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  6. Sara Andrei


  7. Romelia Darosa

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  8. Malik

    Sexy feet.

  9. S_ HARRAN


  10. Dwight Spits

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    So effective can't believe they're free.

  13. John Maike

    I had been suffering the severe pain from back pain for a long time, even though I had taken every medicines my doctor recommended me to. However, it did not promote the expected result.

  14. Shai Teller

    i enjoyed doing this, but i had a problem with the variation of the "gate pose" (at least i think that's what it is) at 6:30, i feel that my right rib start to cramp up, i assume i should just stretch out that place first?

  15. Michael Noonan

    Lol, too many years of bodybuilding, no way I can do the bind, lol

  16. Michael Noonan

    My wife looks at me funny when I do this. But after heavy labour it is essential to stretch and relax.

  17. Ida

    My god your hair is to die for!
    I miss the massage videos… 😔

  18. Bobby

    So many footcreeps on here, lmao

  19. taoist40

    If you have back pain or sciatica, doing bridges could cause more pain. The rotating stretches could also cause more back pain. Perhaps using someone who has had back pain/sciatica would be a more useful video.

  20. Jason Ross

    I'm a big fan of Meera's videos. However the pro-feet comments are distracting. I'm neutral on feet, and her's only comprise something like two percent of this video.

    People need hobbies, I guess.

  21. C B

    oooh can we also get some upper back too please? 😉

  22. Mister X

    Meera we love your feet

  23. chornahalk

    I love Meera. She seems genuinely sweet and pleasent.

  24. Mike Jr.

    She has amazing feet

  25. Peter Rouse

    If you have back problems do not follow this advice. This may in fact cause more damage to the spine.

  26. Love Today ASMR

    Yay! I added this to my "sleep" playlist to help me sleep tonight. Thank you 😊😴

  27. Paillettes et coquillettes

    I miss the massage video, I feel like there is less massage videos lately.

  28. consumeredition

    Meera: immediate thumb up….. no hesitation 🙂

  29. hogheadv2

    This is a most delightful flow.

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