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  1. Kiara Reyad

    That's really good that you mentioned the revolution , it's a sad memory.

  2. Scott Medina

    I like the 1960s look the most

  3. Cushitic Soomaali

    Shut your mouse yaa Obama we are Egyptian women! 😂♥️

  4. Luis G

    80’s 😖 burn in hell Islam

  5. Jewel Lemon

    she’s not even a real Egyptian , real Egyptians were african ( dark skin and course hair ) ! , she’s middle eastern . the middle easterners literally invaded Egypt . Why is africa always a target , leave my people alone , stay in your own country .

  6. mzichelle

    Why are middle east women so beautiful?! Especially egyptian and turkish women 😍❤️

  7. Daemon

    hijab showcase

  8. Stella Luna

    Theres nothing beautiful about hijab period.

  9. Aaqssa Malik

    Do a Pakistani one plzzz

  10. H S

    They neeed to do Afghanistan and Turkey!

  11. Bruce Wayne

    And they said Egyptians are black

  12. S

    Why did you idiots put scarfs on her… not all egyptian women are filthy muslims

  13. TheMonsterHunterTV

    Islamic culture was clearly a step backwards

  14. George Hennen

    Always like the Egyptians

  15. 10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

    First one looked like an assassin

  16. Emanual Avery

    Very beautiful woman

  17. Muhammad Osman Ali MD.Hanapi

    Malaysia 100 years of beauty 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  18. Zed said JEEZ

    I loved the 1930-60s.

  19. Liam Evans

    From some reason…I thought it would be Cleopatra

  20. Charnarz

    Dina is hot 😍

  21. Tiktok Is cringe

    Is wearing hijab a fashion or something like that?

  22. Johnathan Paige

    Isn't Egypt in Africa 😂

  23. SCHADI N.H

    Schade, dass die schöne Frauen von heutigen Egypt mehr als früher zu Hijab tendieren. Und es wurde sogar Mode.

  24. Charles Mclennan

    Too much beauty covered under that head cloth

  25. Mulmius Siberius

    Egyptians look very unique and beautiful.

  26. ANG3L LOV


  27. D Abdel monaim Ali Arafa

    ❤Egypt love ❤

  28. Dana Ashour

    Y dont you add Lebanon

  29. EnderCraft517 - Minecraft

    of course they Wear hijab

  30. Nightcore UWU

    I love it when she wears hijab..She looks prettier

  31. gotobed you pieceof shof

    Middle Eastern woman are so beautiful. Love from a Mexican teen 💕

  32. Kazumi Chan

    1970 was Hot
    After 10 Years they hide their hair!

  33. волк

    Egyptian? Sorry they are only arab.

  34. Lojy Samir

    Yes 😀
    I'm Egyptian 🙂


    1910 is sexu 🥰

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