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  1. Rudy1959 Romero

    Saudis will give to aj money talks referee wil beheaded if he gives ti ruz

  2. Frozen Retro !

    Ruiz is going to ultra combo aj's stiff robot head

  3. SoundBwoy BashMent

    #RUIZvsAJrematch I Hope The ref doesn't stop Ruiz from getting to close like the ref did in the Ruiz vs Parker fight. I feel the rematch is going to be set in AJ's favour.

  4. david woolston

    Bent cheat….

  5. Lee Hunter

    I can't wait to read the andy ruiz fan excuses after AJ wins the rematch

  6. The Rap Vault


  7. Marra Amsterdam

    Eddie the Snake….talking more the all his Fighters!!! Cheater……..

  8. shawn simmons

    All English fighters are just basic fighters who take steroids and lift weights they have power but lack true boxing talent and skill and every time they face a real good Boxer they get exposed

  9. William Figgins

    You take 120 pounder can knock out a 240-pound heavyweight. 120 lb can throw a strong punch and knock out of heavyweight now if you're skilled heavyweight if you bench press I think Andy Ruiz. Bench presses more than a AJ. People say that AJ lifts weights more than Andy Ruiz. I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong. Is AJ bench press a lot you might be able to take out and you Ruiz in the fourth round

  10. Miguel L

    The one with the better drugs wins 😆

  11. Ritz Kola

    “Well basically, we’ve got the fight rigged mate”

    -Special Ed

  12. Mac Trece

    You see how they try nd rigg it towars A.j in every direction. Daanmm skandouls as fools

  13. Mac Trece

    Fuckk Eddie Queer

  14. NoFuksGiven

    Can't wait for the look on hearns face when ruiz causes another upset and ends his golden goose's hype train for good lol

  15. raghu rajaram

    Pretty sure this rematch will be fixed for AJ…Ruiz go collect ur pay day and beat the others in the division

  16. duce daily

    Rematch all about if dazn can keep their belts. Cuz Al haymon got that birdman handrub goin 😀😀

  17. Billy Big Bollocks

    Andy Ruiz photoshopped that "Slim" picture like an ugly fat bird on tinder 😂😂

  18. J Souza

    Ruiz should knock him in 9….AJ dad will go after eddie again

  19. dsroa

    AJ gets caught on the top of the head and never recovered. The same shot chisora hit takam with and look how that fight ended. Don’t know why everyone speaks of his “week chin” he got dropped by Wlad – hardly anything to be ashamed of, he got up and won the fight. He got caught by the heaviest left hook in the division in Dillian whyte and he took it and carried on to beat him – the same left hook dropped parker for the first time in his career, knocked out Lucas Browne – and I mean out cold for 5 mins or so, and the same thing to chisora. Anyone that gets clipped on the whiskers in heavyweight and it’s going to be bad news 9 times out of 10.

  20. K Duff

    I’m going for Ruiz again! Aj gonna try to box and play keep away, it’s gonna he a similar style to when he fought Parker, but if Ruiz keep applying pressure and slipping the jab n countering with combos he can get AJ ass outta there again. No training can help a weak chin and Aj can’t fight on the inside

  21. AJ is not my favorite heavyweight. some people say he's overrated and basic. i don't think that's true. i think he is overhyped and over-promoted like most of today's fighters. i think he has very good skills but some serious disadvantages as well. all that being said, i think he robs the AR rematch

  22. Abe Alejo

    Joshua going to juice up we all know that y the fights there the powers that be want aj to win by all means aj with a win will draw so much money y I hope the boxing gods bless Ruiz with the w tired of boxing being shamed by these business men let the real mf win

  23. trevor mawulana

    Ruiz will be battered this time. He was lucky last time because he was an unknown and AJ took him lightly. He looked past him…but not this time

  24. The Wilder Fan Club

    This fight is not about AJ the man is irrelevant. The big boy has not a chance in hell. Its about wilder vs Ruiz for the undisputed. And at the end of the day that's what all real boxing fans not casuals want to see.

  25. godblessuall

    Drug testing is abit different rules in saudi .lets see which one is going to juice up ..

  26. Ross Heaton

    Does everyone agree that AJ wasn't the same person he usually is in the first Ruiz fight? There was something wrong? Do you think if he is at his peak in this next fight, he will have a better chance?

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