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  1. peruphasmaschultei

    May I ask where MCT oil fits into this scenario? Is it a useful addition to a keto lifestyle or would it actually hinder fat break down?

  2. Lucia Vilar

    i just drank my bulletproof:((( does this means immnot burning my fat? i put chocolate lct and mct oil with cream

  3. Brie’s Thoughts

    What languages do you speak?

  4. Brie’s Thoughts

    Thank you for this video!! You explained it so well! I was close to buying some exogenous ketones as I thought it would help me to ease into ketosis better.

  5. Whoozitz myMoozitz

    Thank you, Ginger 🙂

  6. Liz

    MLM, is this just the old pyramid selling con all over again? Worse than that is the fact that they are giving false hope to people, I am guilty of trying so many ‘fad’ products that would make me lose weight with no effort, control my cravings, suppress my appetite etc etc…..and then I found keto! It does all of the above while I am eating delicious food as well! Shame on these proffiteers and thanks for explaining why their products so simply, next time I get a link or an email I will attach a link to this video 🤣🤣🤣. Apologies that they won't watch it and ramp up your views !!!!!

  7. Laura G.

    Clear and precise as always! 💜

  8. andrew buckley

    So I need pregnancy hormones for keto….
    Seriously, love the videos.
    Clearly the sellers of these products take exogenous faeces
    Very informative and interesting

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