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  1. Hannah Kingsman

    I have been experiencing aching signs of acid reflux disease that medical professionals found tricky to identify. Prior to applying this acid reflux medication “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it), I had been extremely confident that all will be good and yes, it works. Heartburn are now gone, I don’t feel any signs of them. It`s feels like I don`t possess a medical record of acid reflux disease.. .

  2. Laurenn Russell

    This acid reflux disorder treatment “Dοcuzu Rαkα” (Gοοgle it) has brought me remarkable results immediately after just Ten days of regularly sticking to the treatment solution. Gastric acid and acid reflux signs that have driven me in pain for a time are now gradually leaving me forever. .

  3. M Z

    Hello. I am 27 and I have LPR or something that resembles it (basically all GERD symptoms except heartburn, sinus issues like pressure across head, which worsens when my reflux worsens, compounded by fatigue due to what I think is a low grade sinus infection). When I take H2 blockers/PPIs/calcium carbonate etc, the reflux gets really bad, and so do the sinus problems. I tried HCL but it burns in my stomach even after 1 tablet with a meal. I'm now trying swedish bitters but I have constant dull aches in the lower GI now (have been taking for 4 days – 1/2 teaspoon morning/night), I am hoping things get worse before better, as I have had this condition for 3 years, I have other symptoms relating to digestion but the primary is a GERD-like illness. Have had alot of testing without any results, aside from endoscopy showing non-erosive GERD. Do you have any thoughts on that?

  4. Hafeez Munj

    I am a 25 year old with no known illness besides GERD. I’m feeling heart burning, pain in chest, left arm, hand/fingers, shoulder and lower and upper part of back bone, but not feel pain in all parts at once, Every night around 2:00am I feel heart palpitation/fluttering and this problem is from last 10 months, I have did checkup to heart physician, gastric physician and neuro physician but there is no any big improvement. When my pulse is fast, I don't feel pain in chest or dizzy, but I do feel a little jittery & later pain in left arm & hand. This is the only time of day that this happens. Also, my resting heart rate is usually in the 70-80 b/s. Is this something that I should be concerned about? I have had blood tests and ECG and ECO test and chest X-rays but no physician has seemed concerned, these all reports were goods. Is this any heart problem? Is this GERD or Vagus nerves problem. If this is about vagus nerves problem then how can I improve it. I need your help. Thank you

  5. matthew wilson

    question is it possible for a dry cough to be the main symptom in allergies? or is it likely to be gerd have a only slight runy nose. do not cough much while lying down.

  6. Rommel Calilung

    Hi Doc, i sent you an email. Thank you for this information! godbless

  7. bhralshog

    How can I stop the H2 blockers? I mean with out side effects .thanks

  8. Mayra Garcia

    Hi I bought your online treatment. I couldn't find your email but video 12 is missing from the lessons.

  9. Leonardus Mursalim

    You are the best doctor in this earth, I haven't found any explanation on GERD/acid reflux topic as clear as you did. Thank you Dr. Waks 🙏🙏. You have saved many ppl lives.

  10. Marcin Mnich

    I don't have any pain or heartburn but gastroscopy shows chronic (+) inactive mild gastritis and GERD A, colonoscopy shows nothing at all – my symptom is when I burp I feel taste of food which I ate even like 6-7 hours before and not necesarly last meal but even meal before + I'm skinny and can't gain weight (in fact in last year I dropped from 85kg to 65kg). Some naturopath saw Candida infection on endoscopy pictures when MDs said endoscopies wasnt bad and nothing bad is going on. I got examined by bioresonance and it shows high infection by many species of Candida + 2 spiecies of parasites. My question is what is needed to be 1st – remove parasites + Candida so GI tract heal by itself or take care of inflamation and acidity 1st? If second option then It somehow doesn't let me – I can take many betaine hcl capsules and I never feel warmness + it doesn't improve symptoms still can feel food for many hours even with 10x 650mg betaine. Anti-inflamatory herbs didnt work as well. If 1st option how to do it if my family which I live with dont believe in naturopathy and dont want to take antiparasitic cleanse?

    EDIT: forgot to add h.pylori not present – 2 gastroscopies, blood test and bioresonanse shows negative for it + I have history of using PPI's for 3 months, 9 months ago (when I had only heartburn but after using them heartburn stopped and turned into symptom I said before + I lost weight)

  11. mominik

    You are perfect

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