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  1. Navjot Singh

    I have heard it is more curative than symptomatic relief? Does the benefit continue after treatment ends?

  2. Ava B

    Dr Meghan, do you believe accupunture is beneficial for someone suffering terrible morning sickness? Thankyou!

  3. J Doe

    Ahhh!!! You are back!!! I missed you, doc!!! Thank you for this video.

  4. kathryn

    Thank you. Have been contemplating trying acupuncture to help my chronic migraines, and it seems I have nothing to lose!

  5. Yali Dai

    Thanks for sharing ! Could you plz make a video on micro-needling for anti-aging?

  6. Discernment Queen

    Thank you. I have an appointment for acupuncture on 12/8.

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