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  1. Mattew Hermann

    hmm insteresting

  2. Zuzanna Tomaszewicz

    Our bodies are greatest machines 💜💜💜
    Truly revolutionary speech 😊👏

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  4. Brodie Dimevski


  5. Aidan Scott


  6. Aidan Scott


  7. Aidan Scott


  8. Aidan Scott


  9. Lynn Costello

    Why are we not talking to men about beauty sickness–they are conditioned to want only beautiful women, too. So, women feel pressured by men to look good too.
    by Lynn Costello

  10. Being Yourself

    when attractive woman talks about beauty

  11. Mr N

    It's easier to blame external factors than to accept people are doing things through their wants and desires.

  12. Quckie Monster

    I feel pretty sad and also angry after watching this video. It’s kinda body shaming. I look like a woman on the picture that she showed. I look exactly like her, maybe even thinner on the stomach. It made me uncomfortable when she was talking about how unrealistic it is and when she showed comments like ”eat a sandwich”. Also telling that people with this type of body have eating disorder is NOT ok. I’m sick and tired of hearing every time that I’m bulimic or I have an anorexia. It’s just how I look for fucks sake. Don’t make me uncomfortable about this!

  13. t e r I N E E D L E R

    You don’t get to do things if you can’t move well enough to DO anything. . . . Proofs of this include the fact there’s a population and something competitive known as sports.

  14. Harumi Ayame

    Actually myself and some other Japanese ladies look like this picture. I've seen several girls look like this in the Caribbean. those women sound catty and insecure, not intellectual. It's really easy to hate instead of be more mindful of portion sizes.

  15. Skye blue16

    I dont got beauty sickness..I am sickeningly beautiful

  16. OnlyLiya .

    Try not to think of your body as a collection of parts for other people to look at. That was so powerful.

  17. Charlotte

    But now it’s 2018. It’s everywhere

  18. Paige Heartly

    I work hard I get straight As I am cheer captain but I don’t wear makeup everyday, sometimes I do wear sweatpants to school. But who cares what I look like because I accomplish so much and I’m smart right? WRONG! No one cares what I do no one talks abt it everything comes down to how I look. If only y’all spent more time studying instead of doing your make up or skin routine for clout. god damn this triggers me

  19. FuriousGibbon

    When she demonstrated the pose at 4:49, it worked incredibly well. She looked gorgeous.

  20. Yasmin Alibazoglu

    Social Media is making the beauty demands unattainable and Plastic Surgery becomes of the utmost importance. Some women feel as if we can’t compete / find a partner, or when we do marry then we worry about losing that man to someone more attractive. It gets worse with age and becomes miserable to maintain. Maybe we should look for a significant other who is blind!!!!

  21. Dark Celestial Consciousness

    men need to stand up against this but not enough do. especially newer generations exposed to this poisonous media.

  22. Nanci Valencia

    Beauty is temporary and superficial, wisdom is forever

  23. IAm TheBlurr

    I wish more women would focus on doing whatever it takes to have fun rather than what they look like. A woman can be drop dead gorgeous but if she cares more about the way she looks than how much fun she's having things go south at every turn. Besides, a women having fun and experiencing/expressing joy is a woman at her most beautiful.

  24. Ashutosh Joshi

    Americans are getting fatter due to overeating and lack of physical inactivity, It’s totally
    realistic for a woman to be thin nearly as a model but they need to focus on diets and physical activities. Renee Engeln is not helping women as she can’t see herself that society indirectly forcing her to wear high heel shoes instead of flat also wearing above knee skirt which also objectifying her though there is nothing wrong in wearing any sort of cloth but why always women wear such type of clothes. I never see any man wear as short cloth as woman. She is herself victim of patriarchy. Feeling sorry for her
    65 % of American adults are overweight, its show obesity is epidemic in the USA but instead of focusing and targeting overweight, she is actually encouraging epidemic.

  25. pascoett

    I’m working with models often and this video is spot on. The money and time a lot of young women spend on their beauty is incredible. But then I’m spending hours and hours in the gym each week, also trying to earn as much money as I can. It’s a tough world – and I will not lower my own expectations.

  26. Mike Bishop

    She is skinny and hot how can she tell how others feel?????

  27. Лень батьковна

    complimenting on good looks is as important as complimenting on good work or skills.
    it applies to both genders.
    girls and boys that have been told they're beautiful in their childhood feel more confident further on.

  28. Leah Swenson

    it's even gotten worse now since this talk in 2013

  29. celticred63

    Crazy irony (or intentional because of keywords?): the ad shown before I watched this video was for some sort of Spanx like body shaper. (face palm) The talk itself is awesome, especially the part about NOT telling little girls how cute or pretty they are, or how much you love their pink dress or whatever. It's amazing how almost reflexive that inclination is, but I have now replaced it with either not saying anything or commenting on how smart or strong or fast they are or whatever. Wish I'd heard those messages when I was growing up. Now, in my 50s, I don't care what anyone thinks about my looks or how I dress! (But I don't argue with my husband when he tells me how smart and beautiful I am.) 🙂

  30. Charlotte Martin

    i hate her outfit

  31. Idgie Carson

    There are people that look like that. And you just called them unrealistic…

  32. kim love

    Im going through this with my self . i know but i still wish . and cand leave my own home sometimes. Im sick so its worst now. Smfh!!!!!

  33. Guillermo Zevenhuizen

    I guess that in premodern times they simply said that vanity is a sin.

  34. strawberry smith

    now thousands of teenagers log onto tumblr everyday for tips on how to starve themselves and throw up. it's messed up. people need to correct these mistakes. the fact that there's a hashtag for anorexia shows how bad this has got. this needs to stop now.

  35. Jen Swift

    As someone whose in their mid 20's, thank you for posting this. I still have a hard time remembering that celebs post-photo shoots don't like this on a typical basis and that there's tons of make up on them. When I was a teen and on social media more often, I suffered from anorexia, not just because of my environment, but because of what I saw online. Beauty standards almost killed me as a teenager. I was often praised on beauty (or criticized on lack thereof) and honestly, like it's said here, that needs to change.

  36. Sharon Whale

    This talk vocalized what I have felt all my life. I have been consumed with self observation rather than looking out at the world. What a waste.

  37. skinny legend

    She is so great, i could hear her talk about anything

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