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  1. Erik Boyd

    Since we’re picking lanes in the fitness industry based on single muscles and muscle groups, can I be the Popliteus Guy?

  2. DIRTY T.

    Loving the podcast Omar and Dr. Helms: I dig all the info, and MOST of your guests are $$$. Dr. Israetel and Dr. Schoenfeld along with James Kreiger amongst others are like gold mines filled with a bunch of raw gold nuggets. I just hope that the nuggets of information that I learn from these men ultimately ending up panning out for me as well. Not that I don't know how now, but there is a difference in "knowing what to do" and how your body naturally responds to the stimulus you place upon it. I am an intermediate now when it comes to all things fitness (especially diet and exercise) so my progress has slowed….Not to mention that now at 40 (Jan 79) I realize I ain't a spring chicken anymore. So as a result it takes a little longer to recover from busting my ass in the gym now, considering I do a considerable amount of volume about 5 days a week due to my work and family schedule. Anyway, keep this channel going because I am definitely into the IRON CULTURE. NO DOUBT!!!

  3. Andrés Talero

    This and Stonger by Science is the gold standard of fitness science podcasts. The humor and chemistry you both have is a big plus.

  4. train gear

    carbs are said to not be 'essential' , but glucose is essential . certain cells in your body can only survive using glucose alone. this is also why you body engages in gluconeogenisis (it has to have glucose to live).. obviously dietary carbs are the best way to give your body the glucose it NEEDS (ie, essential)

  5. Yanutka1

    Regarding insulin's feedback role in satiety, is it possible that, without the "signal" that a subject is sated, the subject continues to eat, which causes greater insulin release, and the subsequently greater amount of insulin in circulation drives obesity?

  6. Robert Burtchell

    Great great great podcast! I especially loved the little area on scope of practice for personal trainers. I recently was just certified by a group where a majority of the exam and studies were on accessing movements and addressing tight areas and inactive muscles… Would this be what y'all were talking about there?

  7. Rick Lee

    FWIW, I think Dr. Mike is on record saying he listens to some electronic stuff.

  8. fatboitino2

    Eric has the same idea I had. Asian countries make no room for obesity and hold each other in check. It sucks, but fat shaming works. The key is to shame people before they get fat and for parents to not feel guilty for trying to keep their children from getting obese. There's only one point here that I disagree with; but I won't dive into it. I hope the other countries learn from our mistake and to not give into the things that create the ideal environment for obesity.

  9. Grizzlyman Verneteil

    Amon amarth!!!

  10. C. W.

    Have Shawn Baker on for a rebuttal ;)!

  11. C. W.

    Amazing that he sacrificed his little spare time to sit down with you, doing those 45+ Sets per week really are a time-sink ;).

  12. Azul Simmons

    I can see after this podcast some conservative commentator stating, "James Krieger said capitalism causes obesity." Then calling him a socialist or communist. Then some liberal commentator will say, "Capitalism causes obesity. We must destroy capitalism to save humanity from obesity. Praise James Krieger." I want to see the crazies politicize obesity to promote their political philosophy after this discussion.

  13. John Mole

    You get a little sad! Classic

  14. Austin Wilson

    Just want to give some positive feedback because every week you guys continue to communicate great scientific information. Apart from the informative content that brought me to the iron culture, I must add that I genuinely enjoy the tangents that you go on from time to time. There’s only a few episodes I have yet to listen to and so far, I have laughed very hard in every episode. My only gripe is that it’s only one episode a week! But absence makes the heart grow fonder so I guess you can continue to make Monday my favorite day of the week! Thanks guys.

  15. J D

    Extremely informative podcast. Great stuff.

  16. cdrtej

    Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law

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