. Can anyone shine some light on the kinds of insurance that is accepted for this kind of procedure. I was in the best shape of my life 8 years ago, I worked out all the time, my knee will not let me get the exercise I need and I've become majority depressed, I've had times that I just wanted to give up, but I Love God and my kids so much, I've got to get my mobility back, so I can see them! So I can fulfill Gods purpose for my life. I don't want to die in this bedroom. I was told that if I could get accepted to have this done that my knee replacement recovery will be so much more successful! I've had three surgeons tell me that my operation was way to complicated for them, and are sending me to see a surgeon that specializes in just knees!! My fear is that I'm going to be turned down by my insurance because Maine is not the best for their government health care. I'm desperate for some advice. I'm also ready to do whatever it takes to stop feeling like life is just to painful, and live without joy! God is the only one who gives me the strength to sit up in bed and exercise my mind, read his word, and watch sermons. Well, that's my story, a small part but it sums it up pretty well!

  13. Katrina Jones


  14. VSG Journey With Denise

    GETTING MINE DONE MONDAY! Wish me luck 🥰🥰👋🏽

  15. drika rezende

    What if the weight gain is not because of food disorders, what then? Everybody just talk about food, diet, exercise. What if you already eat healthy (no junk, no sugar, no grease, lots of veggies) but you still gain weight? Nobody tell me what to do then.

  16. Black Beauty


  17. Lakeisha Williams

    I couldn't tell who the mama was black do not crack beautiful 😎

  18. Ester Graham

    My friend just got the surgery 2 weeks ago & already back to her same bad habits, yell you the truth I dont tho k she was gonna ever change her eatting habits she just wanna to lose weight and still eat

  19. Roberta Vickers

    Dr. Is so very hot!

  20. Turquoise Skies

    The ladies look awesome, happy for them. But, why that lady look at them like that? 3:58 smh lol

  21. Teri Williams

    Wished I could afford it.

  22. Ialeen Collins

    but te rate of acid refux is increased of stomach sleeve

  23. Anna Kuman

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Consider keto (diet) or Carnivore (diet) lifestyle before you rush to surgery. Educate yourself. The heartburn or acid reflex (you might end up doing bypass to fix this), the hiccups, the gas, the contisipation or the diarreha, …. go on youtube and hear some of the regrets. If I knew about keto or carnivore lifestyle, I would have tried it before going under the knife. Pleaseeeeee do a search. Thanks

  24. The End

    Can you explain why people say the hgh is made in the brain when i thought hgh was from the stomage fundus. And comes from the hormone ghrelin ..people with a gastric sleeve get the fundus removed when 85% of the stomage is removed. Does this mean that the hgh isnt effected by taking out the fundus what effects the ghrelin?im considering this weightloss surgery but i dont wanna age faster

  25. Lady Loops

    I’m a female , and I want it as preventive measures , why wait till I’m obese or morbidly obese ? I would like to lose maybe a couple (literally ) of pant sizes and I feel it’s my right to do so, my money .

  26. Chris Thomson

    people here need to realise this is only suitable for extremely obese patients not like 200lbs

  27. Chris Thomson

    I wonder how big them women actually where. as they don't look like they where massive before

  28. arif ali

    Why not eat the right food instead of junk? This way no one needs a surgery.

  29. thanos movie

    Hi Dr.
    Can you give us the price for the surgery in US . How much cust at least?

  30. Toneka Halo Bovell

    I love u doctor in the white

  31. Mary Reyes


  32. Toneka Halo Bovell

    One cute doctor. Omg

  33. Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav

    – A Estrogenic obese body is created by sugar and all high carbs ,refine carbs , frutose in fruit , toxic fatory food , fast food , The biggest problem with controlling diabetes and weight through diet is that people are lazy . You can lead a horse to water but can't force them to drink. Most people rather eat fast food , factory frozen food ,protein powder and dairy full of casein that destroy the cells in the pancreas and cause cancer (dairy is toxic) and take pills or shoot insulin than to change their shitty eating habits.

    We live in an "instant gratification" society full of lazy people with 0 discipline or work ethic. Sad but true. If you want to lose weight watch your intake of "carbs" , but be careful since the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar happens very quickly. For example:

    1 cup of milk equals = 2 teaspoons of sugar *
    1 cup of rice (cooked) equals = 9 teaspoons of sugar*
    1 banana equals equals = 5 teaspoons of sugar •
    1 baked potato equals = 7 teaspoons of sugar •
    1 sweet potato = 8 teaspoons of sugar •
    1 cup of strawberries equals = 2.5 teaspoons of sugar (low sugar)*
    1/2grapefruit = 2 teaspoons of sugar –
    Coca cola (one can) – 8.25 teaspoons of sugar –
    Raisin Bran cereal – 7.75 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) –
    Grapes fruit – 4 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) –
    Tomatoes – 0.7 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) –
    1 Muffin (one chocolate chip muffin) – 4.75 teaspoons of sugar –
    Special K cereal – 3 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) – Corn Flakes –
    2.4 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) – Alpen cereal –
    5.75 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) – Mangos fruit –
    3.2 teaspoons of sugar (per 100grams) –

    A cup of seedless prunes has, in effect, 25 teaspoons of sugar ! Scientists find in comparing the sugar levels in the blood after the consumption of a snickers bar that has 8.5 teaspoons of sugar the same as two bread slices ! .
    The sugar equivalent is of 1 large bagel a whopping 12 teaspoons of sugar !

    Lastly, it is worth noting that there are many breads that a single slice of which will raise your blood sugar more than a US Snickers bar (which has a GI of 68/97)…if the Glycemic Index can be believed.
    to be healthy you must keep your blood sugar below 110 ..everything including eating protein will raise your insulin only water will not raise insulin , so eat small !! and do intermittent fasting . No carbs no cookies no excuse ! the less you eat the better you control your insulin and blood sugar and you gain no weight . if you're addicted to carbs and sweets you will not lose weight .Get rid of your addiction ! and control you mental health …Cortisol and stress .

    You can browse the table yourself to see. I’ve included some of the more interesting ones below.Breads that have a higher Glycemic Index than a Snickers bar: Also don't eat fruit if your plan is to lose weight ; all fruit will cause your insulin to go up .

    Every morning Instead eat one lime or lemon (organic) with warm filtered water everyday , natural vitamin c from lime or lemons make your arteries strong and healthy and cleans your liver and kidneys water and lemon (warm) cold water is bad for your liver .
    For breakfast eat a high protein diet ..No refine carbs ,no fruit but eat salads every day ….If you feel hungry eat oat meal with no sugar this will calm down your hunger spams . anything you eat should be organic close to mother nature .

    Atkins diet ,paleo diet ,…or eat for your blood type are good diets for losing weight .Very important If you eat high protein diet make sure you take vitamin B-6 ,folic acid ,B-12 , choline , Vitamin C 3 grams a day to keep your homocysteins low in your blood so you dont get heart disease .Avoid all white flour and corn .Avoid damaged fats ,no cheese , no frying , no mayonnaise . no salad dressings.

    To detox your liver and bring down estrogen eat sulfur vegetables ,Brocollie ,cabage ,onions ,garlic ,Red beets et.. Best supplement for the liver is ..; ""Trimethylglycine"" (TMG) and "liopic cacid" take 600 mg a day best for liver health to lose weight and drink no acohol.

    Excess sugar eventually affects every organ in the body, but initially, it is stored in the liver in the form of glucose (glycogen). Since the liver’s capacity is limited, a daily intake of refined sugar (above the required amount of natural sugar) soon makes the liver expand like a balloon. When the liver is filled to its maximum capacity, the excess glycogen is returned to the blood in the form of fatty acids.
    These are taken to every part of the body and stored in the most inactive areas: the belly, the buttocks, the breasts and the thighs. But then it affects vital organs like the heart and the kidneys.

    Avoid all soy and flax seeds oils supplements : Though not a chemical estrogen, but it is a plant-based estrogen, and can throw off your hormonal balance. Eat a anti-estronic diet ,Vitamin B-6 ,100 mg a day its good to take to lower estrogen ; Work out: Studies show that exercise lowers estrogen levels. A 2011 study, for instance, found that premenopausal women who engaged in aerobic exercise for 300 minutes a week lowered total estrogen by nearly 19 percent.

    A 2013 study also found that aerobic exercise helps the body break down estrogen so it’s easier to flush away. Get enough sleep: When you don’t get enough sleep, you can not lose weight .. levels of the so-called “sleep” hormone melatonin are disrupted.

    Turns out that melatonin has a protective effect against excess estrogen. A 1999 study, for example, showed that melatonin helped block the growth of estrogen-induced cancer cells. Use a water filter: Public water supplies often contain chlorine, fluoride, and other industrial chemicals that act as xenoestrogens. Use a quality filter to reduce your exposure best book for weight lose ; The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss .https://www.amazon.com/Obesity-Code-Unlocking-Secrets-Weight/dp/1771641258



  34. Douglas Richardson

    Whats the name of that hormone that is associated with telling the brain your hungry

  35. Nutto Destination Beauty

    If you looking for cheap gastric sleeve i might recommend this one

  36. The Stacy Foster Show

    No offense Doctor, but I had the sleeve and now I have Alopecia Universalis because I cant absorb iron!

  37. Margaret Brophy

    Satiated= not *hungry

  38. Layla

    if im 205 pounds n 5'5 will i be qualify

  39. Reel Fun Fishing

    I couldn’t tell the mother from the daughters. They all looked great.

  40. Bre Sollers

    I did this and i am trying to find out how to loss a little weight again i need help

  41. سند الكويت

    I hope of known as this doctor wonderful that brings me to No. his phone profile I of the state of Kuwait and I want that I work for this process has because it is good at

  42. KhiryJaamil Rock

    All three of them women looked “Stiff & Stuffy” LoL the two on the ends looked like they were scarf to come out

  43. Sandra Montoya

    Very cute doctor😉😊

  44. Ashley Campos

    He is very handsome

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