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  1. Tammy Halbritter

    Thank you for your videos. I have learned so much more from you than I did from my surgeon!

  2. Tammy Halbritter

    I met with a dietitian for 1 hr before I had my surgery. I got a handout. And that was it. I feel very confused about long term consumption. I had gastric sleeve. I just joined weight watchers to at least watch my calories but it doesn't help with protein/carbs/calories.

  3. Renee Renee

    I find very little info on korean food after vsg. I know rice is a no. But how can i still have korean food yet follow vsg guidelines

  4. Smarty Cat

    You’re mind is very very powerful!!!

  5. Jordyn McBride

    What do I do if I can’t tolerate much food? Or “healthier food” I guess I should say. I had my surgery May 20th 2019 and right out the gate I had an obstruction. Then in June I was admitted twice for a stricture. Now it’s July and they say it’s all probably ok now and they don’t wanna dilate me more bc it would defeat the purpose by stretching it too much. But I can’t freaking eat! I am taking zofran twice a day for nausea AND I just asked my surgeon for Phenergan to help bc the zofran doesn’t seem to help but he said he didn’t want me taking it daily bc it’s not good to be on but heck I can’t eat if I’m sick to my stomach. But most foods I’ve tried to eat HURT! Like my stomach physically hurts. I am a picky eater and I have a weird texture thing where certain textures make me want to puke, but like I love salad but I eat 2 bites and I’m done. I’ll eat pickles but again after a few bites I’m done. Is it ok to just be eating a few bites and being done? Also I want to do smoothies but with the texture thing I need recipes where there’s not “chunks” of stuff in it. The liquid with chunks of food in it is an awful feeling. I do have the almost 300 dollar nutrininja thing that blends VERY well but I guess I’m not finding the right recipes that taste good and go down well. It’s expensive to “trial and error” things like that.

    Any advice? My main concern is feeling like food is my enemy now bc everything hurts. So therefore I don’t want to eat. Or I’m so sick to my stomach I can’t even force myself to drink water let alone eat food.

  6. Talia_Transformed

    Thank you.

  7. scye1

    Thank you💖

  8. Amanda McLuving

    Had 6 visits before, 2 hr class, 1 visit in hospital, a call after 2 days home, call 6 days home, visit 2 weeks and 3 weeks. Then a month from the 3 weeks. My program wants you off of protein drinks after 2 weeks and no more than 1 a day.

  9. Startingover thirtyfour

    Good tips on here, Thanks Doc!

  10. Meghan McMurtry

    This was actually really helpful

  11. aqua fina

    Yea during the preliminary stuff they had me on south beach diet i lost 22lbs b4 surgery and gave me some handouts. I didnt get any council after. It was a joke and still is. Im post op 8mos. I got info off line bcus they sent me home with nothing. During hospital stay i had to have family bring me protien shakes and pudding. They gave me powdered soup tea and jello.
    I developed my own plan according to what i could consume. 2wk liquids 2wks soft was all they told me. 48oz liquid.
    Dr v you are such a blessing

  12. ZiG Zag Fly

    Bariatric Gangnam Style !

  13. Renee 76

    Ok you're awesome. Love this!

  14. Rosa Valenzuela

    Dr. V, where have you been all my post off life????? Laffin! I wish my surgeon had been you! I am enjoying your videos and have read 1 of your books. Are you still hosting events? I would love to attend!

  15. Marie Nielsen

    Haha you are great and I agree with you 100%

  16. Rina Renee

    A “No Bullshit Doctor”, I like that!

  17. Dimples D

    Right out the gate he diagnosed my problem! My “nutrition classes” and my book. But it did my almost NO good. I had to research on my own. I wish I’d found this video earlier. I just started phase three. Dr.V has calmed my nerves about transitioning to this phase.

  18. N

    “does that make sense?”

  19. Glenn Wassmer

    This is a MUST to watch … preferably preop!!

  20. aimee winters

    what about spam? I love kraft shells and cheese with spam. Surely that is on there some place. I will swap out the regular stuff for turkey spam though.

  21. aimee winters

    Where would i put mac and cheese and would that even be okay to eat

  22. Andrea Gonzalez

    So Fantastic I came across ur channel! Love how u keep it real!! Thank You!

  23. musique1o1

    5 weeks post OP and feeling very emotional. I feel weak and the gas and heartburn is just uncomfortable. I felt physically better pre OP. I would not recommend the surgery for people without comorbidities. Just my humble opinion.

  24. Rachel Wilder

    What about crunchy things like nuts and seeds? I think of those as hard but on this scale maybe they're a 3.5?

  25. La Tanya

    Scheduled for my info session appointment and this guy is giving me ALL THE KEYS!

  26. Anita Hamilton

    I love you lol! Wish you were my dr who did mine! I'm 20 days post op and I've lost 57 lbs but I had to do the liquids a week before so then til now, that's what I've lost. Trying to stay hydrated is soooo hard for me and I'm still on clear liquids. Well, for a couple of days, I was on the strained creamed soups but it felt like something was sticking in my throat but I had come to realize it was the Metformin I was taking and will be calling my dr. He said he was going to call me today but so far he hasn't. When I go and see my nutritionist, I feel I'm being rushed so she can see other patients and I HATE that! She gave me a packet to read months ago and it really doesn't tell me what all I need to eat or anything. So frustrated! So, I've been watching vids on top of vids and that's when I came to see yours! Ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  27. Grace Abraham

    I had one dietician appointment where they went through pre op diet and the first 2 weeks after surgery, second dietician appointment two weeks after I was given the transition foods.. that’s about it 😕

  28. F A

    Great info Dr. V

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