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  1. TanakinSkywalker

    STOMACH!!!!! Not tummy, talk like a man

  2. Douglas Steinbrech

    Dr. Eaves is amazing! Fantastic results. great surgeon and a good person.

  3. Dreamfyre95

    The worst part is most insurance dont even cover the cosmetic surgery after people have taken the gastric bypass or any weight loss. 🙁

  4. AKBuilder762

    Dry fasting will get rid of it.
    Better than having someone cut into you.

  5. thulile Radebe

    I’m trying to loose fat in my belly

  6. beenish majeed

    i lose 20 kg but my stomach in dress is make a bump due to extra skin

  7. Lopombio

    "have a bunch of loose skin? give us a bunch of money to fix it."

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