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  1. Camille Co

    1:03 What causes acne and how do treat it
    1:34 Why antibiotic astringents aren't good for you
    3:17 Why a proper sleeping habit is important for your skin
    5:29 How to wash your face properly to avoid acne
    6:03 Toothpaste and shampoos that can cause acne
    7:15 Does chocolate cause acne?
    7:40 Is there a way to tell what caused your acne
    8:10 Cleaning makeup brushes properly to prevent bacteria build up
    8:47 How to get rid of pimples a few days before an important event like your wedding
    11:16 How to deal with acne during pregnancy
    13:07 The famous Perricone diet for great skin
    14:12 Facials that are safe for pregnant women
    14:50 What ingredients must acne-prone and sensitive skin types avoid
    15:56 What vitamins cause acne
    17:26 Products to invest on for your skin and why moisturizers are not recommended by Dra. Belo
    19:27 Skincare routine Dra. Vicky Belo recommends
    20:29 What to do when you breakout every after a work out
    20:53 Best foundation for Dra. Vicky Belo
    21:09 Cleansing milk vs. cleansing oil
    22:42 Can chronic AHA use really cause freckles and dark spots
    23:39 How to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays and
    25:02 Understand SPF and how often you should apply sunblock
    25:56 Is collagen safe? What vitamins are good for the skin
    27:03 Treatments for deep acne scars
    28:41 Home remedies for skin
    29:31 Facial treatments vs. skin routines at home
    31:15 Do procedures give permanent results
    31:57 Treating large pores
    33:24 Can ice for tighten pores
    34:29 Rhinoplasty / nose job
    36:13 How to whiten underarms
    37:56 Treatment for chubby cheeks
    38:49 Ulthera vs. thermage
    39:30 Fillers vs. threads
    40:56 Dark undereyes and eyebags
    41:57 Why Dra. Belo doesn't recommend undereye fillers
    42:29 Botox

  2. Wendell Pablo

    Hi, what is the Vitamin A is it cream for night? what is the best retinol cream or retin a cream?

  3. Daile Burila

    What VitC do you recommend?

  4. serendipity

    Doc: It's important to drink 12 glasses a day.
    Camille & Me: *drinks water


  5. Daven Mark Nob Lagi-lagi

    Very informative! Thank you!

  6. edgardo03com wax543212345

    Whatever fixes your face is old doc face the fact that you are older ..

  7. Kenzo Bellissimo

    I like how she was giving out advice with the country’s climate in mind. It just makes sense not to put moisturizer on in this country because philippines is hot and humid. Most cream moisturizers have oil while the gel ones have alcohol so they will cause issues eventually especially if you apply them in the day time which could magnet dirt and trap oil. Take note as well that when she said exfoliation, she was referring to kojic acid that does gentle micro-exfoliation in the skin which is very beneficial for oily skin which is what most pinoys have because of again, our climate. Daily physical exfoliation like loofah, peeling masks, and those with micro beads are a no no for daily use. Once a week is enough if you do micro exfoliation everyday or use a product with AHA.

  8. Zafra Idjirani

    sobrang dami kong natutunan 👍

  9. Hya White

    Uminom agad ako ng tubig kasabi ni doctora na 12 glasses a day hahahaha

  10. Krys Walls

    Very informative! Best skin care vlog

  11. Gian Almeron

    Propionibacterium acnes now has its new name… Cutibacterium acnes 🙂

  12. DenLou TV

    ohhh I thought its not recommended to exfoliate everyday…. hearsay it should be twice or thrice a week… will try the recommendation to do it everyday 🥰👍

  13. Joyce Abas

    So informative and its free! Thanks Camille and ofc my Dr. Vicky Belo 😂

  14. A RandomVid

    Mabuti nalang talaga di ako tinutubuan ng pimples or acne ahit di ako naghihilamos pag gabi

  15. Jane Claire

    Grabe un tingin ni Doc. Hahaha

  16. Kobe Kintanar

    This is the best vlog ever. I learned so much! 🤟

  17. Armani Catacutan

    I love this vid. Parang free consultation sa isang dermatologist 💕

  18. John Russel Guevarra

    what part did she talk about carrot smoothie?


    Sana Lahat Ng Vloggers Ganito Yung Vlogs Helpfull Sa Mga Viewers ❤️

  20. Sunset Peach

    I love your videos specially like this one where you collab with professionals and have a Q&A sessions!

  21. jean medel

    egg? whyyy

  22. Bernie Ochavo

    ganda ni dra belo.

  23. Bernie Ochavo

    nice vlogs. ty dra belo.

  24. Fia Menancio

    Me: Watching this while eating chocolate with almond, drinking milk and eating yogurt.

    My face: Heyyyy pimplessss👋

  25. Chiara Maria Diaz

    OMG.oily skin plus moisturizer, serum, face oil etc…kaya pala nagrerebolusyon mukha ko.Lesson learned is to listen to the advice of the experts and not the beauty gurus online.

  26. Weird Girl

    Paano kung nag moisturizer and exfoliate ka rin? Is that bad? Because I think it has done a lot of good things to my skin

  27. CriticIt Transcend

    Sugar causes acne.

  28. roann torreon

    Wow! i learned so much. Scarlet is a such a cutie! she’s like their lil time keeper.

  29. laarmi bernales

    Who’s watching here Liah Yoo’s vlogs? She always reminding everyone to moisturize and hydrate your face! Until I watched this 😭

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