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  1. Angela Wilber

    Wow Thankfully for being so transparent, so real, and so positive about your illness. You have a great attitude, and I truly wish you all the best. You are truly a fighter, and you have a amazing outlook on your circumstances. You are very inspirational.

  2. Adam Grant

    Rest in peace, dude….

  3. chuckyandjosh

    Sad to see you leave us your going to be missed. R.I.P

  4. Barbara Hutchins

    Hey Josh. I love the humour – I've got great funny stuff from the breast cancer angle.

  5. AMizz

    Only 4 words but they mean the world to me.
    You've earned my respect

  6. wermzer

    gallows humor is the only thing that got me thru chemo.. then when the fucking chemo failed … it was the only thing that got me thru the bone marrow transplant. that & dilaudid. lol fuckit. never lose your sense of humor amigo. 

  7. stumac666

    Love you Josh.

  8. Exacom98

    Uh… how does he do this?

  9. Aristotle Cajetan

    Yes, important thing is not to dwell too much on your mistakes, but rather to do your best given the plate you have now. Thumbs up for trying raw vegan. I have been doing that for about a full year now, and a bit longer with pure non processed whole vegan gluten free plant foods. Even if you end up dying, you will die a much less painful death then if you chose to go with a Standard American Diet. The main problem with Cancer and all of these diseases is the slow painful death it causes, some of those symptoms can be greatly alleviated by eating well. So that less pain medication will be needed towards the final stages depending whether you are too far gone already. I personally think that if you give it your best, that you can continue to live for many years to come. Just remember that if you do happen to recover, you can't ever go back to your same lifestyle choices as before. The reason why I mention this is because the cancer can come back with a great vengeance. Ohh never forget to generally stay away from cancerous environments, so that goes with not working in the petrol, computer industry, and really old homes that still have some lead paint or other dangerous chemicals. I would advice you to simply use the time you have to put your things in order, set your conscience in order before God and your fellow man. 

    I hope it changes your quality of life as much as it changed mine, I wish you the best given your circumstances. 

    Cancer is not so bad, it gives you the time to reflect the eternal truths of your being. I hope you take this time to seriously reflect on your last end, and the purpose of your life. Which is to Know, Love, and Serve God. It is never too late to see the truth, the time of mercy is over once you draw your last breath. 

    I am apologist for the Catholic faith, message me any time if you have any questions regarding this or even just lifestyle changes such as raw foodism. I will certainly keep you in my prayers, my brother sent me this video btw. 

    Best advice is hydrate yourself well, sleep well, get plenty of sun weekly, eat well, and never forget to include a good exercise routine that is according to your level of fitness and slowly progress into harder stuff. I personally recommend calisthenics for the sole reason you don't need to waste time/money travelling to the gym. However, if you find that going to the gym makes you be more social and generally improves your well being psychologically, then by all means go to one (in the end this is more of a personal preference). Do some calisthenics in the gym :D, show them gym rats what real strength is about ^_^. 

    The key to raw foodism is high high amounts of fruits and LOTS of greens. The greens for some reason really reduce your appetite, always include a big salad of greens with whatever else you like to add. After a while, you will start to see your food as nutrition. You will start to like simpler meals, and enjoy the simple foods in life much more. Try to hang around people that are generally positive and do not weigh you down emotionally. 

    Have a Blessed Christmas, and may the Divine Infant King grant you the peace that all souls seek when they are in a time hardship. Amen.

  10. thecircledance

    Hi Josh. I saw your reddit AMA and I think you're so amazing. Just wanted to give you some support and love. <3

  11. Charlotte Kay

    Thank you for your message, I recently dropped out of college to purse a career as a freelance artist and my passion for skateboarding. You made me feel reassured that I'm doing the right thing 🙂 Wish you the best with your treatment!

  12. Bryan Li

    Good luck Josh. I hope you and your family will get through this. GB

  13. Andrew Evans

    Awesome Josh!  I'm glad you're doing this.  Ask Alan Park about the CBD oil, he came back from stage 4 prostate cancer and swears by the stuff.  

  14. Rx

    Solid advice man, I hope you win your battle against cancer. I know if anyone can do it you can.

    Please look into the hundred or so possible alternatives to traditional treatment and take the in congruence with each other, just because you are receiving one form of treatment doesn't mean you can't be receiving 3 or 4 alternative forms at the same times. Go all out and be aggressive about it!

    Take care.

  15. Wolfgang Icarus

    29 ?! so young, do you have family history of cancer? I'm scareddd

  16. Zoran Bošnjak

    Take care buddy. I am so sorry for your condition. Wish I could give you some hug or kind words, but I can't. I am sorry. You are inspiration to me. I really appreciate your videos. In this cruel, unfair and unforgiving world it is beautiful to find simple, fun and humble person that is trying to live life to it's fullest. You must be a great person to have as a friend.

  17. Fellipe Rodrigues

    Hey man, I was just wondering, did your chain-smoking habit contribute to you attaining cancer? If so, maybe you could make a video to discourage present smokers. 

  18. jnssnable

    You kinda look like Ice Cube, just a little bit whiter.
    That's badass

  19. theBaebbls

    try out reishi, ganoderma (mushroom) check it out!!! 

  20. RedSnt

    Borrow money and die young! Who will pick up the tab once you're dead, amirite?

  21. Lunch Box

    best of luck man.  happy holidays.  

  22. sam snyder


  23. perziankidd

    inspirational man!

  24. Josh Haddon

    Episode 2:  

  25. Fantail Fan

    dear josh,
    your courage through all this is endearing but please fight i don't know you but i know that I don't want you to die. So just keep fighting, please do not just accept it, keep fighting and fuck 95% chance of dying from now on you have 100% chance of living, why cause i say so that's why. Please keep fighting and surround yourself with family and friends. fight just fight.

  26. Biscuit89

    Good luck to you dude!

  27. Jay Rungta

    Im with you man. Waiting for Episode 2. You'll get through this Josh!

  28. Max Ryan

    Josh!!  You rock man!  Your message is the basis of my whole business and more people need to get "Stop fucking doing stuff you don't want to do"! I am supporting you on this journey for sure!  Happy chemo 😉  LOLOLOL Talk soon!

  29. Jeremy Hernandez

    Good luck man

  30. Annie T.

    I am speechless. Your approach to life is inspiring… Much love, and stay strong. I will be 'staying tuned' for more to come. 

  31. Andrew Rechsteiner

    Hey Josh…I work at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, particularly involving social work in the neuro-oncology setting. I have never commented on a YouTube video before, but that changed today when I watched this. I just want to let you know that you are incredibly brave, and mature in the way you are managing this situation. You inspired me, and I know you will inspire countless others along your journey. I will keep checking out the updates. 

    “One thing I feel clear about is that it's important not to let your life live you. Otherwise, you end up at forty feeling you haven't really lived. What have I learned? Perhaps to live now, so that at fifty I won't look back upon my forties with regret.” 
    -Irvin Yalom


  32. J. D.

    You're the man. Thanks for the good vibes, sending em back your way

  33. HDThez

    hi i am alfred blom i am very lucky guy in 2009 dr fleagle of the rocky mountain cancer centre rmmc diagnoes me with myeloma cancer caner 🙂 and i live life! 

  34. Shane

    I lost my brother (31) to testicular cancer last month (13th). You're right. As hard as this is for you, in some ways it's harder for your family.

    The chemo wasn't too bad for my brother (granted he was tough as fuck and literally never complained or shed one tear during his three year battle). The radiation he did a year later… that kicked his ass pretty good. Chemo was like a cake walk compared to that, but it did help my brother push back some bad tumors and he was a LOT better after. Chemo mainly made him real tired, and sensitive to some taste and smells.

    Look into getting a masticating juicer if you don't have one. You can make some really nutritional green drinks with those, and they don't oxidize the plant matter the way a blender will.

    You have a really healthy outlook on life. I'm pulling for you. I watched all this video through tears thinking about my brother and how hard he battled.

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