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  1. Miguel Ramirez

    What happen to Leo? I wanna know how he’s doing

  2. Christopher G.

    Hey Doctor Jason, so my lower back hurts often but the pain goes away after awhile and comes back. I pinched a nerve last October, do you have any suggestions on what I can do? P.S ur videos are awesome!

  3. lisha Villacanas

    Wonder if dr jason would agree to colab with dr mondragon 😅

  4. Caroline Rizzieri


  5. Andy Kapsar

    i wonder what the logistics would be of opening a chiropractic office in a western friendly middle eastern country would be. i know dr rahim has had middle easterners in his videos as well, i think dinger and strapper have also.
    would the owner of the office be considered a heretic for practicing heracy or would it be given a fair shake?

  6. Hugo Henrique Borges Borges


  7. Ralph Augie Rosales

    I am suffering arthritis..do you think sir i can still have a chiropractic?

  8. Stephanie Padilla

    I love all your videos I have little to follow him by this means and his work is magnificent greetings

  9. AngelSKitCat

    pops at 2:10, 3:30, 7:00, 7:45, 8:10, 8:35, 8:50, 9:15. You're Welcome.

  10. Akbari Som

    As a middle eastern, just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of fans over here that watches your videos ♥️ also consider putting your videos titles in Arabic as well; it won't hurt and trust me you won't regret it! Plus chiropractic is not that popular over here as your client mentioned at the end of the video. I also like how humble and friendly you are with your patients, it makes you really unique and different from traditional physicians or chiropractors. Keep up the good work, and make longer videos pleaaaaaaaaaaase.

  11. Prabhjot saggu

    haha I love ur energy man.

  12. Diego Reyes

    Hello Doctor Jason,

    I have a problem with my jaw it keeps popping from the right side. Are there any excises you can do on your own to fix this problem or even to get it better?

  13. Hungarian Viktor


  14. Amazzon Amazzon

    Thanck you drJason

  15. Teimu Hevonen

    You are a good arabic student also, wow!

  16. Alberto Moh

    Greetings from Algeria

  17. Princess Pépite

    Halo Dr Jason how are you? Bon je continue en french alors vos vidéos sont sublimes j’adore le crack puis crrrraaaaack et encore craaaaaack 🤪😍😂. Big kisses for you and your family and BIG BIG BIG BIG KISS FOR JACK the little best basketball-boy ❤️😘 yeeeeeaaah 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😍😘

  18. Adnan A

    Dang, they’re coming from across the world for Dr. Jason

  19. Wiliam Forsythe

    Chiropractors are NOT doctors. The truth will set you free “Dr.” Jason.

  20. Big Boss

    Ur pronunciation of number in Arabic is perfect wow

  21. Big Boss

    I'm from Saudi Arabia I always watching ur video before I go to sleep it's so relaxing man good job god bless you


    Love your work man!!!👍🏽
    All the way from South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  23. ابو هارون

    افضل دكتور في امريكا

  24. Mariam Alnuaimi

    نحتاج احد مثل هذا الطبيب كل عظامنا مكسحة

  25. Kamogelo Mosime

    Aligning spines and minds, big ups Dr Jason✊

  26. Oliver Andrews

    jason can you reply so i can show my friends

  27. Unnie Hyung


  28. Livia Maria

    Gringo Zoeiro 😂
    Menos 1, menos 2
    The Best ❤️

  29. Amatullaah007

    I'm in London contemplating a visit do you recommend anyone here??

  30. smith gozie

    you are a very good doctor, i love watching your videos.

  31. Farooq Sattar

    Helo Dr jason love you sir and your work is very awesome😍 again lots of love from me and from #pakistan

  32. Bass_KeneX

    German subtle please

  33. Nombasa Satyo

    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa! I absolutely love your videos. You have such a pure and healing energy about you! Keep doing your wonderful work!

  34. Jbiz _


  35. T Asep Asep


  36. Jared Knight

    Great vid

  37. Tonni Bernabeu

    Great video.. I hope you Make more amazing videos in 2020 🏆

  38. maximiliano escobar

    Hola DR Jason

  39. الحجاج

    من ربعنا 😂❤️🇸🇦

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