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  1. Yair Kerr

    Any one tested out the Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google)? I've heard several awesome things about this popular diet plan.

  2. Bongo Charm

    That you on the water bag? Dude, you were CRUSHING THAT THING. Be proud. Be wicked proud.

  3. Syphix

    im half his weight and i turned 12 a month ago i need to lose my weight like im the fattest ever im never gonna be a boxer 🙁

  4. DogLover

    Did you do other workouts?

  5. Neskiees

    peleaaa de niñooss rataaa

  6. kilo dogz

    what was your diet like and regime?>

  7. Tony Ferguson

    Wow great transformation!

  8. x Redemption

    Im a boxer and im 14. Im playing this sport for like 3 years and yeah i was fat when i was 11 but yeah it can make you fit.

  9. No Pain Weight Loss

    Inspiring. Have a look at NoPainWeightLoss.com for more tips 🙂

  10. Never Give up

    Well done, I’m going through something similar now, inspiration

  11. ForTruth NotError

    I was 23’9 after 9 weeks in a boxing club I’m now 19’11 still no way near done but progress Gd on ya bud 💪🏼

  12. Alan Wright

    Well done sir

  13. AMoushi

    18 stone 8 is 117kg

  14. Markulator


  15. Drunxt

    1stone =14 pounds in America

  16. Lt Kill

    Very inspirational ! I am starting to do boxing on Monday. I hope do do very well. Thank you.

  17. Rayndal Renfrow

    What the fuck is 8 stone in American? Haha

  18. Harry Yu

    I find it weird you tell your weight in stones, but your waist size in inches. What the hell?

  19. Суровый

    Nice work bro

  20. joel stewart

    sorry I'm a American but how much is a stone

  21. Aaliyah Khatun

    How long were u in the gym for

  22. CrazyJo

    Ehm ok

  23. Life & Times of Edsi


  24. Estella Mia

    Weight loss green store tea is impressive because at the price of less than half of similar products, you have one of the best products a person could ever have. it is 100 percent pure! It is the highest of the weight-loss division and just does what it wants you to think of it.

  25. Lee Thor89

    Fantastic work! Inspirational stuff

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