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  1. Chiro Core

    Happy new year to you all!! Well… it's a new year and a new series is starting. Don't worry, the compilations aren't stopping. I wanted to start uploading Dr Ian's videos as he deleted his channel many months ago after he received a lot of negativity through News stations after he adjusted a baby which is absolutely ridiculous and the media will try to make anything look bad. However, in the upcoming videos that will be coming out, I hope you guys understand how Dr Ian's adjustments changed many peoples lives and I hope you enjoy them! A Dr Ian video will be out every couple of days with the compilations coming out in-between.Tell me what you guys think of this!

  2. Fred Keeling

    Dr. Ian – best DC on YouTube.

  3. Lone Extreme Fire

    Dr. Ian has the hands of God.

  4. Sunset Glow ASMR

    I just had surgery on my back. My back hurts a lot & my back muscles look just like his before the adjustment. So painful.

  5. Sarcasm Stardust

    This video is why I decided to see a chiropractor. Best thing I ever did for myself.

  6. Robertini Giron

    Can you fix a herniated disc

  7. Sinem Korkmaz

    I feel soo good after watching this😍😍

  8. shygirl1201a

    Will there be more videos? I haven’t seen anything new in a while?

  9. Jugdjay

    I've been at a chiropractor yesterday because of thoracic pain of the left side. It's so impressive the first time you do it, but the most impressive is how quickly my pain was gone!
    2 weeks of pain, the doctor gives me painkillers… it certainly helps, but it doesn't heal anything. And then the chiropractor does this and BOOM, my pain was gone! 😀

  10. KASLtja

    Anybody know the music at the end?

  11. Dr Doc

    Commentary 1001

  12. Edgar Chomba

    If this doesn't make you feel good and make you believe in the purpose of chiropractic remedies, I don't know what will

  13. Southsidenegro

    Sweet pain

  14. Muskan Muskan

    Doctor, we ask you about where your clinic is

  15. Stiiizyboy420

    3:34 most satisfying crack ever!

  16. Eden Wagner

    I HAD THE EXCAT MIND OF PAIN. that’s like a 9/10 pain w muscle spasms. Can’t get out of bed, can’t turn body when sitting down, can’t breath and can’t move head. When you get that chiropractic adjustment, baby I have never felt anything better in my life. Whole clinic can hear that crack.

  17. Nick Estuesta

    Men Belt jense

  18. JayPaulOfficial

    I swear he is the only real chiropractor on youtube, he listens to their pains, x rays them, finds the problem, finds the solution then does it and like in this video you can see exactly what he has done and the instant effect it had for the guy. Every other chiro on here just does the same thing, lays them down, cracks their neck both sides, cracks their back a few times in a few different positions, maybe even pulls their legs to 'get their feet to be even' maybe a few cracks on the wrist and fingers and if you are very lucky they end with the ring dinger. Same treatment for every single person.

  19. Nick Estuesta

    Back pian

  20. Scott olsen

    Does Dr Ian still practice I'm in severe need of an assessment of this same condition

  21. Scott olsen

    I strongly believe I have this same issue except it started following a massage therapist session I had 4 years ago since I left I've had severe breathing difficulties had to quit smoking had constant trips to er thinking I'm having a heart attack my pulse is always high over 100 or was for about 3 years now its up and down I got high BP from it and am shit scared to let anyone touch me again but desperately need help I'm a single dad of two kids I have help from my mum but she can't do it forever I need this treatment if its my cause please anyone who could advise me on this thoracic problem it's been pain in that area also for the whole 4 years since leaving this massage therapy my fist and last session badly regret not going to a chirp and choosing massage who thought he was a chiro

  22. John Morris

    That muscle looks the same

  23. Lovely Sarmiento

    Doc Ian Please come Back😭😭😭

  24. Mohamed Faizal

    What this therapy is called?

  25. Erwin B

    Amazing!!! I wanna meet this guy…

  26. Anthony Bernal

    I will watch this video over and over, before I watch Dr. Joseph he sucks

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