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  1. solarpaneling

    why the surgical mask?

  2. Cat's Incredulous

    Hello. Thank you. In this picture, it says UB60 is the first point, but the point shows about 2 cun proximal to UB60, and your point also appears proximal to UB60 by 2-3 cun. It seems that the first point is not at UB60. Can you clarify? And yours seem to be about 1.5 cun from each other after the first point. Yes, no? Thank you. http://catstcmnotes.com/clinical-skills/treatment-styles/master-tung-acupuncture/master-tung-point-locator/lower-leg-points/qi-hu-seven-tigers/

  3. Andy Innes

    Hi Bob
    As far as I know the SP channel doesn't treat the LI channel, the LV channel however does treat it bilaterally and as SP6 is a meeting point of LV,KI,SP, it would effect the LI channel in an indirect way. Maybe you can explain which method you used to treat LI with the SP channel or if this was a mistake.

  4. Lee YangHui

    Dr Paul Brecher had the right technic of treating sciatica pain. Its a nightmare having such a problem.I went tru 8 sections of TCM with our local chinese physician n I had fully recover.

  5. Ripal Pambhar

    where is school I am from India how can I learn this balance method please help me

  6. Ripal Pambhar

    give me point for foot drop

  7. Alexei Montenegro

    Hi Bob. Thanks for all your videos. I love distal acupuncture. Just a question, how SP is treating LI ?

  8. Ripal Pambhar

    can I get book to learn about this all point in English.. I am physiotherapist n acupuncturist from India

  9. The Cocktail Critic

    Amazing how it is really CHAO CHEN's BALANCE METHOD that people insist it is somehow create day Dr. Tan! Dr. Tan was a great teacher and great guy, I am sorry to hear of his passing, but I figured out some time ago, the whole bit of he came up with this by deciphering the classics was pretty much a lie. Chao Chen wrote a massive book in Chinese detailing the balance method, and we can still get the main points translated to English. In that book called The Balance Method, you can see all of what people call "Dr. Tan's Balance Method", the whole 5 Systems. "Dr. Tan stole from my father." Chao Chen's son personally told me. His son told me Chao Chen discovered this stuff via mediation and Mr. Twicken who helped with the English version told me he didn't get it fro Dr. Tan. Sorry guys, but the 5 systems comes from Chao Chen. Get the book, amazingly titles, "The Balance Method" by Chao Chen and you will see. Dr. Tan then expanded on it, but the core 5 systems, if memory serves me well, is entirely presented in that book.

  10. Dr Paul Carter, Acupuncturist & Herbalist

    Nice video Bob. Thanks for posting. I'm studying Master Tung method at the moment and using it in practice daily. Nice to see a Tung practitioner in Brisbane.

  11. Charlie Sylvester

    Quick question Bob: where exactly is Qi Hu or what point does Qi Hu correlate with that you needled on the right lower extremity? Just curious as I looked it up and all I'm finding is ST 13. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  12. krypie2

    great videos

  13. Xristos Moutas

    Thanks for sharing Bob!!

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