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  1. RedFox

    three years have passed in the comment section…

  2. BadRogue

    Elena sounds so hot in this 😉

  3. Katsuki Chan

    Loading loading WHY WON'T IT LOAD!?

  4. Omar Hernández


  5. Evan Connors

    I have the skill but I don't have the determination for high leveled

  6. Zeyus27


  7. Blackops2Upriser

    ak47 and m14 ad 4+1=5 7+4=11 ( 115 !!!!! ) the ak47 and m14 are somehow important in zombies but how ??????

  8. WrathOfTheGames

    cool :p

  9. QuotesVI

    thats so cool my highest round was 50 on five

  10. Alphonse Elric

    cool :p

  11. Joseph Pezza


  12. TempesT of the Unholy Light

    That's a pretty narrow list.

  13. Irwing Trejo


  14. tommyhynesy

    cool :p

  15. Irwing Trejo

    Best song ever of cod waw

  16. sk8terboy4037

    Cool :p

  17. Jason Kimmel

    Its kool

  18. Pocket Bricks

    Cool :3

  19. Daylon Brisco


  20. Tracy Phillips

    At the end is not doom it's death I watch other videos they all say death not doom just let you know anyways watch my videos mcla ranger rover glitch and please comment I'll reply I have 4 videos one is a dangerous one the other three

  21. Boris of the Cheeki Breeki

    Without Elena Siegman there would be no epic soundtrack when sombody is killing zombies.

  22. Zeyus27

    the sturmgewher 44 fires a 7.92 assault rifle round.

  23. wolfman1399

    or the Stg 44 or some of the lmgs

  24. Tyler Harkness

    it would either be volts or watts for the electrical burst from the wonder waffle -_-

  25. Swedberg

    Beauty of Annihilation and 115 is the best songs in Black Ops Zombies.

  26. dirtbikerider58

    Awsome video and music

  27. PlayRight

    best song

  28. JasonJohnson

    listen good if you listen i can see them everywhere it makes me think of the illuminati and the weird background voice now i did already its zombies der riese which has this song

  29. Brandon2940

    4:24 lyrics..death so close that I can taste it <- right………….doom so close that I can taste it<- wrong no offense

  30. Brandon2940

    music video 4:05 R.I.P Nikoli also I wish the guns had the same damage to the zombies every round like the nazi zombies trailers

  31. BRAGme

    Nice video man!

  32. ohitsnat

    ikr best ever

  33. Anakin Skywakka

    This song is beautiful…

  34. ohitsnat

    This song lowers my insanity level o_o

  35. Aaron Ives

    did you guys see me in this awesome video guys?

  36. Andrew Hinojosa


  37. Raymereon Smith

    I can finally play zombie mode to wave 60

  38. Raymereon Smith


  39. OffLikeARocket

    didnt say black ops

  40. OffLikeARocket

    i put that along time ago i dont even remember puting that comment.

  41. cat gonzales

    i now under stand now

  42. Alphonse Elric

    8 people are zombies

  43. Jack Derp

    Dude at 2.35 the one on the right is shoting at the wall

  44. Almighty Amr


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