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  1. Vivian IsDaBest

    I cried for the dad. The dad was so happy that she is pretty and talented.

  2. Mae Auditore

    How korean men treats women is horrible tho. If an actress/singer got thrown on the face with water like that in the US a sue is coming real fast

  3. Mae Auditore

    "Am a beautiful gil. A beautiful gil. Sgsjdbjd sjdhsjsk. Am a beautiful gil." 😂😂😂

  4. TEEMO

    Who come here after getting english subtitle clickbait?

  5. Jimim

    If her fake name wasn't Jenny y'all wouldn't think she looks like her-

  6. graceblues

    please tell me I'm not the only one who cried in the end….?

  7. Astra 26

    01:50:44 That guy hahaha what a mood

  8. Seema Kumari

    Who is after recommendation and …watching this in 2019?

  9. 2g0rgeous

    Ever since the scene where she acted like she didn’t know her father I had been crying till the end

  10. Kimi berry

    Who actually came here because you wanted to come back after a few years (sorry for english lol)

  11. Sweetz Pop

    Damn this korean movie make me cry 😭😭😭😭

  12. Sweetz Pop

    Lowkey look like jenny blackpink

  13. JJ Cute Marzan

    When she throw the dog haha it kills me from laughing

  14. s 8

    Like the phrase where she says, "This car is phony?"

  15. Mariah Concengco

    I can’t believe she would do that to her dad 😭

  16. Akshita Garg

    this movie tells us how stupid men can be 😒

  17. Mariah Concengco

    1:16:22 he just punched in him the face like it was nothing 😂😂😂

  18. jeon jungkook

    I thought that only the face got surgeon and the body was a hard work??….Boobs>>>silicone???

  19. ara jung

    This movie will always have a special place in my heart

  20. Jan Faith

    Hello! 2019 anyone?😂

  21. Millex 1234


  22. Mitsuki Kun

    very touching .

  23. Angela Mariz

    the last part had me crying

  24. Keyla Jones

    No idea how I got here but not upset that I did 🤷🏽‍♀️💕

  25. Daphne

    everyone that came here after watching that sample clip are intellects.

  26. Moshumi Kar

    Was it the same girl who was suffering from obesity I mean she removed all the extra make up applied and showed that she has done plastic surgery please anyone tell me

  27. Ella Mei

    approx. 1:27:01 when he realizes its her

  28. Jen Drowned

    What does she say at 1:02:37?

  29. Pumpkin The Panda

    Plot twist: delivery guy gets everything changed and turns hot and him and Hanna live happy ever after

  30. oofdiss gurldo

    Shit Hanna you rude af with your skinny self and that boy HE RUDE AS FUCK TOO TELL HIM HE CAN DIE IN A HOLE

  31. dAnNy rAy

    v late watching this but this is so far the best movie T^T^T^T

  32. Riri Fi

    Throwing water on her face what a dog
    Showing women don’t talk then she doesn’t Speak to her dad what a sad joke

  33. FBI

    Who else is here from Asian crush?

  34. Cora

    I’m so glad this got recommended to me 😭

  35. Just Lyrics

    I cried

  36. PrinceChris93

    Asian crush brought me here it was in my recommendations

  37. Krystal Aryanna

    I need to know what she say at 1:02:38 it sounds important but I don't understand Korean, it's also weird that it doesn't have the subtitles 😭😭

  38. Shariah Auger

    I was crying.

  39. Hamna

    Asian crush lead me to watching this whole movie…

  40. madlove


  41. SylvanasWrunner

    YO! When I saw the Dad from Temptation of Wife, I lost it!

  42. B R O K E N H E A R T

    1:50:47 i went from being sad about to cry to crying laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  43. Taehyunjin

    15:12 That stare tho 😬

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