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  1. Carla Rupp

    It was rewarding to hear important insights from Dr SAM. We were so fortunate to have time with this special healer.

  2. Miles Cumminski

    Jason with his shirt off. Keep Jason sexy, Keep Jason making videos! Safe travels Mr. Rupp!!!!

  3. Shaun West

    Great video Jason,the doc knew his stuff right!,you looked really tall in this video,hope your back is feeling better 😀👌👍

  4. You'll make it

    Damn 6:37 in and Doc dropped super knowledge on us. Went to the super right person for your back pal 🍻

  5. You'll make it

    Love you Mom! The way you said okay with that smile at 0:53 made our lives! MashaAllah touchwood!

  6. The Monk

    I see a chest waxing in your future Jason lol

  7. Florida Paradise 🌴

    No amazing about eating grass and tree bark for a week 😁.
    Hurry up and get back to Thailand and visit Nin & Sis

  8. Diane E

    I believe in seeing chiropractors for back pain. They’ve helped me tremendously over the years. However, I would never let anyone work on my back without taking an X-ray of my spine first! And I wouldn’t let a guy come to my hotel room and shake my chest lol. I’m glad if you had a positive result though Jason.

  9. King Sleeping ASMR

    Dr Sam seems like an interesting guy. Very relaxing.

  10. Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT

    This is a great video Jason. Thanks for the opportunity to share some insights with your audience. Hope they get a lot of value out of it. It was a pleasure to work with you and your mother at the festival. And I look forward to crossing paths again in the future

    much love brother🙏❤️😎

  11. Tristan Perry

    Jason we all want you to tell us the truth he talks a good game and looks professional and all but did this really benefit you in any way?

  12. Bobbi Floss

    You’re an interesting human being

  13. A L

    Love it Jason 🙂

  14. paul s

    That was interesting as my shoulders always hurt be good to find someone like this guy in london

  15. แดนนี่ ดั้มส้

    i always did have lower back pains,i have been to a few doctors for help,but than someone told me to go to a doctor who is not realy a doctor,some guy like this one.And he did go learn how to massage in Thailand.And he told me,that my lower back pains come from my feet,so he did massage my feet and my back, for a few sessions,and it did help,weird but true,my back pain was gone..And i am someone who don’t believe in doctors like this 😂😂
    Anyway,another great video 👍🏻 thx for sharing

  16. Medfords Best Podcast

    You need to do a Haircut video with this guy as the patron. Nice of him to give you a hand to get up, what a professional. Looks like you might have an umbilical hernia prob should see a real doctor about that.

  17. Faded dreams rCp New England.

    Man. Back pain is the worse, sorry. Hope you can work it out.

  18. Larry Rupp


  19. sylenceexposed

    What was the result of this?
    Any improvements?
    Weird there was no full adjustment.
    He didn’t even check your neck or hip function but he loves hearing his own voice

  20. Robert Mitchell

    All those flights will be hard on your back. Thanks to Dr Sam for keeping Jason handsome and making videos! Also Jason's mom makes an appearance!

  21. ed Straker

    You need a person to jump up and down on your back when you're next in Thailand. I get my massage from a 70 year old granny whenever I'm in Java. She makes Rambo look soft.

  22. Al

    Hmm. The jury is out on this.

  23. โปล์ ดั้มส์

    hey Jason, you are a head taller than the doctor, I think you are a tall guy.. good that the doctor finds the problem in your back like that, normally you have to use a scanner for that. if you have serious diseases ,, believe me go to the emergency. but i do believe that it helps well for minor problems. it was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

  24. Sam Poo2

    Jason why are ur toes painted?

  25. Noochi Bua

    Hope your back ok now Jason

  26. Jack O'Neil

    Cool, never know what you will find in upstate NY. Here's one for you to try next time you are in Florida Jason, they do cuts, shaves and therapy with a Hammer and Chisel:
    CRAZY Barbershop Therapy fixes 20 YEARS FROZEN SHOULDER

  27. Doc Holliday

    oh lord no, a hippie, tree hugger, what is the world coming too!! first women in a sweat lodge, now this!!

  28. Justin Howell

    Jason….you need a good Chiropractor!!!

  29. Saku Thai

    He is good.

  30. Ceri Rainbow love

    Wow hes good, i got a new one for u jas, "keep Jason healthy and hansome, keep Jason making videos" 🤣 ❤ u guys

  31. beans fubar

    Wow…Jason you have all the fun. I have a many neck and back issues too Jason

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